If you are still fretting on where to celebrate your Christmas, you may want to give Sunrise Bistro Bar a try. Located at Big Splash, t...

Sunrise Bistro Bar - Celebrate Your Christmas With 3 Sumptuous Christmas Platters!

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If you are still fretting on where to celebrate your Christmas, you may want to give Sunrise Bistro Bar a try. Located at Big Splash, the restaurant is the perfect escapade for you to shun the Christmas crowd and have your celebration by the beach with your friends and loved ones. The restaurant also serves an arsenal of premium wines and beers such as Johnnie Walker, Chivas, Glenlivet, Macallan and Martel to just name a few. They also have a few signature alcohols that are concocted using sous vide techniques!

This year, Sunrise Bistro & Bar have unveiled their revamped a la carte menu, helmed by Chef Vincent Teng who used to work at My Dining Room, Scarlet Hotel, Take 66 and Skyve Bistro Bar. Since fine dining is his forte, expect no less from the dishes that he will be serving at Sunrise Bistro Bar.

For Christmas, Chef Vincent Teng will be rolling out the Sumptuous Festive Meal which will consist of the Chilled Assorted Seafood Platter, Meat Platter, and Desserts - at only S$99++! The  Sumptuous Festive Meal feeds around 2-3 persons. Through this meal, Sunrise Bistro & Bar aims to bring back the nostalgia concept of communal dining where friends and family and come together to bond over good food. The ingredients for these dishes are prepared using Asian ingredients of the finest qualities - we heard that the chef only caught the prawns at 3pm on that day of the tasting! 

Chilled Assorted Seafood Platter 

The Chilled Assorted Seafood Platter consists of seafood such as the freshly shucked Australian Coffin Bay oysters, white wine blanched live prawns, Australian blue mussels, Venus clams and salmon sashimi served with shoyu and wasabi. 

The condiments on the side also include Japanese mignonette with Japanese brown rice vinegar and Thai style roasted tomato dip! 

As promised, the Chilled Assorted Seafood Platter was extremely fresh and we thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the seafood served to us. My favourite was definitely the fresh prawns and mussels that complemented the Thai roasted tomato dip really well!

Meat Platter

The Meat Platter consist of whole red snapper with cereal crust, BBQ black angus beef ribs, crispy pork belly with five spice salt and comes with sides of pumpkin & potato mash, seasonal sauteed vegetables and french fries with truffle oil. 

Sauces on the side include:
Homemade apple & smoked tomato ketchup, sweet chilli & pine apple salsa, honey mustard sauce

The whole red snapper with cereal crust reminded us fondly of the cereal prawns from tze char stalls which we would always order without fail, and true enough, that was the exact flavour that the chef wanted to convey to us. The angus beef ribs were prepared with the right amount of tenderness, and tasted extraordinary with the homemade apple & smoked tomato ketchup (Its the sauce that resembles sambal chilli btw). The pork belly was a winner too, which exuded a familiar 5 spice fragrance in the after-taste and the crispy skin was the perfect complement to its tender meat. 

Our favourite side? Truffle fries!! Every french fry was coated evenly with truffle oil, even down to the last bit of french fry. We couldn't stop binging on that!

Salted Egg Yolk & White Chocolate Fondue

The Salted Egg Yolk & White Chocolate Fondue Platter is prepared with melted warm chocolate with salted egg yolk custard dip and consist of strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, cookies and panetone. 

I mean, how could we say no to a SALTED EGG YOLK FONDUE?!?!?! 

The ethereal salted egg yolk custard was mopped clean within secoonds and we kept reaching into the fondue to find bits of salted egg yolk (which we did) and kept reaching for seconds. We did that to the point that we had to force ourselves to stop because the calorie and guilt meter was reaching an all time high. But trust me guys, THIS. WAS. AMAZEBALLS. No kidding. 

Asian Five Spice Duck Leg Confit - S$28

This dish stars a crispy duck leg that is cooked using the sous vide method for 8 hours to reach its intended tenderness. Chef Vincent Teng is big on recreating both Asian and Western flavours and merging them into a new creation - which I must say was a very successful move that was evidently seen in all the dishes served that night. We were huge fans of this duck confit too! Here's an advice from me: slather the peach sauce on the duck meat before you enjoy it to achieve the sweet x salty flavours we absolutely could not get enough of! 

Promotions at Sunrise Bistro Bar:

Beer Promotion:
Beer Bottle bucket - 5 bottles at S$38++
Twin tower - S$128++
Happy Hours: 1 for 1 from 4pm to 8pm

Early Bird Breakfast Promotion:
Breakfast set (S$9.90) which comes with two eggs, grilled pork sausage and bacon, house salad and baked beans. It also comes with a cup of black coffee or English breakfast tea. Available on Saturdays, Sundays and PH, 9am - 11am.

Live Band
A live band will play 3 sets at the restaurant on Fridays & Saturdays from 9pm to 12 midnight. 


Sunrise Bistro & Bar
Big Splash
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Singapore 449874
Tel: +65 6440 9090 

Opening Hours:
Mon to Thurs: 11:30am - 1am
Fridays: 11:20am - 2am
Saturdays and Eve of PH: 9am - 2am
Sundays and PH: 9am - 1am
Brunch: 9am - 5pm (S$12 - S$25)



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