Hey, everyone! First up, Bali was beyond amazing. I fell in love once I stepped foot into the island, and the scenes and sight...

Bali 5D4N Travel Itinerary - Where To Go, How to Get Around, What To Eat & Safety Tips!

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Hey, everyone!

First up, Bali was beyond amazing. I fell in love once I stepped foot into the island, and the scenes and sights always seem to leave me in awe. I love the people there, their culture and especially there S$10 all-you-can-eat buffets which feature lots of authentic Indonesian dishes.

I've been wanting to compile this travel itinerary for a long time now, and finally got down to doing it after sorting through all my pictures from the trip and not get my laziness get the best of me. For this post, I'm going to adopt something a little different from the previous travel itineraries I've done. I'll mainly be listing down the places I've visited each day, visuals I've captured for this places as well as some tips / tricks you should take note of while travelling in Bali!

 Most of all, I love how Bali gives me a sense of peace.


For the 5D4N trip, I changed around S$300 and brought 150USD along. These were the money I've set aside for my expenses and they're not including accommodation / flight. I still had money left when I came home!

The prices of the food there are pretty much similar to that of Singapore's. Expect to pay around S$10 or more for their Indonesian buffets and cafe food, or around S$5-S$6 for authentic Indonesian cuisine!

A normal bill for 2 pax would come up to around $30.


After scouring through multiple AirBnB villa listings, we finally found 'the one'. We have always had a habit of staying in AirBnBs when travelling because not only are they cheaper than booking hotel villas, they also give you a taste of how it's like to live like the locals. 

And well, in Bali, since their tourism industry is so competitive, their AirBnB villas are designed to look almost like hotel rooms. Plus, you even get room service and the basic amenities found in most hotel villas!

You can book our apartment through the link here

For just S$50 per night (that was the amount we paid at that time), we got a kitchen, a lounge area, bedroom, toilet and even a swimming pool! The swimming pool was shared between 4 other villas, but it's almost always empty because everyone was mostly at the beaches.

Plus, the location was amazing! Our AirBnB was located in an alley right next to the main street (Around 2-mins walk) and the mega supermarket - Bintang Supermarket - which was just around a 10-15-mins walk away! 

Though the AirBnB villa, we also. requested a driver to chauffeur us from the airport to the AirBnB villa. Once you arrive at the airport, all you have to do is approach the driver holding a placard with your name and he'll bring you straight to your AirB&B villa! 

The cost of the driver was an additional S$13 and I would highly recommend you to book one because it'll really save you all the fatigue and trouble of finding the AirB&B when you arrive. I mean, you can always explore later when you've freshened up at the AirB&B!


Getting around:

Many friends were asking whether it's more cost efficient to travel around on your own or book a driver. For that, I would highly suggest you book a driver for either 1 or 2 days of your trip because that way, you can 'squeeze' in more attractions to visit with the help of car. For the rest of the days, you can just opt for free & easy travel!

For Day 3 & 4 of our trip, we got around by booking a driver through Bali Golden Tour. There, you can find specially curated day or half-day tours where designated drivers will pick you straight from your AirB&B or hotel villas, bring you around, wait patiently for you until you are done with your activities at each location and drive you home at the end of the day. Booking through them is fairly easy and quick too! We got a confirmation from Bali Golden Tour within 1 hour of booking - even when we were booking a trip for the following morning while in Bali!  

Else, you can also give our driver, Gobel a WhatsApp text at +62 813 7969 7000 or visit his website at www.balitaxicab.com! #notsponsored

Throughout the trip, Gobel was extremely patient especially with our change in itinerary and even suggested alternate places for us to visit. What we loved about him most was how he gave us our own time and space while in the comfortable air-conditioned 6-seater vehicle by not bombarding us with questions and conversations. Plus, he was always there whenever we had any queries about Bali or the places we were about to visit. 

I would highly recommend you personally book a tour with Gobel instead! A day-tour will cost around 650,000 rupiah for a 6-seater which can hold 1-6 pax (regardless of how many people there are in a car. Meaning, even if you are travelling with 6 people, you only have to pay 650,000 rupiah!) and a half-day tour will cost around 500,000 rupiah for the same services
He will pick you up straight from your airbnb/hotel/villa and drop you back there at the end of the day. 

A full-day tour would typically last from 8am - 9pm.
A half-day tour would typically last from 8am - 6pm. 

We mostly got around either by walking or taking taxis along the way when the heat got too unbearable. Plus, the taxis there are really affordable.  

Read till the end to find out the safety tips and some precautions you have to take while in Bali! 


That being said, let's move on to the itinerary! 

Bali Day 1:

5. Arriving at Motel Mexicola

If you are a fan of Mexican food, you'll love this restaurant! However, since the prices of food here were a little steep, we decided to just head there for drinks and tapas. 

Day 2

1. Exploring Seminyak Beach

You can also try out some of the beach activities while you are here!  

2. Lunch at Bubba Gump 

A restaurant based on the movie, Forrest Gump. Loved how they stuck to the theme of the movie, and it was the perfect recluse from the scorching heat! You'll find mostly shrimps and seafood items here. 

4. Break at Gardin Bistro & Patisserie 

5. Dinner at Potato Head Folk Beach Club

Do note that there's a minimum spending of S$150 if you wish to sit at the sofa seats with the view of the beach. Else, you can also choose to just grab a shot of the beach before dinner! 

Day 3

Booked a driver, Gobel, for a full day tour! You can scroll up to read more about my reviews of Gobel. Else, you can also give him a text at a text at +62 813 7969 7000 or visit his website at www.balitaxicab.com

A full-day tour would cost around 650,000 rupiah for a 6-seater car for 1-6 pax (Around 8am - 9pm)
A half-day tour would cost around 500,000 rupiah  for a 6-seater car for 1-6 pax. (Around 8am - 6pm)

Meaning, regardless if you are travelling alone, or with a group of 2 or 6, the prices are fixed! 

2. Tanah Lot

3. Lunch at Kintamani Restaurant with a view of the volcano

This was an Indonesian buffet which cost us S$10 per pax! Food wise, it was decent but I would highly recommend you dine there for the spectacular view of Mount Kintamani! However, do note that due to the rainy season, the view might get a little foggy at times. Also, do remember to bring umbrellas when you head there! 

4. Visit Tegalalang Rice Terrace (Ubud) 

Another filming location of Eat, Pray, Love - yay! 

5. Coffee Plantation

Here, they will explain and demonstrate how Bali coffee is made. You will also be able to sample a huge range of coffee / teas for free, and decide which ones you want to buy from the stores after that! 

Keluak Coffee (cat poop coffee) is also available at S$5 a cup! 

Cat poop! 

6. Visiting a nearby waterfall 

7. Dinner at Jimbaran Beach

Decided to do away with the dinner here because the seafood dinner was a little too pricey for us. For those of you who are travelling on a budget, I would highly suggest you give these restaurants along Jimbaran beach a miss. 

However, if you would still like to head there to check out the beach, I would suggest you walk till the end to the pier and you might be able to spot people setting off fireworks if you're lucky! 

Day 4

2. Taman Ayun Temple

3. Bedugul Temple

The weather up there is similar to that of Genting's. So, do remember to bring along a jacket if you're heading there because it can get pretty cold! 

4. Lunch with a view of the Rice fields 

I kinda forgot the name of this restaurant where we dined at but this restaurant was highly recommend by Gobel. 

This restaurant also served Indonesian buffet which cost us S$10 per pax! The food here was way better than the meal we had at Kintamani restaurant! 

5. Monkey Forest 

Here at the Monkey Forest, you'll get to see free-roaming monkeys in action. Do remember not to brandish any food items or jewellery in front of them because they'll most probably get stolen or pried away from you.

Also, bananas are also available for sale at S$2 a bunch for you to feed the monkeys. It's advisable to hold the bananas at the top of your head to get a good shot of you feeding the monkeys, but do be careful because the monkeys can get pretty aggressive at times! 

6. Ubud Market 

I was really stoked to visit Ubud Market because this was also one of the filming locations for Eat, Pray, Love. And since I didn't have the time to visit Ketut Liyer, I might as well make use of the opportunity to relive the Eat, Pray, Love moments here for the last time.

Here at Ubud Market, you HAVE to be prepared to do lots of bargaining. However, most of the items sold at the market will get rather repetitive after a while since they're mostly selling the same touristy stuff. 

8. Dinner at Sisterfield's

A normal dish here would cost around S$10 - S$15, but for the portions, it was pretty worth it! 

Day 5

1. Lunch at NOOK

Would highly recommend you give NOOK a visit while in Bali because it serves the best Babi Guning and Nasi Padang! Plus, you get to dine with an amazing view of the rice fields. 

Do give their smoothie bowls a try while you are there too! 

2. Dessert at Mad Pops Bali

4. Dinner at WAHAHA Pork Ribs Restaurant

I felt this was even better than Naughty Nuri's! 


Safety Tips & Precautions to take note of when in Bali:
Bali is pretty much a safe country to visit. However, here are some tips & precautions you should still take note of while you are there.

1. When taking taxis 
#1 MAKE SURE that you take a taxi from the Blue Bird Group. You can differentiate them by the BUE BIRD GROUP decal on the cabs, the blue bird shirts that the drivers wear, the white head rest and the bird logo at the top of the taxi.

** However, do note that there's another taxi company that is very similar to the Blue Bird Group called the Bali Taxi Group. Always make sure that you see the 'Blue Bird Group' decal before boarding the taxi.

#2 Always request for 'meter' before boarding the taxi and do not accept their offer when they offer you a fixed taxi rate.

** More importantly, always make sure that you are in a Blue Bird Taxi because even if you request for the 'meter' charges from the other taxi companies, some of their meters are rigged and the charges will jump really quickly.

2. When renting motorcycles 

#1 Remember to buy travel insurances before you travel if you are thinking of renting motorcycles there. The rental usually ranges from around $5-$10 for a day of riding, but since the roads there can be very bumpy, chances of getting into an accident are pretty high.

3. When changing currencies in Bali

#1 It might get a little tricky when exchanging currencies in Bali because since their notes are 'bigger', you'll usually get around one huge stack of 100,000 rupiahs and risk the chances of them shortchanging you by giving you 1 or 2 notes lesser. So, in order to be safe, always go to authorised money changers.

** Authorised money changers in Bali: Here

4. When taking Grab / Uber

#1 Granted, taking Grab / Uber is much more predictable than taking their local taxis. However, do note that if you want to do so, proceed to the end or the far side of the road before booking one. The people in Bali are still not very receptive to Grab / Uber so you wouldn't want to step on their toes.

5. When giving tips 

#1 Even though it's stated that it's not customary to give tips in Bali, I'll still suggest you do so to your hotel / AirB&b housekeepers or drivers as a way of 'thanking' them! Even a mere 10,000 rupiah would mean a lot! 

6. When entering shops on the streets

#1 It is a common sight to find offerings outside shops on the streets. Do not step on them.

#2 Do not point at the offerings on the streets. When you see a religious procession occurring, respect them and try not to stay in the way. Else, if you are stuck, just wait for them to pass first. 

7. Learn how to say NO
#1 It's not uncommon to bump into pushy salespeople especially when you are at the touristy areas. Do always remember to say no politely if you are not interested in buying the items.

#2 Similarly, it's also essential to read up about the art of bargaining and negotiating before you head there because the street stalls at markets are known to set prices a notch higher to tourists! 


Feel free to drop me an email at cforcassan@gmail.com if you have any other queries regarding the itinerary!

Else, thank you for reading! x


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