Aptly named, Pies and Coffee serves up a delectable range of irresistible handcrafted gourmet pies and coffee which will pamper their c...

Pies and Coffee Launches A New Menu At Alexander Retail Centre!

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Aptly named, Pies and Coffee serves up a delectable range of irresistible handcrafted gourmet pies and coffee which will pamper their customers to no end. Recently, they have upped their ante and have whipped up a series of piping hot savoury meals that extend beyond the enjoyment of pies. These new mainstays to the menu now promise to bring you on an unforgettable gastronomic experience. 
The Pies and Coffee outlet at Alexander Retail Centre boasts a spacious open-concept interior fit for hosting large groups of diners. It's soft lighting might make it a challenge for capturing great photos, so pardon the slightly noisy shots in some of my shots - but hey, at least the amazing food made up for the bad photography! 
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Here were some of the dishes we were presented with that day!

Clam Chowder - S$9.20
We started the night off with their Clam Chowder. The white clams are stir-fried with onions, carrots, potatoes, celeries and mixed herbs before fresh clam juice is added to the potpourri. A rich cream then thickens the liquid, and the soup is cooked and reduced for two hours. All this goodness swims in a crusty bread bowl. Personally, I am not a fan of bread bowls as I do not like the textures of consuming soggy bread with soup. But I would not deny that this would be perfect for a rainy weather!

Curry Chicken Pot Pie - S$14.50
The sight of the charcoal-crusted pie definitely garnered our attention. This Curry Chicken Pot Pie draws its influences from the local flavours, encased with a curry that is incredibly fragrant and slightly fiery with succulent chunks of chicken and potatoes. The crust too, is buttery and flaky which made the experience an even wholesome one. Just a quite note - do be careful when you have this as there are also some spices hidden in the pie, so try not to bite into them! I did and it wasn't a very pleasant experience. Also, not to forget the mash potato which got us reaching for seconds! I must say that it was as good as the pot pie, if not better. 

Beef Cheeks Pie - S$14.50
Even thought the pies at Pies & Coffee are slightly on the pricier side, you are actually paying for freshly handcrafted pastries which make paying for everything more worthwhile. The Beef Cheeks Pie came with tender chunks of beef, firmly encased in the thin crust pie. 

Barbeque Chicken Pie in Beetroot Crust - $11.90

This topped as our favourite pie of the night! The pie was stuffed with huge chicken chunks slathered with American Barbeque sauce which was a delight to savour! We could really taste the Beetroot flavours in this one and you might even find pineapple slices in there if you are lucky! The portion is pretty huge for one person to consume too! 

Croque Monsieur - S$14.90
This must-try olive-accented focaccia contains a medley of turkey ham as well as garlic turkey and is enlivened by the rich goodness of b├ęchamel sauce and mozzarella cheese. It is also topped off with a generous serving of pesto sauce - another favourite dish of the night! The Croque Monsieur is also served with a side salad to complete the meal. 

Lobster Bisque Baked Rice - S$14.90
With fresh flower crabs, prawns and slipper lobsters in the baked rice, it confers a strong sweet note to the baked rice. Onions, mixed herbs, carrots and celeries are then tossed in a prawn stock, which drenches the charbroiled long-grain rice. Taking six hours to prepare, the lobster bisque sauce is a reduction of fresh flower crab, prawn and slipper lobster jus. And I mean, look at that amount of cheese!!! 

Hungarian Beef Goulash Pot Pie - S$14.50
The Hungarian Beef Goulash Pot Pie brings comfort food to a whole new level. The Hungarian beef is stewed for more than five hours to achieve its intended tenderness. As mentioned previously, I'm not a fair judge of this dish as I don't really like bread bowls, BUT, I must say that the beef goulash was pretty yummy!

Curry Chicken Pot Pie - S$14.50

Priced at $14.50, this magnificent pot pie was quite a steal! The pot pie was served with a gigantic chicken drumstick and chunks of potatoes, tucked in the crusted pot pie which was very well-received amongst the group that evening. And I mean, how and bread and curry ever go wrong? The curry tasted really similar to our local chicken curry, just with a thicker and slightly spicier consistency - yum! 

Pies and Coffee at Alexandra Retail Centre (ARC)
460 Alexandra Road, #01-18, Singapore 119963

Tel: +65 6273 0042

Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 8pm

Saturday, Sunday and Eve of PH: 8.30am – 6pm