Received the Tilley's Lily Of The Valley Aromatic Scent Diffuser and Soy Candle from LIN's a while back!  Here's a ...

[Adv] LINS Home Beauty: Tilley's Lily Of The Valley Aromatic Scent Diffuser & Soy Candle

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Received the Tilley's Lily Of The Valley Aromatic Scent Diffuser and Soy Candle from LIN's a while back! 

Here's a little background information about LIN's Australia:

Bringing nature into urban settings, LIN's seeks to exude the wonders of mother earth with our natural and organic concept into your lifestyle.

Envisioning the needs of modern living, LIN's embraces a natural and an organic concept that holistically intertwines all your senses, proffering the ultimate sensory adventure and capturing the good from the earth, transforming its beauty into a conglomerate of touches, scents and visuals. Transcending boundaries and bringing nature into urbane settings, you can experience all of our nature's wonders painstakingly sourced to help create a mood of everlasting tranquillity surrounding your abode.

In LIN's, you can assimilate a range of quality skin, body, hair and scented natural products with an organic interpretation of beauty into an everyday routine. Extracted from plants with selective bottling of nature, we deliver gentle, wholesome and delicate products that are the best off our soil.

Price - S$69

For those who have not used an Aromatic Scent Diffuser before, it is actually really simple! All you have to do is to take off the silver cap, insert the diffuser sticks in there and they're good to use! The scent I was gifted with is titled "Lily Of The Valley" which exuded subtle Lily scents which were very calming. It's also highly recommended to place them in your bathrooms :) 

Price - S$55

For those who prefer to display such scents in your room, why not try the soy candle? Soy Candles are processed form of soybean oil and they have a lower melting points than normal candles - which also allows them to burn longer! They are also natural, non-toxic and burns cleaner than normal candles. You can now enjoy the scent thoroughly without being hindered by the smell of paffirin brought by the regular candles!

You can purchase this products here:

You can also visit their retail outlets at:
101 Thomson Rd #B1-70 
United Square 
Singapore 307591  
Opens daily 10.30am to 9.30pm
Tel: 6254 6009  




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