We all have a favourite scent of perfume or cologne that has followed us for years, and most of the time, we deem that as the scent that...

Club Code Deco: A Journey Of Sensory Exploration

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We all have a favourite scent of perfume or cologne that has followed us for years, and most of the time, we deem that as the scent that fits us best because there are "none like that suits me better". However, how sure are you to say that out of all the hundreds or even thousands of scents in the world, this is the best one for you? As we age, our sense of smell and preference starts to differ as we morph into different personalities. Therefore, Code Deco is here to help you in choosing your fragrance according to your individual compatibility. 

Club Code Deco is a unique programme helmed by Code Deco, Singapore's first artisanal perfumery which helps both men and women discover their signature scent through the trio of perfumes that are created for them every month! 

The label now encompasses 15 cosmopolitan, artfully blended fragrances that have been cultivated by the founder, Gauri Garodia herself who is an expert in this field after garnering over 18 years of experience. 

Gauri believes that various fragrances are not just smells, but also have the ability to bring out certain moods of people and be able to trigger feelings and memories at the same time. Allow me to digress a little. Did you know that MRT Stations like Orchard and Somerset have their distinct fragrances curated by scent marketers? It is actually an innovative to distinguish themselves and serves as another method to help you remember the places better! 

Club Code Deco encourages people to be daring, to experiment and challenge what they think they like or dislike through these scents. 

During the session, we were given samples of Gauri's perfumes and the scents bore striking differences to the ones I usually smell at retail stores such as Sephora. I must say that the scents had a more au natural element to them since they are made only using natural ingredients. 

At S$45 a month, you can explore several different fragrances without having to splurge on numerous full-sized bottles. Every month, you will receive 3 carefully curated Code Deco creations (3ml each) which would be a mix of what is already retailing in stores or sneak peak of new scents that have yet to be launched. 

Over time, your selection of perfumes will become more personalised. Every time you receive a box of perfumes, you will be given a card to indicate your olfactory preferences. This feedback will then be sent back to the team at Code Deco and they will go forth in curating the scent that suits you best.

Also, each beautifully-wrapped Club Deco box will stow a "surprise" - which can be anything from an invitation to a wine-tasting event to a limited edition eau de parfum concocted with international guest perfumers. 

To sign up, you can simply register at www.clubcodedeco.com and choose between the subscriptions for men or for women. The first kit would then be sent to you within a week of payment which will comprise of 3 of the lightest, most universally appealing Code Deco fragrances, along with a contact card with details on how you can submit your feedback as mentioned previously. Delivery of subsequent kits will be delivered between the 15th and the 18th of each month! 

Other than fragrances, Code Deco will be introducing two exquisite candles - Kyoto ($120 for 120ml) and Mysore (S$160 for 120ml). Each ivory-hued candle is paired with its own artisanal hand-beaten polished copper holder.

Kyoto is made from super-soft soy wax infused with immortelle (a flowering plant of the daisy family), driftwood and Japanese incense. The scent was inspired by Gauri's recent trip to Kyoto to bring back the images of Kyoto's ancient alleyways dotted with sacred shines. 

Mysore is prepared from pure rose floral wax, with rose petals layered like a parfait over pure beeswax over 16 weeks. The essential oils from the petals will then seep into the beeswax to result in the mingling of sweet honey and floral aromatics. It exudes the feelings of joy and well-being.

During the session, we were also treated to a gorgeous spread of pastries! 

Along with the other ladies who attended the event.

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This post is written in collaboration with Code Deco.