I'm sure many of you would have been through the whole "I have nothing to wear" dilemma especially in the mornings. And more ...

Going Through The Week with Le Contour's Dresses

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I'm sure many of you would have been through the whole "I have nothing to wear" dilemma especially in the mornings. And more often than not, you'll reach for the "safer" and "low maintenance" dress because ain't nobody has time to make such mind-boggling decisions in the morning.

For brands like Le Contour, they eliminate these problems by introducing the idea of timeless and presentable dresses that you can always turn to. And if you're still having doubts on shopping online because you're not sure if it fits, you'll be happy to know that they have a figure-loving fit guide, body measuring tool & dress fitting blog - to help you make informed decisions on finding the perfect dress that fits in all the right places. 

1. For Work
Dress: Eliza Striped Dress in Black
Dress: Eliza Striped Dress in Black
For me, I'm always into dresses that I can have fun layering with to spice up the entire look. For this piece, I chose to layer it with a white blouse underneath to match the white stripe trimmings of the dress and to let it pop a little more.

And, since I'm working in an environment that is not too strict with dressing, I can then dress down this outfit with a pair of while sneakers, or throw on a pair of loafers if I'm going for a dressier or edgier look. 

2. Errand day

Dress: Freeform Fleece V-neck Dress
On days when I'm not working, I like to throw on a simple, breathable dress before heading out to run my errands. Wearing a solid-coloured piece allows you to mix and match your accessories to bring out the accent of your dress. You can either play it up with a pair of statement earrings, or carry a bright-coloured bag to draw the attention back to your outfit. 

For me, since I'm such a sucker for statement earrings, I threw on this tassel pair and matched the colour of the earrings with a straw bag. And, of course, a pair of white sneakers that goes well with anything and everything! 

Over at the Le Contour website, you can also find the perfect, figure-loving fit with dresses that are parked in categories like Top Balancing Dresses, Bottom Balancing Dresses & Curves Creation Dresses. 

With these guides available on the website, you'll sure to embrace and balance the curves of your body. They also pride themselves in only selling designer inspired & high-end women dresses tailored with premium fabrics that are comfortable to wear and accentuates body curves nicely.

3. Date Night / Events

Dress: Sleeveless Flare Dress in Black
On days where I have work and am heading out for a date / events after that, I tend to pick a simple and timeless piece. My go-to for such occasions would usually be a fuss-free black dress - a must-have in every girls' wardrobe because it's something you can never go wrong with. 

For this outfit, I picked out monochrome accessories so that the coordinate can stay classy and fun at the same time. I love how this dress has a slightly body-hugging fit that helps accentuate your curves even more! 

For those of you who still might not be certain about your dress sizes, Le Contour also provides  dress fitting & size verification services upon request. You can always contact them via their FB messenger or customer service email – customer@le- contour.com!

While I was picking out these pieces and sending my sizes over, they also asked for my body measurements so that they would further advise me on the right sizes to get - which I'm glad that did beacause I actually picked size M for the Eliza Striped Dress in Black, I was advised that since the dress has a loose-fitting cut, it would have been too baggy for me and was recommended to choose size S instead

And, for all you girls out there who are always bogged down by the shipping charges, Le Contour actually provides FREE worldwide delivery on all orders!

You can check out their website here if you like!

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  2. you are looking so beautiful in this black dress. you have Choosed a good dress for party. Thanks for sharing.

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