If you are one who is often under the sun, you would know how important it is to supplement your skin with copious amounts of sunscreen ...

NIVEA's UV Camera Action - NIVEA Protect & Moisture + NIVEA Protect & White REVIEW

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If you are one who is often under the sun, you would know how important it is to supplement your skin with copious amounts of sunscreen so as to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. 

When it comes to the right sunscreen, I always trust NIVEA in protecting my skin. I've been an avid user of NIVEA's products for years now, and I must say that they really do know how to tailor their products according to our needs. In order to prove that their sunscreen really work, we even did a test under UV lens to prove how effective they were! 

Using a UV filter, we measured how effective NIVEA's sunscreens were. WJ and I each applied the sunscreen on our hands, and they were reflected as a "black mark" under the UV camera which shows the amount of coverage we got on our skin. The darker the colours are, the more coverage you have. 

WJ is naturally dark-skinned, whereas my makeup already has SPF protection in them so it shows that we were partially protected from the sun! 

Here's a closer look of our skin under the UV filter!

And since NIVEA is all about protecting the skin, not only do their products have the essential of SPF in them, they also help to hydrate and whiten our skin! Both products are infused with SPF50++! 

The blue product on the white is catered towards moisturizing and protecting, whereas the one on the left is skewed towards whitening and protecting - both which are equally important! 

Personally, I use the blue bottle more, but it really depends on your preference! 

The NIVEA protect & moisture whitening lotion gives our skin the immediate protection using the highly effective UVA/UVB filter system. It protects immediately upon application, so you don't have to wait for 20 mins for it to take effect - unlike what other sunscreens require! 

The product also includes an Advanced Collagen Product which protects the skin's collagen to help prevent wrinkles caused by frequent sun exposure.

 S$22.60 for 125ml
S$8.90 for 50ml

As mentioned, this caring formula immediately protects skin as the highly effective UVA/UVB filter system protects against sunburn and premature skin aging. It also helps reduce skin pigmentation and melanin production to effectively lighten the skin and prevent uneven skin tone!

 S$24.35 for 125ml 
S$9.90 for 50ml

Check out the video below to find our what happened during the event as well! 


This post was written in collaboration with NIVEA Singapore.