Just this afternoon, I was invited down to CafeHopping In A Box, an unassuming cafe located at Bukit Timah Plaza which houses cakes an...

CafeHopping In A Box - Finest Pastries And Cakes Made Convenient Just Within A Box

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Just this afternoon, I was invited down to CafeHopping In A Box, an unassuming cafe located at Bukit Timah Plaza which houses cakes and pastries from cafes all around Singapore. Now, you don't have to travel all around Singapore in search of your favourite chocolate fudge cake from the West, or the rainbow cake from the East but can have all of them right here in a box, waiting to be tucked in!

This shop was opened by Vivian and Maxine, a cafe hopping enthusiast who believes that cafe hopping should be made convenient to all fellow sweet toothers! To make things even more exciting and interesting, their menu changes regularly every 1-2 weeks where they would introduce desserts from new cafes or even new flavours from their existing partnering bakeries and cafes! The menu would be regularly updated on their social media platforms / website. 

Other than buying the ala carte cakes / pastries, patrons can also choose to purchase them in classic boxes of 4 of 6. The box of 4 cost S$25.70 whereas the box of 6 would cost S$39.80. Else, most of their cakes / pastries range from around S$5 to S$7 - pretty affordable I must say! 

When I visited CafeHopping In A Box, I was greeted with cakes and pastries from DZerts Cafe, Cream & Custard, The Bakery Chef, and Windowsill Pies! 

Other than cakes and pastries, CafeHopping In A Box also serves iced / hot tea which you can enjoy together with the desserts! The cafe serves premium teas from Allerines which pairs really well with their desserts!

Since I was there on a Saturday, I got to try out their Saturdays Special - Strawberry Watermelon Cake from Cream and Custard which is prepared with a slab of watermelon slice deliciously tucked in between the cake layers! The cake is also garnished with strawberries, grapes and rose petals - available only in limited quantities on Saturdays. Yum! 

Also, l finally got to taste the Rainbow Cafe from The Bakery Chef, prepared with passionfruit puree and topped with a delicious mascarpone cheese instead of the usual buttercream. The chef made sure to reduce the colourings used in the rainbow cake, and it was so soft and moist with every bite! 

And how could I bring myself to forgo anything from Windowsill Pies? Hehe, we also tried the Lemon Tart since we were craving for something citrusy. The tart is garnished with a torched meringue with strawberry candy stuffed in between so that it would give the tart a perfect balance of flavours. Still, some people might still find the tart a little too sour for their palates!


Even though CafeHopping In a Box started only a month ago, it has already garnered quite a following as I saw many customers flowing in and out of the cafe while I was there! Can't wait to see how the store continues to flourish! :) 

CafeHopping In A Box
Bukit Timah Plaza
1 Jalan Anak Bukit, #B1-52B
Singapore 588996

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 11:30am - 7:30pm

+65 6463 2529




This post is written in collaboration with CafeHopping In A Box