Decided to take a break from all the writing and reading today to update my blog on a personal note. It's been so long since I'...

WJ's 22nd Birthday Celebration - 11/12/2015

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Decided to take a break from all the writing and reading today to update my blog on a personal note. It's been so long since I've done so, since most of the time I'm usually struggling with advertorials and what not, and the last time I did a personal post, I was ranting about how social media was toxic and shit, but I've finally come to a conclusion regarding that matter and about what I truly want out of this - to live as it goes. 

Last year (yes omg how fast time flies!) 11th Dec, marked the birthday of my love. I'm not someone who's too expressive in terms of BGR on my social media platforms (I mean, not as much now) since we both wanted to keep our relationship on the private spectrum of our lives, but I wanted to do up a little post on his birthday since it was the first time we were celebrating it together, and I also wanted to note it down somewhere. 

Planning for his birthday wasn't easy since I wanted things to be perfect and it to be really memorable at the same time. Prior to the big day, I was still having trouble confirming reservations for the restaurants or even the activities that we could slot into the middle of the day, since there was a huge gap time between lunch and dinner (Yeaaaah we usually plan our dates around food and birthdays are no exception as well!!). 

The worst thing was that the restaurant that I initially intended to go for dinner was fully booked at that exact timeslot for an event, so I had to flip the whole schedule around. Thank God everything still went as planned albeit some time restrictions in the middle of the day - but there's always Uber/Grabcar to the rescue!!! 

Started the day off surprising him at his place before heading off to HBF Centre for the cable car since I wanted to kick off lunch with a bang. And Thank God (again) that he hasn't taken a cable car before so it was double the excitement and surprise!!! He wasn't even supposed to know that we were gonna sit the cable car but somehow he managed to trick me to tell him -____- but it was a good thing that I tricked him back that we were dining at Sentosa - but in actual fact it was at Mount Faber - so yay! 

 Dining with a view 

Oh and if you were wondering, we booked the round trip tickets which cost S$20 for a trip from HBF Centre > Sentosa > Mount Faber > HBF Centre. My only gripe with this is that once you miss the Sentosa stop or have no time to get down, you won't be able to revisit it again - which was what happened to us since we had a time constraint. 

We have lunch at Spuds & Aprons, and since they were having this S$75 promotion, we went ahead for it! It comes with one side, 2 mains, 1 dessert and a free portion of wicked fries - the portions were huge BTW and we were so stuffed that we couldn't finish dessert. The food was pretty good, IMO. But since this isn't a food review or what not I'm not gonna elaborate much hahaha but it was really yummy ok.  

Wicked fries!

Crab in a tux - essentially chilli crab gravy on fried potato skins which was sooooo delish but also sinful at the same time? But hey, potatoes are ALWAYS worth the calories man. 

For mains, I opted for the barbeque baby back ribs while WJ got the oven-roasted mustard marinated chicken. The ribs were drenched in hickory BBQ sauce while we felt that the chicken tasted a little bland. Hehe I am proud to say that when it comes to food, I almost always make the better choice :P

And with every birthday, there always has to be a surprise birthday cake!!!! And in this case, it was the Chempedak Bread & Pudding - served with Hagan Daaz ice cream! This is one of their signature desserts and we highly urge you to try it too!

Last I went up to Mount Faber, I still remember it being quite barren but it has since renovated to fit in quite a bit of coupley, gimmicky stuff. Mount Faber revcently transformed one of the balconies to fit in this section where you can hang up your wedding bells there. And of course, we did not partake in this because we don't believe that the key to sustaining a long-lasting relationship is through ringing a few bells hahaha. Just like how we don't believe in the idea of couple rings or promise rings or whatsoever too. Just go for the real deal man. 

Took the opportunity to snap an #ootd as well! Speaking of which, it's been long since I last updated the #ootdcompilation section on my blog! Should really find time to do it soon, but I've a feeling that the post will just flood up my entire feed hehe. 

Rushed off to Teo Heng after that!!! I have always loved the idea of going to TH with him since he's the only one I know who knows the lyrics to ALL the Taylor Swift songs even better than I do. And I really do mean all of them - even the ones from her first album. I sometimes wonder how he can fit in all that song lyrics in his goldfish memory space (Don't worry love, if you are reading this, I still adore you!!!). And he doesn't like it when I call him a #Swiftie because he doesn't believe in the idea of idolising anyone HAHA. 

No pictures to show, but there's always Snapchat!!!

Just gonna upload one lest he kills me hahahaha. 

After Teo Heng, it was dinner!!!! Ok, I gotta admit that the gap time between lunch and dinner wasn't huge and we were still rather full from lunch but we were really excited for dinner since it was going to be at Pasta Brava. We have been hearing quite a number of raving reviews about the restaurant, we really couldn't wait.

The whole concept of the restaurant was rather rustic and unpretentious - much like dining at a restaurant in Italy itself. And yes, as expected, everything was on point. Definitely not going to be our last experience there! Plus, the prices were rather reasonable too! 

Each meal came with a complimentary basket of sourdough bread with olive oil + vinegar - my all-time favourite combination! I opted for the handmade pasta with scallops, prawns, green peppercorn that was tossed with white wine and saffron cream sauce. One bite into the divine saffron cream sauce and I was sold. This portion cost S$23.50! 

 Since WJ is waaay more adventurous than I am when it comes to his food choices, he opted for the pan-fried beef tenderloin with red wine and chocolate sauce. I thought that the usage of chocolate sauce was rather dubious at first but turns out it was really an ingenious idea. The chocolate wasn't overly strong, and it was a great complement to the red wine. I mean, wine and steak can never go wrong, right? Especially when they are all prepared together on a plate! Though its more pricey at S$31, I would still pay for this over and over again.


I didn't plan for the birthday to be extravagant or anything close to that. We strongly believe in the notion of not splurging too much when it comes to celebrating these events bur rather, to do what we love most and feel most comfortable at. Next up, our 1st year anniversary in 2 week's time!!!! Can't wait to see what that entails. :)


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  1. hahaha! So sweet lah you two! This was a lovely post. :D
    And I did not know WJ is a swiftie! LOLOL! *now I know, ehheh*