Since Christmas and the New Year are coming, there are bound to be countless of parties or celebrations at home. So what do you do when ...

iChef Singapore: One of Singapore’s Pioneer Retail Concepts that Purveys Restaurant-grade Ingredients for Home Cooking

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Since Christmas and the New Year are coming, there are bound to be countless of parties or celebrations at home. So what do you do when you are in need of some premium quality ingredients to whip up a spread but have no time to source for them? Well, then iChef Singapore is here to the rescue!

By the people of Suki Group, iChef Singapore allows customers to purchase premium-grade ingredients that are used at popular restaurants. These ingredients are healthy, easy to cook and are purchased from countries around the world such as Japan, Argentina and Norway. In light of Christmas, they've recently launched a new Christmas menu that are filled with the must-haves for this season. They have recently opened their second outlet at The Cathay.

We were first introduced to 2 dishes that are prepared with the ingredients from the hamper. For the first dish, it was a simple eggs and prawn combination that would be a clear winner amongst children and those who have a penchant for the scrambled eggs. Next up, we were taught to prepare konniyaku jelly which settled nicely on an orange peel. 

There are 3 hampers for customers to choose from - Chicken, Sashimi or the Chicken + Seafood edition. 

Here are the ingredients that can be found in each hamper!

Chicken Hamper: - S$108

The Chicken Hamper comes with a choice of two chicken delights - the Cajun Chicken Chop for an exotic taste or Lemongrass Chicken for a familiar homely flavour. In addition, the hamper comes with a Shrimp Paste Chicken which customers can choose to deep fry till golden-brown, as well as the Panko Chicken and the Chicken Karaage. Other ingredients in the hamper include Potato Croquette, Wagyu Beef and choice of Durian Puffs or Éclairs. 

Sashimi Hamper - S$245

Relish the bold flavours of the sea with this hamper! The Snow Crabs that are imported from Greenland and Fresh Prawns from Argentina with succulent and moist textures. Other items in this hamper include Salmon Belly that are rich in omega-3, Salmon Sashimi, Sashimi Oyster, Premium Ikura and choice of Durian Puffs or Éclairs. 

Chicken / Seafood Hamper - S$275

With the Chicken / Seafood hamper, you can get the best of both worlds. Add a touch of elegance to your feast with the Premium Ikura (salmon fish roes) that are specially imported from Japan. For the meat selection, indulge in the irresistible Panko Chicken which boasts a crispy exterior. Other items in this hamper include Takoyaki, Osaka’s most popular street snack and Raw White Shrimps that can be prepared in any culinary style you like - baked, grilled or steamed.  

Other pictures from the media preview:

We were also given an opportunity to try out various dishes that have been prepared using the ingredients from iChef!

Sashimi Salad

Seafood Platter 

Loved the prawns and hairy crab legs! They were so fresh that it felt as though we were eating them straight out from the ocean!

Salmon Teriyaki + Mentaiko Shrimp + Grilled Pumpskin

Again, the seafoood proved to be of great quality. The salmon flesh was pink and juicy, whereas the grilled mentaiko prawn had superb flavour!

Chicken Platter

Consists of some ingredients from the ichef's chicken hamper! Loved the chicken wings! 

Wasn't a fan of their ice creams. 

The desserts that caught our eye were the durian puffs and esclairs. The durian puffs are made with fresh Durian flesh and we couldn't stop popping them into our mouths!

Fore more information about iChef Singapore, you can visit their website at:

There's even a free delivery with a purchase of S$80 and above!


This post is written in collaboration with iChef Singapore.