Aptly named, Monochrome Bistro Bar is all things black and white, but rest assured that its Asian-fusion inspired cuisine will certainl...

Monochrome Fusion Bistro Bar - Black & White Bistro With An Alternative Dining Experience

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Aptly named, Monochrome Bistro Bar is all things black and white, but rest assured that its Asian-fusion inspired cuisine will certainly add tons of flavour and colour to your meal. Prior to this, I have heard countless of raving reviews about the cafe but have never gotten down to trying it due to my hectic schedule, but I was really glad when Ivan invited me down for a food-tasting session so I was finally able to find out what all the hype was about! 

And no, I'm not singing praises of them because this is an advert. I was told that it would be a non-obligatory food review but I'm posting this because I feel that it is a place that is worth mentioning.

Nestled amongst shop houses in the Chinatown district, the cafe is decked out in classic monochrome coloured furniture and knick knacks. The walls were also painted black and white with plates plastered against the wall - they really put in a lot of effort into the decor of the place!

M Classic Cold brewed coffee and Pressed Juice

Monochrome Bistro Bar prepares their very own cold brewed coffee that came served in a classic looking glass bottle and we couldn't resist bagging it home. I didn't try the coffee but my bf really enjoyed it, saying that it was smooth and low in acidity!

The Bonding - S$16
(A trio of chicken wings coated with Honey Oat, Chilli Crab and Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce)

This was one of my favourite dishes at Monochrome Fusion Bistro. The chicken wings were coated with their respective marinate before deep-frying to a golden brown. I love how every chicken wing was crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside. 

Among the three flavours, I really loved the Thai Sweet Chilli coated wings that came with a sweet, zesty finish. For those who love something spicier, the chilli crab wings were also well-packed with heat! Honey Oat was one of our favourites too, as every bite came with an added crunch. On the whole, we felt that this dish well-exceeded our expectations. 

Squid Ink Risotto - S$24
(Creamy risotto with crunchy quinoa, parmesan cheese, edamame beans and topped with pan-seared scallops and alfalfa sprouts.)

Of course, there has to be THE dish that represents the overall theme of the cafe. I was definitely a fan of the al dente risotto rice that was tossed in Squid Ink, as well as the fresh scallops that sat beautifully atop the dish! I'm really particular about the use of fresh seafood in the dishes I eat, so this got a thumbs up from me too! 

Pork Belly Pizza - S$25
(Braised pork belly, mayonnaise, cucumber, caramelised onions and sliced red chilli)

By then, we were already 3/4 full but we still couldn't resist bingeing on their Pork Belly Pizza - which I felt was one of the better pizzas I've had so far. One bite into the pizza and you will be taken aback by the splendid amalgamation of flavours and textures in the pizza. I loved how the shredded cucumbers and sliced red chilli gave the pizzas and added crunch and a tinge of heat. Our only gripe was that the dish got a little gelat after a while since it was only shared between two people. 

By then, we were already stuffed so we decided to ditch the desserts. I would really love to head back and try their Churro Waffles and Black Velvet Cake one day!

Monochrome Fusion Bistro
291 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058836
 Tel: +65 6221 1798

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun: 12pm - 10pm




This post is written in collaboration with Monochrome Fusion Bistro Bar