If you've a night off with your friends or colleagues and are not sure where to hang out, you totally check out some of the cafes/b...

Ô COMPTOIR - French Crêperie And Cider Bar Serving Crêpes & Buckwheat Maki Galettes

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If you've a night off with your friends or colleagues and are not sure where to hang out, you totally check out some of the cafes/bars situated along Circular Road. Granted, you won't be able to experience the entire hyped up nightlife like how it's like at Robertson Quay, but sometimes, a little quiet is all we need to unwind from a long day at work / school.

And if you are someone who are looking at ordering up a cider/beer and just chill with a couple of small bites, Ô COMPTOIR should be on your next go-to list. 

Tucked at Circular Road, this French crêperie and cider bar specialises in serving crepes and buckwheat (i.e gluten free) galettes - similar to our Indian thosai in terms of texture. So if you have any friends who are allegoric to gluten, you know where to bring them next!

Galettes are commonly filled with savoury ingredients, but here at Ô COMPTOIR, the menu is so extensive that not only can you find both sweet and savoury galettes, there's also a plethora of mains for you to choose from!

The Food

Just recently, Ô COMPTOIR added a Maki Selection to its menu that offers a new way to share their signature buckwheat flour galettes appetizer-style. Unlike their usual offerings, these maki galettes are meant for sharing and are easier on the stomachs - so you enjoy it with a cider or two! 

Ham & Cheese with Quail Egg Maki - S$14

On our first bite, we were sort of expecting the galettes to come a little crispy, but the texture was more similar to that of pancakes instead - okay we didn't exactly google what we were having prior to this hahaha. 

And of course, what enticed me the most were the glistening quail egg toppers that added a special touch to the otherwise dull maki galettes! 

Masala Chicken with Chilli Sauce - S$14

Easily one of our favourite galettes of the evening because unlike the other maki galettes, this was the only one that was filled with meat to the brim. Taste wise, expect the usual masala chicken marinate and don't forget to dip into their homemade chilli sauce while you are at it!

Goat Cheese Tartar with Beetroot Sauce - S$16

Since goat cheese makes up a huge component in this dish, I would highly recommend you to skip it if you are not fond of goat's milk as it might be too tart and overpowering for you. On my end, I really enjoyed it since it reminded me of sour cream which I am a huge fan of. 

Smoked Salmon with Wasabi Sauce - S$18 

Well, everything with smoked salmon works.

Granted, S$18 might be a little too pricey for this dish, but do note that each and every maki were generously packed with smoked salmon so for that amount of ingredients I got, I'm not complaining about the price. The wasabi sauce was unique touch to the dish too - though I wasn't a fan of it! 

Duck Confit with Mashed Potatoes - S$16 

While the makis were generously filled with mash potatoes, I felt that the duck confit element could have been more evident. 


For those who are looking at having something more substantial, you can also choose to head back to Ô COMPTOIR during the weekends for their weekend brunches. At S$22, you can choose from a bountiful range of beverages, eggs in any style as you want and a free-flow homemade salted caramel mini crêpes! We had their homemade salted caramel mini crêpes for dessert and they were the bomb diggity!

Also available on the à la carte menu are crêpes and galettes that come in quintessential French combinations including the Ménage à 3 - made with Emmental cheese, ham, sunny side up egg; and a range of locally-inspired flavours such as the Chase the Spices – Masala Chicken combined with a smattering of Asian ingredients.


79 Circular Rd
Singapore 049433

Opening Hours:
Mon to Tues: 11am - 12am
Wed to Fri: 11am - 1am
Sat: 10am - 1am
Sun: 10am - 10pm

Tel: 6534 7645



This was a media tasting invite from Ô COMPTOIR

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