KENJO Salon Review - Hair Makeover, Natural Tech Hair Treatment + Discount Code & GIVEAWAY!! If you have noticed my Instagram (...

KENJO Salon Review - Hair Makeover, Natural Tech Hair Treatment + Discount Code & GIVEAWAY!!

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KENJO Salon Review - Hair Makeover, Natural Tech Hair Treatment + Discount Code & GIVEAWAY!!

If you have noticed my Instagram (@cforcassan), you would have known that I recently chopped off my tresses. Okay, not that my hair was really long, but it was of a substantial length since my last haircut which was around 8 months ago, together with my first volume setting C perm (HERE). I decided on a change, simply because I have never experienced short hair (well, not if you wanna factor in my childhood years) and I wasn't sure if it was going to be the right decision to make. Plus, prior to visiting KENJO Salon, my ex-stylist did warn me that I might not be suited for short hair because of the coarser and thicker nature of my hair and it might make my face look even rounder and what not.

So this time, I consulted Gina, my stylist, with the intention of going short and to sound out her opinion on how the haircut would look on me. Surprisingly, Gina immediately agreed and supported my decision by exclaiming "You finally decided to cut them off!" which further affirmed my decision! 

Hahaha, ever since my previous hair experiences with Gina, I can say that I have a 101% trust in her foresight when it comes to choosing the best hairstyles for me. 

(PS: Stay tuned till the end for a GIVEAWAY + DISCOUNT CODE!)

A "before" picture of my hair! Even though I did my C curls 8 months ago, the curls were still pretty intact which came as quite a surprise! Plus, my hair ends are particularly stubborn, especially when it comes to curling or straightening them. In the past, when I used to curl my hair with a curling thong, they could not even stay on for an hour, let alone a day - yup, it was that bad. So the salon must have done something right with my curls for them to stay on for so many months!

Snipping them off!

And as I have mentioned in my previous posts, KENJO Salon provides FREE hot/cold drinks,  FREE WIFI and magazines to their customers to keep them occupied during their time at the salon! 

Shorter, neater and better! And nope, my hair did not "poof" up at all! 

And then I moved on to my hair treatment!

Unlike the previous MUCOTA Treatments (HERE) that I previously did, Gina decided to switch it up by doing the NaturalTech Hair Treatment on my hair as I have been experiencing problems with hair loss and dandruff lately. 

Here's a little background information about Natural Tech:

Founded by the people at Davices, Natural Tech was created as they believed that quality means having the freedom to create the BEST hair prodycts with attentiona nd respect for the environment - using high grade, natural ingreidents and through applying scientific rigor to every product so as to gurantee their customers' safety. 


At Davices, they constantly strive to do what they believe in. This gives them the courage and freedom to develop concepts and products that are original, authentic and emotionally connected with people. Their work is a thoughtful balance of substance and style, nature and science as well as people and spirit. 

Therefore, ALL their products are prepared with NO chemicals, using organic herbs from Italy to curate each and every Natural Tech hair care product. They also strongly believe in caring for the environemnt - something also shown in the pakaging of their products through using recycled materials and as little raw products as possible. 

I was first given a detox / deep cleansing treatment for my scalp so as to get rid of all chemicals in my hair (from my shampoo, previous hair dying experience, etc) as well as any oil and dirt that were present. For those with a sensitive scalp, you might feel a little tingling sensation at the start of the treatment - nothing painful, don't worry! This treatment is also great for people experiencing hair loss or has problems with dandruff!

This was followed by using a steamer to quicken the process of absorbing the products into my scalp! 

Next, I was ushered off to rinse off the product, followed by the use of the nourishing and energising shampoos on my tresses. The purpose of the nourishing shampoo is to build up the strength of my scalp, whereas the energising shampoo seeks to reduce hair loss with the help of herbs. 

After rinsing off the shampoo and having my scalp massaged (I swear their massage skills are the best!), the nourishing restructuring miracle serum is then applied to my hair ends, so that it would remove any excess oil or dirt that are present!

LASTLY, the Energising Lotion is then applied to my scalp to ensure that my scalp stays healthy and also to prevent any forms of hair loss. As I have mentioned, none of these hair products have chemicals present in them, so they are absolutely au naturel, made only using organic herbs from Italy! 

Finally blowing my tresses dry! Since I no longer have my C curls, Gina helped blow the ends of my hair in so that I would still have the subtle C ends to frame my face. 

And we are done!!  Hehe here's a picture with my stylist, Gina!

Compared to my previous haircuts, this was definitely a  refreshing change - something which I might never have attempted with other stylists. My hair is now so much easier to manage, and I no longer have to battle the insane heat with my long hair! 

All I need is less than 5 minutes of blow-drying (it's a habit of mine to blow dry my hair whenever its wet) in the mornings / nights and I'm done! There are also days where I would use my GlamPalm to curl in the ends of my hair to achieve the "C Curl" look that I previously. Who knows? I might even get the C curls done on my next visit!

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All the best!!! :)

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This post was written in collaboration with KENJO Salon.