Thanks to the people at LOST Sg, I had the chance to try out my VERY FIRST escape room experience! Escape rooms are essentially themed ...

LOST SG - Singapore's Next Generation Real Escape Game + GIVEAWAY

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Thanks to the people at LOST Sg, I had the chance to try out my VERY FIRST escape room experience! Escape rooms are essentially themed rooms where you will be presented a couple of puzzles and riddles to solve before being able to move on to the next stage - all done within a time span of an hour or so.

PSSSST: There's also a giveaway at the end of the post!

Frankly speaking, I have always been baffled and intrigued by how these escape room games work because I have never been one who can withstand mysteries or suspense. I also had the premisconcption that its going to be weird objects jumping out of nowhere or scary looking knick knacks laid around the room. Thankfully, after trying out the games at LOST SG, I can say that all my unfounded fears were uncaught for, and it was really the first and best experience I had along with 4 other people I brought!  Haha it's actually more fun and high-tech than I thought and I would definitely head there again if given a chance to! 

So what is LOST SG?
It is a high-tech real life room escape game where players have to put together thought-provoking clues, solve seemingly abstract puzzles and race against time to escape from a locked room. You will have to pay attention to every little detail in the room as even the slighest object could be the key to your escape! Each room can accomodate up to 12 players each!

Here at LOST SG, there are five rooms with five different themes for you to choose from!

1. Aokigahara

2. Alacatraz

3. Castiglione

4. Exodus

5. Isometrick

My friends and I had the chance to try out Castiglone, which is the most high-tech escape rooms that they have. Since we are not allowed to bring our phones/cameras into the rooms, they had to use a detector to scan our bodies before entering - haha we all thought that it was really cute of them to do that! We were also given 2 torch lights to aid us in finding the clues!

And here's a sneak peek of the Castiglone room which we were playing in! Basically, there are 4 rooms to this game and you would have to unlock various passcodes and locks through piecing out all the clues that they have provided you with. If you are really lost, you can also ask for help through the caller button located at the first room!

Looks so damn legit!

Heh I'm not gonna reveal any spoilers here, but I gotta say that it was my first and also best experience of playing in an Escape Room. The technology and the equipment used were top-notch, and we were all figuring out how it all worked even after the game! Haha some of the clues and nodes were really just unbelievable.

I would really recommend you to bring along a few of your friends / your other half / even your colleagues when trying out LOST SG because it promotes a strong sense of team bonding and coordination. It's not all about the brains but rather, how everyone can work together to solve an adversity with the limited time you have in the rooms!

You can also get your very own polaroids when you Like and Check In on their Facebook Page!
Thank you for having us there once again!


In collaboration with the team at LOST SG, I will be giving away 1 x Off-Peak Vouchers worth S$83.60 to a lucky winner and 3 of his/her friends! Here's what you've to do to win!

1. Follow @lostsingapore and @cforcassan on Instagram
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Winners will be randomly chosen by LOST Singapore.
All the best! :)


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This post is written in collaboration with LOST Singapore.