As I grow older and my face continues to experience the occasional (ok maybe regular) acne issues, hyperpigmentation is one of the most tro...

Taiwan with DR WU: Launch of DR WU's Glutalight Whitening Serum

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As I grow older and my face continues to experience the occasional (ok maybe regular) acne issues, hyperpigmentation is one of the most troubling skin issues for me. I've a tendency to pick my pimples, and that often results in deep scarring which turns into pigmented marks - which is not a pretty sight without my holy grail concealers or makeup. 

I've been trying to add Vitamin C serums and products into my skincare regime religiously, but that often takes quite a while for me for results to show. SO, when the invitation came for me to witness DR WU's latest Glutalight Whitening series, I was thrilled. Back story: I've been a huge fan of DR WU's skincare products ever since trying the mandelic acid, and I'm also currently incorporating the hydrating range to my routine which has worked wonders for my extremely dry skin.

I was freakin' excited when they announced this new Glutalight whitening skincare range because I knew I could depend on it to save my skin once again - it's so powerful that it can even replace whitening injections - a procedure commonly done in Taiwan/China to help ladies achieve fairer skin!

The DR WU's Glutalight whitening system consists of a key ingredient - Glutathione which is amazing for curing hyperpigmentation problems. Most people usually get their shot of glutathione through whitening injections done over the span of a few months, but with this new system, you do not have to go under the needle and still achieve the same results.

In an independent study done with 24 participants, it was noted that results started to show as soon as 2 weeks! This, of course, still depends on your skin types and usage but for someone who's as afraid of needles as I am, this triumphs over whitening injections any day. 

During the trip to Taiwan, we were also brought to DR WU's HQ where we learnt more about the different range of products they carried as well as the Glutalight Whitening range. Unlike other whitening skincare products that may leave your skin with a "tight" feeling (means it's making your skin dry!!), the whitening range adds moisture to the skin which helps make it smoother and can also suppress fine lines/wrinkles.

The products are suitable for use in both day and night as they only use acid-free ingredients that do not react negatively to sunlight! I also couple it with other DR WU's products from the hydration line  (DR WU's hydrating serum!!!) because I have reaaaaally dry skin - so this really helps to keep both hyperpigmentation and dryness at bay!


The launch of DR WU's Glutalight 
 Whitening System 

The launch event saw us at a press conference with Dr Wu himself, who gave us a thorough introduction to the brand and how they managed to formulate the products. 

Not only do they not add any forms of acid to the whitening system, but they also adopt an anti-oxidant technology formula that serves as a multi-pronged approach to effectively target melanin in our skin. Plus, they are also the first to add the Japanese patented "Glutathione" which includes vitamin B3, B5, B6,  silymarin and hyaluronic acid to help skin develop a "defence mechanism" that helps to prevent pigmentation from forming and improving the skin's clarity in the process. 

It's so important for your skin to fight it's "own battles", and the Glutalight whitening serum provides a shield for your skin during that process!


Review + products in DR WU's Glutalight™ 
 Whitening System 

1. Intensive Glutalight Whitening Essence Toner

As we all know, using a toner is one of the most important steps in any skincare routine as it helps to remove excess dirt, traces of oil and makeup, and can also correct and balance the pH of your skin. Simply apply it on a cotton pad after cleansing your face, and lightly spread it over your face and neck. 

Like the previous DR WU toners I've used, this was also really easy to absorb into the skin without making it tacky. 

2. Intensive Glutalight Whitening Serum

After the Whitening Essence Toner, we then apply the whitening serum which includes Butyrospermum Parkii Butter Extract that can deeply moisturize the skin. I usually apply this with the hydrating serum to make sure my skin is well-hydrated, but if you don't have dry skin like I do, you can just apply the serum on it's own!

This serum also includes Vitamin C that will have ultra-whitening effects on your skin!

3. Intensive Glutalight Whitening Lotion

Next up, whitening lotion! This is also my favourite product from the Glutlight whitening system as it's so lightweight and easy to absorb! The whitening lotion is also formulated with RonaFlair skin softener to improve the skin's tone and radiance. 

4. Intensive Glutalight Whitening Eye Serum

Last but not least, the whitening eye serum! Using Haloxyl™, this product is known to brighten the eyes while tightening and firming the skin around them - also perfect for use during the day and night because it's acid-free! I usually use this as the final step of my skincare routine!


For those who are interested in purchasing the range of DR WU's skincare products, you can find them in most major Watsons outlets in Singapore! 

You can also view snippets of my trip to Taiwan with DR WU Skincare here






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