A week ago, I was introduced to Love & Co's series of engagement rings, wedding rings as well as their latest Love Story Locket ...

Love & Co - Tell your Love Story + Discount Code!

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A week ago, I was introduced to Love & Co's series of engagement rings, wedding rings as well as their latest Love Story Locket necklaces and I can't wait to share about my experience with you guys! Before I do so, for those who are keen on snagging up any of those items, you can also quote <LVCxCassan> to get S$100 OFF at the Love & Co Showroom! 

Love & Co. is a premier jeweller with international standing that heralds a unique brand concept. The  jewellery store specialises in couple bands, diamond solitaires and love jewellery, Love & Co. brings the romantic essence of love to the jewellery store with a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance. Marrying masculinity and femininity, Love & Co.’s jewellery designs boast passion, intimacy and unity.

Love & Co’s bespoke  designs are lovingly made by the  finest  craftsmen and  will certainly find favour amongst couples who are in search of the promise of eternal love. For many centuries, the jewellery has played a part in many love stories. 

Here are 2 interesting facts you need to know about Love & Co.

1) They have the widest selection of wedding bands
At Love & Co, they are the leader in wedding bands as they have the widest selection of couple bands - be it the width of your rings, the quality as well as the finishing using advanced manufacturing methods and craftsmanship. These specialists conduct stringent checks on the quality of their jewellery so that they can last a lifetime.

2) World-class service

Other than that, you can also expect world-class service from their trained consultants who are well-groomed, professional and willing to go the extra miles for their customers. Knowing that we are still new into engagement and wedding rings, our consultant, William, took extra time and effort to explain each and every component to us. He even took out the various rings and diamond cuts so that he could do a comparison and explain it to us bit by bit! 

Without further ado, I shall now introduce the collections that are available at Love & Co!

1) LVC Lovemark (Solitaire) 

The Love & Co solitaire collection is truly representative of 'To Have And To Hold', and on every ring, you will be able to find a mark of exclusivity that is the Rose Hallmark that is only stamped on the Love & Co's approved rings. 

These rings are crafted to perfection, and every LVC Lovemark diamond is paired with a certificate to assure the owner that the diamond has been:

- Assessed by the International Gemological Institute, which is renowned for grading diamonds according to world-class standards
- Assured to be of exceptional Ideal Cut quality
- Validated with a two-factor authentication

The certificate will present precise data on the diamond’s cut, carat, colour and clarity. It also certifies the authenticity and integrity of your LVC Lovemark diamonds and provides assurance for today and many years to come.

LVC's Precieux collection which has a diverse range of heart-shaped diamond rings!

The engagement ring I chose which is only exclusive to the Vivo City branch! I have always loved the idea of crusted rings, but also wanted nothing too flashy. 

Plus, each engagement ring will come encased in a crystal case that looks as though it was obtained out of a fairytale book! How cool is that! It also comes with an underside where you can store your wedding bands there too. Hehe it's such as unique packaging compared to the ubiquitous engagement ring boxes. I'll definitely want to be proposed with this!

2) LVC Promise Wedding Bands

With the LVC Promise wedding bands, you can get to choose from either the plain or diamond wedding bands! Signature pieces of the Promise collection include the bands with interlocking “L”s and another glamorous piece that comprises of over 2 carats of diamonds.

If you are looking for something more unique, their Platinum range, the LVC Proponere and LVC Purete might hold something that you are looking for. The LVC Proponere uses cutting edge technology to meld precious metals together seamlessly, whereas the LVC Purete is made of pure platinum,.

 The LVC Proponere reflects rays of hope, under which couples begin their journey hand in hand. This collection welds precious gold and rare platinum together in a literal representation of two becoming one.

Inspired by the strength in a long-term commitment, the LVC Purete collection features platinum transformed by skilful hands into an elegant work of art befitting your love story.

WJ is like "oh shit what have I gotten myself into" hahhaha

3) LVC Love Story 

So shifting away from engagement and wedding rings, let us move on to the other range of jewellery that is available at Love & Co! With the onset of Valentine's Day, Love & Co has also introduced their Love Story collection which includes a selection of exquisite charms that are nestled safely within a sapphire glass locket. The glass lockets are available in rose gold (newly-launched), plain white gold and white gold with diamonds. 

For this range, you can choose from a variety of alphabets, numbers and exclusive charms specially designed to tell your story with your significant other. Each locket can hold a total of 4 alphabelts/numbers/charms! The prices of these lockets start from $869 and each charm is sold from $69! 

Each locket will be presented in this exquisite box with also a small pocket to hold your charms!

For those who are keen on this collection, you can also explore more and create your very own locket charms with Love & Co's Interactive site through 3 simple steps at: 

1) Choose your desired locket

 2) Choose your favourite charms 

 3) Receive a personalized email from them! 

You can also check out the video below!

Thank you Love & Co and The influence network for hosting this amazing session! We definitely had a great time learning more about the diamonds at Love & Co!

You can also quote <LVCxCassan> to get S$100 OFF at the Love & Co Showroom! 

Terms & Conditions
1. Promotion is valid till 30 April 2016.
2. Promotion is only valid when you quote <LVCxCassan> prior to purchase.
3. Promotion is only applicable to the purchase of LVC Lovemark solitaire collection (diamond to be 0.3ct and above) or a pair of LVC Promise wedding bands.
4. Promotion is not applicable with the use of other discount vouchers and/or offers.
5. Promotion is only valid for a single transaction per person.
6. Promotion is valid at all Love & Co. showrooms in Singapore
7. The management of Love & Co. reserves the rights to amend any terms and conditions without prior notice.



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  2. The jewellery store specialises in couple bands, diamond solitaires and love jewellery, Love & Co. brings the romantic essence of love to the jewellery store with a touch of sophistication and contemporary elegance. wedding rings free shipping