Most Singaporeans would have heard of Soup Restaurant before - fondly known for their rich Samsui ginger sauce that can become a staple...

Soup Restaurant: The Chinatown Stall (Takeaway Stall at Takashimaya Food Hall)

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Most Singaporeans would have heard of Soup Restaurant before - fondly known for their rich Samsui ginger sauce that can become a staple ingredient in your Chinese or Western dishes! Yup, that's right! It can even be tossed with pasta for a quick and fuss-free meal! For the working adults who don't have the time to have a hearty meal at their restaurants during your lunch break, well, you can now purchase your favourite Soup Restaurant meal at their takeaway stall - The Chinatown Stall at REALLY affordable prices! And when I mean affordable, I mean that they are all priced less than S$10. I mean, for a meal purchased at one of the prime districts in Singapore, anything less than S$10 is already a bargain. 

The menu at the Chinatown Stall is curated by Chef Xavier Tan, who is in charge of the Group’s central kitchen production. The Samsui ginger sauce and marinated chicken dices are prepared in the central kitchen to ensure its consistency, but the pearl rice is cooked at the stall ensuring freshness when the dish is served. The minced pork for the meatballs is prepared offsite before it is cooked at the stall as is the Hong Kong shrimp roe noodle.

Here's the menu that you can find at The Chinatown Stall:
Some of the dishes that we tried during the media tasting:

 XO Shrimp Roe Noodles with Water Chesnut Meatballs - S$6.90

Check out that glorious poached egg! Customers are advised to mix the gooey goodness with the shrimp roe noodles for an elevated taste. The water chestnut meatballs were succulent and the chestnuts gave them an added crunch - thumbs up for anyone who is a fan of Mee Kiaa noodle dish with Chinese noodle characterised by its flat and yellow noodle. 

 Steamed Pearl Rice with Chicken & Samsui Ginger Sauce - $6.50

Well, this needs no introduction for anyone who has visited Soup Restaurant. Known for its samsui chicken wrapped in lettuce, The Chinatown Stall recreated their signature dish, now with pearl rice for the perfect takeaway meal. No prizes for guessing which was our favourite dish of the night!

Dried Laksa Noodles wth Poached Egg - $6.90

Sometimes, one of the biggest worries about taking away soup based dishes is that the noodles might become all soggy and broken apart by the time you decide to consume them. Well, with The Chinatown Stall's Dried Laksa Noodles, you can rest assure that your noodles will still remain in their original form even you reach your offices! Best part? It also comes with a poached egg. Yum!

Salted Egg Fried Tofu - $4.50

There's nothing not to love about salted egg sauce. When the savoury sauce meets the innately bland tofu, they fuse to form an unbeatable duo that you wouldn't want to resist!!

Chilli Crab Tofu - $4.50

Unlike the Salted Egg Tofu, The Chinatown Stalls also offer the Chilli Crab Tofu with Rice at S$7.90! I was particularly fond of this dish, and I am sure that any Chilli Crab lovers would be too! The sauce was just too addictive!

Collagen Soup with Sea Cucumber - $6.90

We were told that this was also one of the most popular dishes at The Chinatown Stall, and they also offer a Collagen Porridge with Sea Cucumber so that it would be more filling for their customers! This nourishing broth can be your meal alternative if you are on a diet! (Picture only shows the sample portion) Plus, it is packed with all the right goodness for your skin!

The Chinatown Stall offers free delivery service to offices in the vicinity of Takashimaya Shopping Centre, with a minimum of five orders. Operating hours are from 10 am to 9.30 pm with the last order at 9.30 pm. Customers also have the option to eat their take-out meals at the communal tables and seats at the Takashimaya food court.
You can visit them at:
Takashimaya Food Hall, #B207-4-2


This post is written in collaboration with The Chinatown Stall

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