If you ask me what's one of the up and rising cafes that I would revisit, it would definitely be Ninja Cut. Situated at Seah Street, ...

Ninja Cut - Cafe At Seah Street Serving Comforting Childhood Favourites & Food From The Heart

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If you ask me what's one of the up and rising cafes that I would revisit, it would definitely be Ninja Cut. Situated at Seah Street, Ninja Cut serves food from the heart that are not only prepared with finesse, but are also extremely affordable. Started by former DJ, Darren Wee, this cafe is the latest venture by the Astronauts Group which is also behind Ninja Bowl and Chillax Massage Cafe.

The cafe boasts a minimalistic charm with grey walls, wooden chairs and marble tables that are the perfect backdrops for an Instagram-worthy photo. There's also a signature neon backdrop located at the back of the cafe which reads "An Artist Is Never Poor"


The food

Now let's move on to the food!

The cafe recently launched some latest additions on the menu that takes a spin on the usual childhood favourites. When it comes to food, Ninja Cut is always innovating and experimenting with new flavours to make sure that their customers will never get bored. 

Plus, you'll always find a special and unconventional ingredient added to the dish that leave you in awe - simply because you didn't know that such combinations could actually work. 

Beefy Patty Macaroni (S$16)

Remember how we used to eat macaroni when we were younger? Till today, some of us still deem it as the ultimate comfort food to have. 

 Well, the people at Ninja Cut brought a twist to this dish - by adding a a flavourful 145g of ground chuck stuffed with melted cheese which tasted absolutely delightful, as well as a poached egg. The macaroni is doused in a signature homemade tomato broth! 

This was one of my favourite dishes of the entire meal because it simple, yet so comforting. 

don’t-Cha-Wan-some-Mushi ($16)

When the owner, Darren told me that the chawanmushi is meant to be eaten as a portion for one, I was in disbelief because I mean, isn't chawanmushi supposed to be eaten as a side dish? 

But what makes this chawanmushi so special, is the fact that beneath the luscious steamed egg, there's also cheese rice, tobiko, onions and topped with your selection of chashu pork belly or plumps scallops. Yup, definitely meant as a portion for one. 

Oh and by the way, you wouldn't want tom miss out on the delicious, plump Japanese rice tucked in the chawanmushi! 

Crab Rosti (S$18) 

This exquisite dish consists of cheese-stuffed potato rosti, mesclun mix, crab pâté, and tobiko - perfected by Ninja Cut's Ninja Cut Chef-de-Cuisine, Nina Winoto - and probably the BEST crab rosti I've had. 

The plump rosti was crisp on the outside and had the perfect combination of potatoes, onions and cheese in it - highly recommend to order for sharing! 

Kaya Toast (S$18) 

I know what you must be thinking - huh, why would I pay S$18 for a plate of kaya toast when I can get it elsewhere for a much cheaper price?

Well this, my friends, isn't just any plate of kaya toast. Stuffed with mochi cheese, crumble, sea salt mascarpone ice-cream, and the perfect marriage of homemade kaya with drizzled gula melaka - I bet that this will be the epitome of your meal at Ninja Cut. The mocha cheese complemented the thick brioche toast to give it a refreshing texture. 

You can choose to have it on its own, or as a dessert where you can share with your group of like-minded friends! 

32 Seah Street 

Operating hours: 
Mon to Fri: 9.30am to 9.30pm 
Sat to Sun: 9am to 6pm 


This was an invite tasting with Ninja Cut.