The 50 Cents Fest at Chinatown Food Street From 29th to 30th July 2017! #The50CentsFest

If you missed the previous installation of #The50CentsFoodFest at Chinatown Food Street last year, you'll be happy to know that the...

If you missed the previous installation of #The50CentsFoodFest at Chinatown Food Street last year, you'll be happy to know that they are back with another event that will be held on 29th and 30th July 2017. This year marks the 2nd consecutive year of the 50 Cents Food Fest, and they will be bringing the memories of the 1980s Singapore back to the streets of Chinatown! 

During this 2-day event at Chinatown, Singaporeans will be able to savour local heritage dishes from the 80s, relive some of the 80s ambiance and have fun at the game booths. There will also be old-school uniforms and costumes for you to try on, so you know it's going to be one helluva nostalgic party!

Come 29th and 30th July, you can expect the streets to be transformed into a snippet of Singapore’s 1980s street hawker and bazaar scene! Singaporeans who visit the 50 Cents Food Fest will also walk away with door gifts comprising of some of our old school favourite games and snacks as pictured above!

Honestly, this has become one of my favourite events because it's not every day that we get to witness such a scene in Singapore. Plus, it's a great way to learn more about how our parents and grandparents grew up, and a fantastic way for Singapore's heritage to be celebrated! What better than to do it with food, right? 

Similar to the 50 Cents Fest last year, these bite-sized hawker food portions will be priced at around 50 cents per serving - with the most expensive dishes such as the Cereal Prawns, Salted Egg Yolk Crab and Ma La Baby Lobsters price at 50 cents x 4 (S$2). They will be sold at denominations of S$0.50 - so prepare lots and lots of coins that day to facilitate the buying process! 

Some of the local dishes that you can look forward to includes the Hokkien Rickshaw Noodle, UFO (Fried Oyster Cake), Mua Chee, Hakka Abacus Seed, Red Glutinous Wine Chicken, Teochew Ah Balling, Ice Ball, Kong Bak Pau and more! Plus, some of these hawkers that are recreating the old school dishes are experienced hawkers that have been perfecting these local dishes for years!

Hakka Abacus Seed (S$0.50 x 2)

Kong Bak Pau (S$0.50 x 2)

Pork Leg Bee Hoon (S$0.50 x 2)S

Steamed Peanuts (S$0.50)

Paper Wrapped Chicken (S$0.50)

Salted Egg Yolk Crab (S$0.50 x 4)

Flavoured Popsicles (S$0.50) 

You can also check out the full list of hawker dishes and their respective prices below:

Do bring your parents and grandparents there to experience a day of fun at Chinatown Food Street! Other onsite activities will also include a game of hopscotch in the side alley, a chance to dedicate a mushy song hrough an old radio station, go biscuit shopping with family at the mama shop and a singalong to live Xin Yao performances!

Also, remember to pack light and wear light, breathable clothing because I'm sure it's going to be scorching hot on both days. Have fun and don't forget to hydrate!

Event Venue:
Chinatown Food Street, Smith Street, Chinatown, Singapore

Date of event:
29 July 2017, Saturday: 12pm – 11pm
30 July 2017, Sunday: 11am – 11pm

Instagram: @cforcassan

The Lobby Lounge @ Shangri-la Hotel Singapore - S$38++ For 1 Hawker Heritage Dish + A Semi-Buffet Lunch!

If you're both a huge fan of local hawker favourites and Peranakan cuisine, then the newly revamped Lobby Lounge at Shangri-la Hote...

If you're both a huge fan of local hawker favourites and Peranakan cuisine, then the newly revamped Lobby Lounge at Shangri-la Hotel is definitely the place to be. 

The latest Lobby Lounge now offers an enticing range of heritage hawker dishes - many that are often seen with snaking queues outside their stalls - and couples it with a semi-lunch buffet line which features a plethora of local dishes available with every order of a main hawker dish. 

Not only is the new Lobby Lounge the ideal space for a laid-back afternoon meal, it is also perfect for an informal catch up with a foreign visitor, or a gathering of friends and colleagues to savour what Singapore's hawker fare has to offer. Together with Dr Leslie Tay, the chef at Shangri-la Hotel's Lobby Lounge presents an array of a la carte signature hawker dishes!

And, while you are waiting for your dishes to be served, you can also order up a drink or two! Our favourite was the 'Milo Over The Top' (S$8) which features a milo smoothie topped with a selection of favourite old-school treats and, not to forget, generous dollops of milo powder!

The a la carte menu will feature six heritage hawker dishes which will be available from 11:30am to 10pm daily.

Else, you can also help yourselves to the semi-buffet lunch (S$38++) which allows you to pick one a la carte signature item and indulge in a wide selection of local appetisers and desserts with a focus on Peranakan favourites such as the Babi Pongteh, Otah-Otah and Kueh Pie Tee and Popiah that are prepared a la minute. 

An assortment of Nonya Kuehs and Chinese desserts such as the Cheng Tng and Tau Suan are also available! There, you'll never be bored of the menu because the items will change daily to excite the taste buds.

Price of 1 Heritage Hawker Dish + Semi-Buffet Lunch:
Weekdays: S$38++ (Adults)
Weekends: S$45++ (Adults)

List of À la carte heritage hawker dishes available:

1. Bak Chor Mee with Fish Maw Soup
(Seng Kee Mushroom Minced Meat Noodle)

The dish features a signature fish maw broth served in a heated claypot that is brewed from pork bones and dried sole, served alongside ingredients of minced pork, pork slices, egg, seaweed, and stewed mushroom slices.

2. Katong Laksa

When it comes to signature hawker cuisines in Singapore, everyone will first think of the famous Katong Laksa which has survived through generations. Here, the speciality lies in the short, thick rice noodles as well as the addictive Laksa broth prepared from coconut, flavoured with dried shrimp and fragranced with laksa leaf.

3. Hainanese Chicken Rice

And, of course, there has to be chicken rice when it comes to Singapore hawker fare, right? Not only can you indulge in fragrant chicken rice and feast on the succulent chicken pieces that have been cooked till tender, you can also help yourself to the semi-buffet line at an affordable price of S$38++! 

4. Chilli Crab & Mantou

The Chilli Crab & Mantou at Shangri-la Hotel originates from a special recipe by Dragon Phoenix Restaurant's Chef Hooi. However, besides the usual sweet and spicy gravy, chef also added lime to the sauce, resulting in a slightly tart aftertaste - which might not suit the liking of some. 

5. Ka-Soh Fish Noodles

Even before trying out Kah Soh Fish Noodles at the buffet lunch, I've already heard lots of raving reviews about the broth that has been simmered till a milky finish - unlike the other stalls which choose to add carnation milk instead. 

The broth is first boiled using a plethora of 'secret ingredients' and more importantly, fish bones till the nutrients completely seep into base. The remaining sediments are then filtered out of the broth before being boiled with fish bones again till it reaches such a smooth and wholesome broth base. 

This was definitely my favourite dish out of the lot! 

6. Beach Road Prawn Noodles

When it comes to prawn noodles in Singapore, the Beach Road Prawn Noodles will be no stranger to many. The recipe here is closely adapted to the original recipe, with the addition of tiger prawns to make it even more wholesome!

Check out some of the dishes + desserts  served at the semi-lunch buffet! 

The buffet spread will feature an array of local dishes as well as Nonya kuehs + Chinese desserts! 

The assortment of Nonya Kuehs are mostly imported from HarriAnns (the Nonya kueh stall outside BHG at Bugis Junction!), whereas the other desserts are prepared by the chefs at Lobby Lounge. 


And, for those of you who are just craving for light snacks and desserts, you can also choose to opt for the Three-Tier Local Signature Set for a sumptuous Afternoon Tea which features local delicacies - also an array of Nonya Kuehs from HarriAnns + creations from the chefs at Lobby Lounge! 

The Three-Tier Local Signature Set is available from 3pm - 5:30pm daily at S$30++. Also comes with your choice of coffee or tea. 

One of the signature items feature the East Coast Ngoh Hiang’s most popular item, it is a roll of minced pork seasoned with five spice powder, wrapped in tofu skin and then deep-fried till a golden finish.


You can watch the snippet of our afternoon at The Lobby Lounge at Shangri-la Hotel Singapore below:

Filmed and edited by:  Zhang WeiJin


The Lobby Lounge at Shangri-la Hotel Singapore
22 Orange Grove Road
Lobby Level, Tower Wing
Singapore 258350

Opening hours: 
Daily: 7:30am to 1am

À la carte menu: 
Monday to Sunday: 11:30am to 10pm

Local Semi-buffet Lunch:
 Monday to Friday: 11:30am to 2.30pm
Price: $38++

Sat, Sun and PH: 11.30am to 5pm
Price: $45++
50% off for Children under 12-years-old

3-Tier Local Signature Afternoon Tea Set: 
Monday to Friday 3pm to 5.30pm
Price: $30++


This was an invited media tasting with Shangri-la Hotel Singapore. 

ShopFarEast Rewards Programme - Earn Points When You Shop & Redeem Rewards Through The App!

Hey everyone! I'm sure that many of you would have had the experience of accumulating a ton of receipts and not knowing what ...

Hey everyone!

I'm sure that many of you would have had the experience of accumulating a ton of receipts and not knowing what to do with them. And, at the end of the day, you just end up dumping all of them. And for someone who has been through this a lot, I always end up not taking the receipts from the cashier so that I don't have to go the extra mile of throwing them away.

However, the next time you do this when shopping at any of the 13 Far East Malls, you might want to rethink your choices and save up your receipts to accumulate points and redeem rewards through the ShopFarEast Mobile App!

You can download the app through the IOS or Android app stores simply by searching 'Shop Far East'. Once you have downloaded the app, just sign up for an account, and you'll be good to go!

ShopFarEast Rewards Programme is a loyalty programme that enables shoppers to shop/dine at any of the 13 Far East Malls, earn/clock points and redeem for rewards!

For those of you who might not be familiar where the 13 Far East Malls are, here they are!

1. Orchard Central, Orchard Road
2. Clarke Quay Central, Eu Tong Sen Street
3. Square 2, Sinaran Drive
4. West Coast Plaza, West Coast Road
5. Pacific Plaza, Scotts Road
6. Far East Square, Pekin Street
7. Icon Village, Enggor Street
8. Riverside Point, Merchant Roadx
9. Hougang 1, Hougang Street
10. Greenwich V, Seletar Road
11. HillV2, Hillview Rise
12. Junction 10, Woodlands Road
13. Katong V, East Coast Road

For starters, here are some of the main features of the ShopFarEast Mobile App!

Once you're in the app, you'll be greeted with a myriad of shopping discounts that are exclusively available on the app! You'll also be able to find out the latest events, promotions and offerings at all 13 malls!

As you click on the tab at the top left corner of the app, you'll find a list of options for you to choose from.

 To clock your points, simply click on the 'Scan Receipt' tab!

Once you are in there, simply follow the instructions on the app and you'll be good to go!

Points can be accumulated with a minimum spend of $20 nett on a single receipt. Every dollar spent at participating malls and stores earns 1 point (for supermarket purchases, every 3 dollar spent earns 1 point), up to a maximum of 500 points a day.

Once you are done uploading your receipts, you can click on the 'My Rewards' tab to check your points balance!

Some of the participating merchants or outlets are Cold Stone Creamery, Dean & DeLuca, Tung Lok Group, as well as Oasia Hotel Downtown, Oasia Hotel Novena and Rendezvous Hotel Singapore!

So, you can look forward to redeeming meal vouchers from participating merchants, parking discount or even a highly discounted staycation with these points! OH, and you can even redeem an Apple Watch with 30,000 points! 

And, of course, you'll also be able to redeem Far East Organization Mall vouchers. And since these vouchers can be kept through a period of time, you can first redeem these vouchers and then think of what and where you want to spend them on! 

However, do note that there are only a few concierges that you can collect these Far East Organization Mall vouchers from! They are

1. Orchard Central
2. Clark Quay Central
3. Square 2
4. West Coast Plaza

Here's an example of how you can redeem the ShopFarEast points you have accumulated! 

Check out how I've spend the rewards I've redeemed! Hahah honestly, I was so excited when I redeemed my first Far East Mall Organization Mall voucher through the app that I treated myself to a subway meal. 

Dined at Steamroom With The Pillars & Stones (again!) at Orchard Central through the Far East Organization mall vouchers I've redeemed! 

Enjoyed a sumptuous meal at Genki Sushi with Claudia! 

Treated the bf to a meal at Tanuki Raw at Orchard Central! We've been wanted to try this restaurant for ages!  

Got myself a new pair of kicks from Charles & Keith at Clark Quay Central! 

Treated my family to a Father's Day dinner at Joyden Canton Kitchen at HillV2!

And I can't wait to use the remaining vouchers I've redeemed at Two Men Bagel at Icon Village tomorrow! Have been hearing lots of good reviews about the bagel store and we finally have more reasons to try it out!

Do feel free to share your experiences at any of the 13 Far East Malls through the hashtags #ShopFarEast and #FarEastMalls on Instagram! I can't wait to see the rewards that you guys have redeemed! x