Hey everyone! As you know, I've been going to KENJO Salon for a while for their treatment now, and their hair treatments such as th...

Review: KENJO Salon MUCOTA Scena+ Treatment + Discount Code

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Hey everyone!

As you know, I've been going to KENJO Salon for a while for their treatment now, and their hair treatments such as the MUCOTA treatment have also made my hair feel healthier and smoother with time. Since I curl my hair every morning, my hair has a higher risk of becoming dry and frizzy, but the treatments at KENJO Salon always makes me feel as though I can style my hair with ease and not let it lose its moisture! 

And no, I'm not saying this as an advertorial or whatsoever but really because I believe in what the salon really does. For those who have not keen my transformation with KENJO salon, you can view it here!

I recently went back to KENJO Salon for my hair treatment again, and Joseph recommended me to try out their latest MUCOTA Scena+ Treatment that has just been brought into their salon. Plus, KENJO Salon is one of the few in Singapore to have the Scena+ treatment which helps remove all problems that irk us such as split ends, brittle and dry hair!

The latest MUCOTA Scena+ treatment incorporates the S and E treatment, which are two new steps that has been included into the hair treatment!

The first E+ step helps to remove ALL dirt from the hair and scalp which helps prevent your hair from experiencing further damage! It is then followed by the S+ step, which adds moisture to the roots and scalp and prepares it fro treatment. The S+ step also comes with using an additional steam comb that helps to contain and restore all moisture in your hair!

After which, we'll then move on to the other MUCOTA Scena+ treatment process! The MUCOTA Treatment essentially uses 7 types of essential oil that improves the overall outlook of your hair - leaving them looking lustrous even after the treatment. This can be evidently seen in my hair even after two weeks!

The whole treatment process takes around 1.5 hours, including blowing dry and styling at the end of the session! Throughout the whole hair treatment process, you will also be provided with refreshments and WIFI at the salon!

Say hello to my stylist, Joseph! He's also the director of KENJO Salon! 

And if you were wondering how long the treatment lasted, I can safely say that my hair still feels extremely soft even weeks after the treatment. I haven't experienced any frizziness for now, and my hair is still evidently soft and smooth. I just have to continue with my usual routine of shampoo and conditioner and I'll be good to go!

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