If you are near Ang Siang Hill or Club Street and are looking for a new place to dine or have some cocktail to end off the day, Muse Am...

Review: Muse Amuse by The Carbon Collective - Sharing Plates & Unique Cocktails With Asian Influences

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If you are near Ang Siang Hill or Club Street and are looking for a new place to dine or have some cocktail to end off the day, Muse Amuse by The Carbon Collective is the perfect place to head to. 

Started by the people at The Carbon Collective, this space features 3 different concepts - Muse; serving Mod-Asian sharing plates, Amuse; a cocktail bar as well as a retail space on the 2nd floor where visitors can take a look at the luxury watches and accessories for sale. It can also be converted into an event space for company events, weddings, birthday parties, etc! 

Here, the minimal interior is modelled to look like an actual home. 

The Food
Here at Muse Amuse, the main focus of their food would be the uniqueness of the fine produce used in each and every dish. Sharing plates take the centre stage at the restaurant, and they focus on using premium ingredients to bring out Asian flavours in their dishes. 

Uni Pie Tee - S$15 for 2 pieces

From the rice flour sheets to the stewed reddish and carrot, everything on this plate was created from scratch at Muse. The Hokkaido sea urchin adds a melt-in-your-mouth texture and creaminess to the crisp flour shells, and the highlight of the dish were medley of roasted hazelnut, cashew, almond and peanut crumbles that were the perfect complement to the pie tee. 

Golden Kibun - S$15

The dish is essentially morsels of breadcrumbs stuffed with kimchi risotto. It then sits on a bed of squash puree and dollops of mayonnaise with gochujang - a commonly-used Korean red pepper paste! And for someone who's a huge fan of kimchi and risotto, I fell in love with this fish immediately. 

Tatarto - S$18

This is essentially Muse's version of Steak tartare, but with hand-chopped 200-day grain-fed Wagyu tossed in sesame oil, Korean honey pears, red chilli and topped with a gorgeous raw egg yolk. Personally, it didn't appeal to me as I felt that the overall taste was a little too rare. But my boyfriend was a fan of this! 

6-Day Baby Back Pork Ribs - S$16

This, my friends, really took 6 days for the chefs at Muse to prepare. The pork ribs are marinated twice and coated in sticky homemade BBQ sauce. I was really impressed by how the meat was fall-off-the-bone tender and needless to say, it was one of the biggest highlights of our dinner. 
I think I can have 2-3 servings of this at a go. 

Royal Ratchaphruek - S$12

Featuring an Asian ratatouille with slices of lotus root, sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant, carrot and potato bathed in piquant tom yum broth! The best part of the ratatouille was definitely the tom yum broth which gave it a needed kick of spiciness. I also loved how the textures of each sliced vegetable complemented one another. 

Chicken Roulade - S$15

The dish features a Vietnamese blend of lemongrass, black pepper and soy sauce. But our favourite part of this dish was how the fried potato strips added a hearty crunch when paired together with the chicken roulade. Yum!

Sautéed Scallops on Japanese Somen Noodles - S$18

 We loved how this dish was both a good play of cooking techniques and flavour. The Japanese somen noodles were doused in a pool of beetroot-coloured dashi stock which thankfully, did not have any distinct taste and smell of beetroot at all. 
Also, the 64-degree confit egg yolk also made the entire dish extra palatable and gives it that extra Asian flair. Best part? It's so damn Instagram-worthy! 

Aurora USDA Prime Black Angus Ribeye - S$78

This would be something I can have every single day and not get sick of, and it was so good that I had 3 pieces of beef? The steak is first sous vide then grilled to medium rare. You can also choose to top it off with some Thai basing dipping sauce for the extra flavour. Still can't get over how tender and full-flavoured each piece of steak was. 

You guys, if there's one dish I highly recommend from Muse, it would be this. Period. 

Gula Melaka Panna Cotta with Umami Sea Urchin - S$12

The Gula Melaka was so good that we would eat it on it's own but the addition of the sea urchin added an unexpected briny pairing to the sweet panna cotta. 

Slow-Cooked Black Glutinous Rice - S$8 

Muse's rendition of the Pulut Hitam with coconut flakes and coconut cream! Unlike the dessert, their version of Muse's Pulut Hitam resembles that of a pudding - which was a good change in both flavours and textures! 


Muse Amuse by The Carbon Collective
289 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058835

Opening Hours:

Mon to Sat: 12pm - 12am

Mon to Sat: 3pm till late.


This was an invited tasting by The Carbon Collective.