2016 has been one hell of a year. I know I say this almost every time I craft a blog post to sum up the end of every year, but really t...

2016, you've changed me.

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2016 has been one hell of a year.

I know I say this almost every time I craft a blog post to sum up the end of every year, but really though, it has been one hell of a year.

Where do I even begin with?

2016 has been a year of many firsts. I finally graduated from school after 4 years of intense paper chase and countless of sleepless nights. I got my first job - a job which I didn't foresee to take on but also a job which made me realise that the working world is not too scary after all - either that or because I'm blessed with good colleagues and a really understanding boss. Many times, I still can't believe that I was still schooling and stressing over essay deadlines last January.

2016 allowed me to experience my first overseas trip with my boyfriend - a really rare moment which my mom allowed me to go on without much persuasion. Heck, I don't think I even had to persuade anything because it was an immediate "yes" - something which I'm still very thankful for till today because it was one of the best trips I've ever experienced. I finally realised the true meaning of travelling with someone you love and I wish for those moments again.

And speaking of travelling, 2016 also blessed me with the opportunity to go on an overseas trip with my family and my boyfriend - also thanks to my bf's luck. But in a way, it fast-forwarded our plans to visit Japan by a year.

2016 made me realise how to become a better friend. It also taught me how to give and listen more, because when shit happens, friends are always the first ones who come pick you up no matter what kind of mess you've landed yourself into. They are always the first to be there and the last to judge, and I'm extremely thankful for my best friend and everyone else who has been there for me throughout my many worsts.

2016 was also a year where my social media stints grew tremendously. I experienced the joy of working with many brands which I've dreamt of working with in 2015, tried various cuisines that I didn't even know existed. And really, I want to take this chance to thank all these brands for believing in what I can deliver. I also had the opportunity to go on my first media trip with like-minded individuals and fulfilled by first #bucketlist. Even though most of the trip saw us trudging our heavy feet everywhere we went (we really had to walk a lot), it was still an extremely unforgettable experience.

And of course, 2016 also brought about my fair share of personal struggles and mental obstacles along the way. I probably already had them in me, but they somehow became heightened towards the end of last year. It was also the year I found out how bad I am in controlling my emotions, and how my insecurities tend to eat me up more than they should. It's like running a marathon every single day and you don't know when the finishing line will appear.

But ultimately, 2016 made me grow a hell lot and I have really been incredibly blessed by the people and opportunities around me. And the most important thing I've learned this year

"Don't set yourself on fire to keep others warm."

2017, bring it on.


  1. Keep it up cassandra! 2017 will be awesome for you.

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