Around two weeks ago, I headed down to Vain Beauty to get my eyelash extensions done. Ever since I tried eyelash extensions months ba...

Eyelash Extensions at Vain Beauty Singapore

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Around two weeks ago, I headed down to Vain Beauty to get my eyelash extensions done. Ever since I tried eyelash extensions months back, I have always adored the idea of a fuss-free makeup routine in the mornings - slapping on foundation and just getting out of the house without bothering with my eye makeup. They say that the eyes are the window to one's soul, and that is why I can never, ever leave my house without applying mascara or my trusty eyeliner but with the presence of these eyelash extensions, I can finally do so! 

Vain Beauty is a one-stop beauty salon which specializes in hair and eyelashes extensions, manicure & pedicures and face threading. Having established since 2007, their beauty specialists are also very well-trained in the field of hair and eyelash extensions. In terms of eyelash extensions, they also have a wide variety of selections that matches to the shapes of your eyes -  Barbie-doll, Korea-furless, natural as in short and long mix, etc. Another plus point is that their good quality eyelashes are all affordably priced at S$30 - S$50! Even renowned bloggers like Xia Xue and Kay Kay have frequented them before! 

For lash extensions, you can either opt for the lash by lash or cluster extensions with varying lengths to pick from - 8mm, 10mm or even 12mm. Bao Shuang, the beauty specialist who helped me with my extensions highly recommended me to go for the cluster extensions since they can last much longer than lash by lash extensions. 

I was a little skeptical about it at first since I was worried that they might look too artificial and that the lashes would be too heavy. After listening to my concerns, she recommended me to try out the 8mm ones which were very much alike the lash by lash extensions! I was really pleased with my lashes since they really looked very natural and weren't heavy at all! Plus they were so soft! For those who are also interested in getting this particular set of extensions, I would recommend you to show her the first image (of the cluster extensions) so she'll know which ones you are referring to because the selection there is really insane!

Here's a closer look of my lashes! Since they are all in a cluster, they are extremely easy to take care of, neither will they did not mess up nor drop out when in contact with water. Wearing them made me look as though I had mascara and eyeliner on at the same time, which is why I can skip those two steps in my makeup routine and this takes me less than 5 minutes to do my makeup in the mornings! You will be amazed how much that helps especially when you have to wake up at 6:30am for lessons. :(

For those who are interested in getting your eyelashes pumped up this CNY, you can Quote <Cassandra> to receive 10% OFF all services (which includes hair, nails and face) and S$8 off your eyelash extensions! 

Vain Beauty
Far East Plaza 14 Scotts Rd, #03-140, #03-113
Singapore 228213
Tel: +65 9711 5290 / +65 9850 6743




This post is written in collaboration with Vain Beauty SG. 


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