So many of you might known that I decided to cut my hair short last year - and have since kept it that way because it's so much easier ...

Getting My C Curls + MUCOTA Treatment With KENJO Salon + 15% OFF Discount Code!

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So many of you might known that I decided to cut my hair short last year - and have since kept it that way because it's so much easier to maintain and blow-dry. But cutting it short also meant that I had to bid goodbye to my favourite C curls that I did with KENJO Salon around a year back. You can read all about my hair transformation back then HERE.

Ever since I did that, my hair has become unbelievably straight - probably also because part of them got rebonded when I did my C Curls the other time. And as a result, I had to wake up every day to curl my hair because I just couldn't deal with the fact that they were so straight and rigid. I also didn't want to perm my hair again (I wasn't sure about the exact length I wanted to keep them) till recently when I decided that I wanted to grow them out a little more - which is why I decided to curl my hair ends again - yay!

Granted, the difference might not be as stark as the first try because I have already been curling my hair every day so there's always this slight curl to them! But having permanent curls (for the time being anyway) now meant that I don't have to constantly curl them every morning anymore!

Refreshments served as I was doing my hair! They also provide FREE wifi in the salon! 

Also took the change to do an Omega MUCOTA treatment at the salon!

 The products that were used on my hair! Treatment wise, the process was rather clear cut and the whole treatment took around 1.5 hours or so. Joseph would first prep my hair with the MUCOTA C cream, before using the treatment shampoo and conditioner for my wash. He would also put the hair treatment before and after my curls to make sure that my hair doesn't become too dry and that the curls will last!

For those of you who are intending to do the C Curls, I would highly recommend you to bring something to the salon to pass your time as the whole process (including treatment) takes around 4 hours. So, try to take some food away or bring your laptops along to get work done!

The entire process was extremely fuss-free as I've already done these curls before, and I had professionals attending to my every need! Instead of using the ceramic steamer, Joseph also opted for the electric version which helped to save quite a bit of time while achieving the same effect!

The end result!

And also a picture with my stylist, Joseph!

Okay, some of you might be thinking that there aren't any drastic changes to my hair. But as I mentioned earlier in the blog post - the entire reason of my getting my hair curled is so that I don't have to manually do it in the mornings anymore!

Joseph also gave me tips on how to style my hair and how to blow-dry them the proper way to achieve my intended curls - something that I'm still trying to master till now.

Really loving my curls!

For those who are also thinking of getting your hair done at KENJO Salon, you can also quote <CASSANDRA> to get 15% OFF all first time services! Meaning, you can also get either your hair cut / hair curled at 15% off!

Faster get your tresses ready before CNY!



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