This week, I visited 3D Nails @ Jurong East to get my nails ready for the Christmas season! Those who are living in the South / East mi...

3D Nails @ Jurong East Singapore - Gelish Nail Art At ONLY S$25nett Per Set!

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This week, I visited 3D Nails @ Jurong East to get my nails ready for the Christmas season! Those who are living in the South / East might find this place a little inaccessible, but I mean, for good quality nail polishes + services + affordable prices, why not right? Besides, you can even spend some time exploring the West part of Singapore which has been advancing pretty well in terms of the retail and food options available! 

This is the second time I've visited 3D Nails, and I always look for Janet when I'm there! She's the owner of 3D Nails and is also very experienced in what she does because she has been in this industry for years. She's also one of the most humble person I've communicated with so far. It's advisable to call in and book your appointments before your manicure/pedicure sessions as seats in the salon are limited!

 Here's a closer look of the nails I did for Christkmas! 

 For Christmas, 3D Nails is also offering a promotion where you can a set of gelish Nail Art done at ONLY S$25 nett! You can take your pick from the designs below and mix & match however you like. However, the S$25nett only includes the price of the nail art set WITHOUT the manicure.

At 3D Nails, they also have an assortment of nail polish colours for you to take your pick! They also offer vitamin-infused gel polishes which will protect your nails better and prevent them from chipping easily - only at an additional top-up of S$12!

3D nails also take pride in cleaning their tools and equipment with a UV Steriliser to ensure that each customer will receive the best quality services!

Since one of my nails recently got chipped off, I had to do an acrylic extension (S$5) and treatment (S$12) which supplements my nails with the right nutrients also allows the gel colours to last longer. If you realised, the prices at 3D nails are really very, very affordable, and it's really almost impossible to find such value-for-money services around anymore. Plus, they take pride in doing their job well.

3D nails also uses LED lights instead of UV lights which will allow your nails to dry faster and is less harmful for your nails!

Other than their current promotion, they're also offering a FIRST TRIAL promotional session where you will be entitled to a gelish manicure session with a free return soak-off at only S$30! You can also quote my name "Cassandra" for an additional 10% off ALL services!

3D Nails
BLK 132, Jurong Gateway Road, #01-277
Singapore 600132
Tel: +65 6563 0538

From Jurong East MRT, turn left and walk through the Jurong Bus Interchange and cross the road towards JCube. After which, turn right and walk along the HDB stores at Jurong Central until you find Koufu & a fruit juice stall. 3D nails is just located next to the fruit juice stall.

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 11am - 9pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 11am - 8pm




This post is written in collaboration with 3D Nails.


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