Ô COMPTOIR - French Crêperie And Cider Bar Serving Crêpes & Buckwheat Maki Galettes

If you've a night off with your friends or colleagues and are not sure where to hang out, you totally check out some of the cafes/b...

If you've a night off with your friends or colleagues and are not sure where to hang out, you totally check out some of the cafes/bars situated along Circular Road. Granted, you won't be able to experience the entire hyped up nightlife like how it's like at Robertson Quay, but sometimes, a little quiet is all we need to unwind from a long day at work / school.

And if you are someone who are looking at ordering up a cider/beer and just chill with a couple of small bites, Ô COMPTOIR should be on your next go-to list. 

Tucked at Circular Road, this French crêperie and cider bar specialises in serving crepes and buckwheat (i.e gluten free) galettes - similar to our Indian thosai in terms of texture. So if you have any friends who are allegoric to gluten, you know where to bring them next!

Galettes are commonly filled with savoury ingredients, but here at Ô COMPTOIR, the menu is so extensive that not only can you find both sweet and savoury galettes, there's also a plethora of mains for you to choose from!

The Food

Just recently, Ô COMPTOIR added a Maki Selection to its menu that offers a new way to share their signature buckwheat flour galettes appetizer-style. Unlike their usual offerings, these maki galettes are meant for sharing and are easier on the stomachs - so you enjoy it with a cider or two! 

Ham & Cheese with Quail Egg Maki - S$14

On our first bite, we were sort of expecting the galettes to come a little crispy, but the texture was more similar to that of pancakes instead - okay we didn't exactly google what we were having prior to this hahaha. 

And of course, what enticed me the most were the glistening quail egg toppers that added a special touch to the otherwise dull maki galettes! 

Masala Chicken with Chilli Sauce - S$14

Easily one of our favourite galettes of the evening because unlike the other maki galettes, this was the only one that was filled with meat to the brim. Taste wise, expect the usual masala chicken marinate and don't forget to dip into their homemade chilli sauce while you are at it!

Goat Cheese Tartar with Beetroot Sauce - S$16

Since goat cheese makes up a huge component in this dish, I would highly recommend you to skip it if you are not fond of goat's milk as it might be too tart and overpowering for you. On my end, I really enjoyed it since it reminded me of sour cream which I am a huge fan of. 

Smoked Salmon with Wasabi Sauce - S$18 

Well, everything with smoked salmon works.

Granted, S$18 might be a little too pricey for this dish, but do note that each and every maki were generously packed with smoked salmon so for that amount of ingredients I got, I'm not complaining about the price. The wasabi sauce was unique touch to the dish too - though I wasn't a fan of it! 

Duck Confit with Mashed Potatoes - S$16 

While the makis were generously filled with mash potatoes, I felt that the duck confit element could have been more evident. 


For those who are looking at having something more substantial, you can also choose to head back to Ô COMPTOIR during the weekends for their weekend brunches. At S$22, you can choose from a bountiful range of beverages, eggs in any style as you want and a free-flow homemade salted caramel mini crêpes! We had their homemade salted caramel mini crêpes for dessert and they were the bomb diggity!

Also available on the à la carte menu are crêpes and galettes that come in quintessential French combinations including the Ménage à 3 - made with Emmental cheese, ham, sunny side up egg; and a range of locally-inspired flavours such as the Chase the Spices – Masala Chicken combined with a smattering of Asian ingredients.


79 Circular Rd
Singapore 049433

Opening Hours:
Mon to Tues: 11am - 12am
Wed to Fri: 11am - 1am
Sat: 10am - 1am
Sun: 10am - 10pm

Tel: 6534 7645



This was a media tasting invite from Ô COMPTOIR

Ninja Cut - Cafe At Seah Street Serving Comforting Childhood Favourites & Food From The Heart

If you ask me what's one of the up and rising cafes that I would revisit, it would definitely be Ninja Cut. Situated at Seah Street, ...

If you ask me what's one of the up and rising cafes that I would revisit, it would definitely be Ninja Cut. Situated at Seah Street, Ninja Cut serves food from the heart that are not only prepared with finesse, but are also extremely affordable. Started by former DJ, Darren Wee, this cafe is the latest venture by the Astronauts Group which is also behind Ninja Bowl and Chillax Massage Cafe.

The cafe boasts a minimalistic charm with grey walls, wooden chairs and marble tables that are the perfect backdrops for an Instagram-worthy photo. There's also a signature neon backdrop located at the back of the cafe which reads "An Artist Is Never Poor"


The food

Now let's move on to the food!

The cafe recently launched some latest additions on the menu that takes a spin on the usual childhood favourites. When it comes to food, Ninja Cut is always innovating and experimenting with new flavours to make sure that their customers will never get bored. 

Plus, you'll always find a special and unconventional ingredient added to the dish that leave you in awe - simply because you didn't know that such combinations could actually work. 

Beefy Patty Macaroni (S$16)

Remember how we used to eat macaroni when we were younger? Till today, some of us still deem it as the ultimate comfort food to have. 

 Well, the people at Ninja Cut brought a twist to this dish - by adding a a flavourful 145g of ground chuck stuffed with melted cheese which tasted absolutely delightful, as well as a poached egg. The macaroni is doused in a signature homemade tomato broth! 

This was one of my favourite dishes of the entire meal because it simple, yet so comforting. 

don’t-Cha-Wan-some-Mushi ($16)

When the owner, Darren told me that the chawanmushi is meant to be eaten as a portion for one, I was in disbelief because I mean, isn't chawanmushi supposed to be eaten as a side dish? 

But what makes this chawanmushi so special, is the fact that beneath the luscious steamed egg, there's also cheese rice, tobiko, onions and topped with your selection of chashu pork belly or plumps scallops. Yup, definitely meant as a portion for one. 

Oh and by the way, you wouldn't want tom miss out on the delicious, plump Japanese rice tucked in the chawanmushi! 

Crab Rosti (S$18) 

This exquisite dish consists of cheese-stuffed potato rosti, mesclun mix, crab pâté, and tobiko - perfected by Ninja Cut's Ninja Cut Chef-de-Cuisine, Nina Winoto - and probably the BEST crab rosti I've had. 

The plump rosti was crisp on the outside and had the perfect combination of potatoes, onions and cheese in it - highly recommend to order for sharing! 

Kaya Toast (S$18) 

I know what you must be thinking - huh, why would I pay S$18 for a plate of kaya toast when I can get it elsewhere for a much cheaper price?

Well this, my friends, isn't just any plate of kaya toast. Stuffed with mochi cheese, crumble, sea salt mascarpone ice-cream, and the perfect marriage of homemade kaya with drizzled gula melaka - I bet that this will be the epitome of your meal at Ninja Cut. The mocha cheese complemented the thick brioche toast to give it a refreshing texture. 

You can choose to have it on its own, or as a dessert where you can share with your group of like-minded friends! 

32 Seah Street 

Operating hours: 
Mon to Fri: 9.30am to 9.30pm 
Sat to Sun: 9am to 6pm 


This was an invite tasting with Ninja Cut. 

Plentyfull Singapore - Home-Cooked Meals Away From Home At Reasonable Prices!

Known as a place of restoration and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Plentyfull serves home-cooked meals away from home....

Known as a place of restoration and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Plentyfull serves home-cooked meals away from home. And guess what? The restaurant does not even own a can opener because they firmly believe in making food from scratch!

The space evolves from a wholesome market table luncheon spread to an intimate full-service restaurant by nightfall.



As you step into the restaurant, you'll be captivated by its gorgeous interior setting. The design of the space is inspired by nature which also helps to promote relaxed conversations over meals and a laid-back environment to unwind after a day's work. 

The all-day dual concept restaurant also features a patisserie, gourmet grocer! Everything at Plentyfull is made from scratch with the freshest seasonal produce sourced from farmers and artisans locally and internationally.

The Dinner Menu

If you are a regular diner at Plentyfull, you'll know that it's a norm for them to change up their menu once in a while to offer their diners something different once in a while. 

House Charcuterie:
5 J Jamon Iberico $22++
777 Duck breast Prosciutto $16++
Beetroot and Ginger Cured Ocean Trout $18++
Szechuan Peppered Swordfish Belly Ham $16++
*Choice of 4 available at $38++ for regular or $46++ for large

Nothing to start the dinner like the House Charcuterie! If you're someone who loves fresh meat produce to go with your wine, you'll love this. Though prices may seem a little steep, you're really paying for quality here. 

To Start: 

Seasonal Vegetable Tart $16++

And if you're someone who loves eating with your camera, you'll certainly want to order up this dish.
The vegetable tart we had came served with greens such as cauliflower, cucumber, fresh tomatoes and edible flowers that complemented the crunchy tart base really well. 

Organic Tofu “Caprese” $16++
Silken tofu dressed in aged ponzu with plum tomatoes, shallot & seeds

If you're a fan of plum tomatoes, you'll be happy to know that this dish came served with plenty of these little gems. The ponzu sauce was a little tart for my liking, but my dining companions felt that it was very appetising and was the perfect way to prep their stomachs for the big meal ahead. 


Beetroot Risotto $24++
Arborio rice with a medley of beetroot & pecorino cheese

Personally, I'm not a fan of anything beetroot. However, I must say that this was one of my favourite dishes of the night - mainly due to the al dente risotto rice! Every bit of rice was perfectly doused in pecorino cheese that made it so irresistible to savour. 

I would highly recommend you to order up the other risotto dishes in the menu if you are someone who can't stand beetroot like I do. 

Grilled Natural Grass Fed Striploin $36++
Miso tahini, leeks & veal jus

Felt that the striploin was a little too tough for my liking! 

Grilled Spiced Lamb Ribs $30++
Slow cooked served with smoked yoghurt, edamame & horseradish

Another of my favourite dishes of the night! It's not easy to perfect lamb ribs since it may often turn out too gamey but this, my friends, was delicious and tender - yet firm enough to retain its bite. 


Rose & Strawberry Panna Cotta $14++
Sable breton, balsamic vinegar reduction, sorbet

Coconut Creme Brûlée $14++
Coconut ribbons, salted gula melaka ice-cream

Miso Souffle $16++
Toasted walnut ice-cream

Here at Plentyfull, there is always a selection of cakes and pastries freshly made daily. But if you were to order them from the menu, I would highly recommend you to try the Miso Souffle! 

For those who are not familiar with this dessert, it is a French dessert made with egg yolks and beaten egg whites. A good souffle should always taste as though you are eating a "cloud" that melts or dissolves in your mouth with a moist center. And well, the folks at Plentyfull certainly nailed this.


For the month of May, there's also going to be a special collaboration with Chef-Owner Jean-Philippe Patruno of critically acclaimed Dehesa! The chef ​will be joining Head Chef Victor Loy​ of ​Plentyfull, for an ​exclusive two-night only dinner​ in May.​

Priced at S$95 per person, the menu will ​take diners through a series of five ​tantalising ​courses​! Diners will start with an assortment of snacks like the Bacon Jam, served with caviar and blinis​; and Pigs Trotters Croquettes served with black garlic. ​Then, the appetiser - Smoked Iberico Cheeks, with raddichio, roots and aged ponzu will be served. There will be two entrees available: the ​Pig's Skin Tagliatelle, served with lobster tail, coral jus and scallion; and Crispy Pigs Head served with egg yolk and Madeira reduction.

The meal will come to a close on a sweet note with​ a homemade Snickers Bar for dessert,​ and delightful Tocino del Cielo. To enhance the meal, beverage pairings are also available.

Price: $95++ per pax
 (Additional $35++ per pax for wine pairing & $22++ per pax for non-alcoholic drinks pairing)
Dates: 14 May​ and ​28 May ​2017 only ​(Sundays)
Time: 7pm


 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-79/80 
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596
Reservations: Call 6493 2997 or email hello@plentyfull.com

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 8:30am - 10:30pm
Sat to Sun: 10:30am - 10:30pm 


This was a media tasting invite with Plentyfull.

KitchenAid Mini Series: Cook & Bake Your Meals With The KitchenAid Artisan® Mini Stand Mixer!

We all love moments when we can gather together with friends and just enjoy a quiet afternoon alone. It's mini moments like these that g...

We all love moments when we can gather together with friends and just enjoy a quiet afternoon alone. It's mini moments like these that give us a break from the hectic lives we lead, and also a chance to take a breather with the ones that we truly care about the most. 

And well, what's best to celebrate these moments than through the stomach? For those who love to cook or experiment with cooking/baking, you'll know what I mean. There's nothing better than seeing the satisfaction on their faces whenever they take a bite into the delicious pasta you spent the whole afternoon slogging over the stoves for. 

And that's where KitchenAid Mini Series come in. 

Known for their iconic Stand Mixer, KitchenAid is a firm believer in high-quality kitchen appliances with every single of them made to detail and with quality craftsmanship. Plus, all their kitchen appliances are build with the same goal - a timeless design to suit every kitchen.

 With the variety of kitchen appliances that you can choose from, you can definitely find one that will suit your kitchen!

For most working adults like me, the thought of preparing a huge feast for our families can be pretty daunting as we hate the idea of having to clean and wash different kitchen appliances after preparing the meal.

Thankfully, with KitchenAid's mini series, you're now able to do so without making a huge mess in the kitchen and worry about cleaning up afterwards!

With a 3.3 litre bowl that can make up to 5 dozen cookies and with over 10 hub powered attachments available, you can now make everything from fresh pasta to burgers, veggie noodles and more with the KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer! You're essentially killing many birds (or dishes in this case) with just one product! 

Plus, with new colors ranging from bold to understated, there’s a Mini to match both your kitchen and your style! 

The attachments are easily detachable and cleaned! 

All the KitchenAid appliances are also extremely easy to operate which is perfect for someone who's really bad in the kitchen like me. Haha!

With the mini moments theme in mind, a group of us were invited to our friend, Zong Han's crib to spend an afternoon together over a humble home-cooked meal! We had the pleasure of trying out various sweet and savoury dishes prepared by Zong Han using the KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer. 

Jasmine Green Tea Chiffon Cake with Double Layered Cheese

Possibly the BEST Apple Pie I've had! 

Curry Coconut Cream Linguine

From Pumpkin Soup, Curry Coconut Cream Linguine, Jasmine Green Tea Chiffon Cake with Double Layered Cheese to a delectable Apple Pie, he showed us the wonders that this little kitchen appliance can do.

Excited to try these dishes out, yet? Well, I know I am!

For more information about the KitchenAid Mini Series, you can also visit their website HERE.




This post was written in collaboration with KitchenAid Singapore.