Located in the heart of the bustling hub of Jurong East MRT station, Griddy's Waffles at Westgate Shopping Mall presents a refreshi...

Griddy Gourmet Waffles - Over The Top (OTT) Waffle Desserts & WesternDelights There’s Something for Everyone + GIVEAWAY!

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Located in the heart of the bustling hub of Jurong East MRT station, Griddy's Waffles at Westgate Shopping Mall presents a refreshing range of No Pork No Lard menu choices from 16th November 2015 that are bound to tickle your taste buds. From pasta with local flavours, value-for-money main courses, gourmet waffle burgers, tempting side dishes paired with specially-crafted dips, as well as a full selection of dessert waffles, everyone will have something to whet their appetite at Griddy. Plus, Griddy's Waffles present 4 special sauces such as Salted Egg Yolk, Laksa, Creamy Garlic and Dill. 

Since Griddy’s inception, the brand has been known for the light and fluffy Instagram-worthy dessert waffles made with its special batter recipe. The menu revamp offers an even more exciting range of waffles with numerous toppings and creamy gelato to give customers more reasons to indulge in.



I will be giving away a complimentary meal for 2 of the tasting menu which you would be finding more about in the post below:
  • 2 x Lychee Mojito 
  • Mid Wings (6 pcs) with 2 dips
  • Tempura Fish Strips with Laksa Dip (6 pcs)
  • Choice of 2 pastas
  • Choice of 1 dessert waffle (Chocolate Madness / Over The Rainbow / Salted Egg Yolk & Caramel dessert waffle)
Here's how you can win!
1. Follow @cforcassan and @griddysg on Instagram
2. Tag the person whom you would want to bring along for this meal in the comment section under my Instagram post!

Contests ends on 19th December 2015 11:59 and I will be choosing the winners!
Pssst: Why not treat this as an early Christmas treat? :)


Here's what we tried at the food tasting!

 Lychee Mojito - S$3.90

We started off the tasting with Lychee Mojito, a well-loved drink that can never go wrong. 

 Mid Wings with Dips $7.90 
(Choice of 2 Dips: Salted Egg Yolk | Laksa | Creamy Garlic | Dill)

Their mid wings were served with one of the most addictive dips I've tried thus far, and my favourite has got to be the Salted Egg Yolk dip, hands down. I mean, Salted Egg Yolk always thrives, right? My next favourite was the Laksa dip - a slightly creamier and sweeter version as compared to the usual Laksa we would have. They gave the mid wings a pop of flavour and once you try these dips, you never go back. 

Tempura Fish Strips with Laksa Dip $5.90

I mean, by now we were already so intrigued by the dips that we were clamouring for more. The Tempura Fish Strips were prepared with fresh fish fillets, covered in tempura batter and tossed into the fryer - best part? They were surprisingly not greasy! Of course, one dip into the Laksa concoction and we were once again sold. 

Mushroom Soup $3.90

We couldn't resist getting our cameras immersed with the coveted "pouring" shots, since the soup was served in such a cute saucepan! 

Tom Yum Pasta with Pan-Seared Salmon $10.90

For those who love a kick of the  Tom Yum spiciness, this tom yum Aglio olio styled pasta would be a must-try for you. Al-dente spaghetti bursting with Tom Yum flavour will enhance your enjoyment of this pasta dish. Paired with lightly-seared Salmon steak, this combination is set to be a hit.

 Griddy's Burger - S$9.90

How could we resist ordering up a portion of the Griddy's Burger?! I've seen many photos of this on my friend's Instagram feed but have never gotten down to try it. Verdict? Griddy's really does its namesake justice. The waffle burger encompasses 2 juicy beef patties, mushrooms, cheese and lettuce. I'm not too sure about its consistencies but if they really do serve their customers what they brought to the table that day, I'm sure that this dish would be a hit in their restaurant. 

 Spaghetti with Battered Chicken and Laksa Sauce $9.90

The Laksa sauce was actually the same one used in their Laksa dip, so yes, we were naturally particularly fond of this dish as well as the Salted Egg Yolk pasta. We felt that the Laksa sauce complemented the chicken cutlet and it was a delight to savour. I'm not sure if the chicken cutlet outshined the pasta, but somehow the Laksa sauce tasted better on the chicken cutlet than the latter.

 Spaghetti with Grilled Chicken and Salted Egg Yolk Sauce $9.90

And so, Griddy's Waffles decided to up its ante by whipping up their own version of the Salted Egg Yolk Pasta which was definitely one of a kind and no, we could not stop scooping every bit of pasta from this magnificient creation. I mean, if I have to choose one thing that shone that night, it has got to be this. I was sold. 

 Salted Egg Yolk & Caramel $8.50

Other Salted Egg Yolk fanatics will also find it hard to resist Griddy’s version of Salted Egg Yolk & Caramel dessert waffle ($8.50). With the waffles toasted to just the right doneness, it is accompanied with a generous serving of Salted Egg Yolk and Caramel Sauce over the creamy Vanilla Gelato. This perfect combination of savoury and sweet makes it an irresistible concoction. Oh, so much yum! 

 Chocolate Madness $11.50

Chocolate Madness gives cocoa lovers a pampering treat – this creation is a chocolate overdose with Rocher and Belgian Chocolate Gelato and chocolate-y embellishments such as Chocolate Sauce, Chocolate Cereal Crumbs, Chocolate Buttons!

Over The Rainbow $11.50

Over The Rainbow is a sweet and magical creation with Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Gelato topped with tangy-sweet Strawberry Jam, torched Marshmallows, Maple Syrup, colourful Rainbow Sprinkles – a sweet perk-me-up that’s also a feast for your eyes! 

Griddy's Waffes
3 Gateway Drive #B2-K12
 Daily: 11:00am – 10:00pm (Last order: 9:30pm)




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This post is written in collaboration with Griddy's Waffles.