Hello, everyone! Hope everyone has been well! :) I'm finally back with another post on KENJO Salon! Heh so, the last time ...

KENJO Salon - Ash Brown Highlights + Mucota Treatment

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Hello, everyone! Hope everyone has been well! :)

I'm finally back with another post on KENJO Salon! Heh so, the last time I went back to the salon, I took the plunge to get everything shorter and I've been loving the look since then. I've never been a "short hair" kinda person but I'm so glad that my tresses are so much easier to manage and how I now take lesser time to prep in the mornings. My stylist, Gina, actually suggested that I do coloring / highlights on my next visit so that my tresses will stand out more! 

 I'm not a huge fan of doing dip dyes or splashing my head with outrages hues and thank God Gina also knows that and agrees with my decision, so she isn't too pushy about recommending bright colors. Gina recommended that I try out ash brown highlights this time round, and so be it! Haha I have mentioned in my previous posts that I trust Gina completely with my hair, so I am always okay with whatever she does with my hair because I know that it would turn out to be what I like.

She chose a mix of 8A and 9! :) 

Hehe getting my highlights on! Gina actually highlighted the entire head for me so the overall look would look like a full-head colour but with streaks of brown. So excited! 

After which, Gina then did the MUCOTA 3-Step Treatment for me so as to allow the colours to seep in better and to protect my tresses from becoming frizzy. I've recently done a post on the MUCOTA 3-Step Treatments and its treatment, and you can view it HERE.

Basically, the 3-step treatment starts off with a moisture base for treatment, a repairing serum to keep the hair in better condition and ends off with a cream to protect your hair cuticles and for healthier hair! 


The 1st step contains Maltose-based Millet jelly (a starch syrup element) to improve your hair's condition and to keep the necessary moisture inside your damaged hair. 


The 2nd step contains 5 kinds of hair repair elements to repair various hair damages. Brava contains reactive ceramide-like ingredients and it prevents them from flowing from the hair, and it is effective for repairing all sorts of hair damages.


Lastly, Calore repairs cuticle damages and improves your hair's luster. This products include 2 kinds of cuticle repair elements to give your hair a silky texture with shiner luster. This can also protect hair from any extra damages. 

All done!! :)

Hehe another one with Gina! Oh, and Gina does not work on Sundays so it's best if you book a prior appointment with her during the weekdays! 

 Plaza Singapura (New Wing)
68 Orchard Road, #04-72
 Singapore 238839



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