Steamroom With The Pillar & Stones is the latest concept to land at Orchard Central and it the amalgamation of art, cuisine and ret...

Steamroom With The Pillar & Stones - Restaurant at Orchard Central Where Art, Cuisine & Retail Come Together

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Steamroom With The Pillar & Stones is the latest concept to land at Orchard Central and it the amalgamation of art, cuisine and retail. There, you can shop products from local retailers, enjoy an art jamming session with the canvases available, learn to make an art or two with their periodic workshops available, have tea, or even dine at the restaurant. The restaurant is also known as SRPS for short. 

Here, you can also treat yourselves to the greeneries in the store brought to you by naturalist, Amos Tan. The indoor 'Biodorium' features a paludarium inspired by plants and fishes from the Amazon. Fun fact? They even have an indoor herb garden where diners can explore the ingredients used in their food! You'll never imagine an indoor herb garden to be found in the premises of Orchard Central, right? 



The Steamroom aims to advocate the appreciation of speciality teas and coffee. Here, you can learn and experience the art of tea-making where trained beverage professionals will introduce brews and how to serve them at their optimum. 

The menu at Steamroom focuses on Chinese teas and currently lists more than 10 single origin varieties! These include Keemun Kung Fu Red Tea from Anhui in China, and  Frozen Peak Oolong from Nantou in Taiwan.

The teas are brewed using a Steampunk machine, which automates the siphon brewing technique to precise temperature, time and volume dictated by the brewer. Through an agitation process, it ensures that each variety of tea is optimally brewed to suit its unique nature to achieve the finest taste!


The Pillar 

At the Pillar, you can treat yourself to a menu of dishes where the chef curated to bring together flavours of seasonal produce from around the world!

Spanner Crab Salad - $15

Prepared with ingredients such as Spanner Crab, Apples, and Red Veined Sorrel with Wasabi Mayonnaise dressing at the side. A light and hearty dish to get those taste buds working. It tasted as good as it looked! 

Angus Beef Tartare - $16

The mustard seeds and dijonnaise helped to mask the taste of the raw beef filet, and the use of sourdough crisps, too, was a nice touch. I've was definitely one of the best Angus Beef Tartares I've tried. 

Burrata Cheese Salad - $15

We loved the use of Burrata in this dish - chopped from a blob of burrata without adding any extra condiments to it. The creamy and soft textures of the cheese went really well with the accompanied sourdough bread. Plus, the olive spheres also added a nice touch to the overall taste and appearance of the dish. 

Salmon Ochazuke - $24

Moving on to the bowl dishes, the Salmon Ochazuke is prepared with a medley of Japanese Rice, Edamame and topped with premium slices of Norwegian Salmon and a dollop of Salmon Caviar. The interesting thing about this dish is that the Smoked Tea Dashi is served separately from the main dish. 

The servers will first bring you cups along with the Smoked Tea Dashi where you can taste test the umaminess of the dashi stock and add in the appropriate amount to the dish. 

Lobster Fregola Sarda Pasta $28

The Lobster Fregola Sarda Pasta is prepared using Sardinian-shaped pastas that are similar to that of a gnocchi but made of durum wheat semolina and with no eggs. In the dish, you can also find generous bits of lobster and crab meat, topped with a glorious onsen egg, parmesan and spring onions to end off the dish.

The result? Al dente pasta doused in a delicious mix of lobster and crab bisque.  

Inspired by Red - $14

The desserts at the Pillars fared as well as their mains too. The Inspired By Red is a dessert prepared from a medley of 'red' fruits such as Strawberries - which makes up the mousse and meringue and Raspberry - which makes up the sorbet.

S$14 might seem a little pricey but I assure you that with the effort spent perfecting this dessert, it will be well-worth the money paid. 

Chocolate Gateau & Mandarin Orange Sorbet - $15

I mean, what can possibly go wrong with both chocolate and mandarin oranges come together? The dense chocolate gateau was beyond amazing. The mandarin orange sorbet when paired with the yummy chocolate cake gave it a refreshing citrusy twist.



Moving on to the last concept, here at Stones, you can indulge in an art-jamming session where aspiring artists can take part in masterclasses, workshops and even art jamming sessions led by professionals. 

And if you are feeling stuffed from the meal, you can also check out the various lifestyle brands at the store that comes with their own unique stories. Pssst, for those of you who love taking #ootds, you have to check out their fitting room. 

Here at Steamroom With The Pillars & Stones, you'll never get bored because there's always something new to learn and explore right here in the heart of town.


Steamroom With The Pillars & Stones
 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, #03-08
 Singapore 238896

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am - 10pm





Instagram @cforcassan

This was an invited media tasting from Steamroom with The Pillars & Stones

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