This November, Swissôtel Merchant Court’s signature Peranakan restaurant Ellenborough Market Café invites diners to explore a hearty hel...

It's Laksa Time At Ellenborough Market Cafe!

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This November, Swissôtel Merchant Court’s signature Peranakan restaurant Ellenborough Market Café invites diners to explore a hearty helping of irresistibly spicy creations belonging to the family of ‘Laksa’ dishes unique to Singapore and Malaysia. United by their use of local spices and ingredients such as the Laksa leaf and turmeric in Singapore and tamarind and pineapple in Penang,  the differences between each dish are the true cause for gastronomic indulgence.

This promotion runs from 1 to 30 November 2015!

Here are some of the dishes that you can expect at "It's Laksa Time"!

 Sarawak Laksa - $14++

A delicious prawn and chicken broth high-up on the spice quotient when served with a mound of homemade belacan; which is precisely how the locals love it. The broth is much thicker and starchier than the usual Laksa base, which further piqued our interests in devouring this piping bowl of goodness. Shredded chicken, sliced tiger prawns, and crunchy beansprouts top off this laksa recipe beloved across all of Southeast Asia.

Nyonya Laksa - $14++

The Nonya Laksa boasts a creamy, rich coconut gravy derived from marrying thick coconut milk with a sweet yet spicy seafood-based broth. Thick rice noodles are poached directly in the broth before serving, and then decadently topped with a succulent Baby Lobster – an addition which takes this dish from ‘hawker’ to ‘high-class'. The texture and the taste of the Laksa broth very much resembles our Singapore Laksa, just without the cockles.

Fried Laksa Seafood Noodles - $13++

The iconic local favourites have also inspired the restaurant’s chefs to toss up a couple of their own versions – fried up in a wok, rather than served in a soupy gravy. Top of the list is Fried Laksa Seafood Noodles ($13++) comprising a base of thick rice noodles lightly coated with fragrant Laksa curry, topped with fresh catches of squid and juicy tiger prawns - proving the versatility of a Laksa dish. This topped as our favourite Laksa creation!

Laksa Seafood Fried Rice - $13++

For those who can't live without rice, well, not to fret! The Laksa Seafood Fried Rice cooked up by Ellenborough market Café’s expert local chefs in a flaming-hot wok, makes the perfect option of a comforting meal - guaranteed that you would reach for seconds after a mouthful of this wondrous creation. Each bit of rice was evenly coated with a hint of Laksa curry which was indeed irresistable!

Penang Laksa - $14++

The Penang Laksa is a distinctive combination of thick rice noodles steeped in a mackerel-
based soup that is generously loaded with tamarind paste and topped with a veritable spice garden of red shallots, red chillies, ginger and even pineapple. However, we felt that the broth could have been more flavourful and that the taste of the black prawn paste was lacking. Quite a pity though!

Singapore Laksa - $14++

Vying for the spotlight in Singapore is also another local style of laksa often referred to as Singapore Laksa ($14++), where a full-bodied gravy fragranced with yellow curry powder, dried shrimp and lemongrass is served alongside freshly-made noodles, plump tiger prawns and lashings of egg omelette.

Diners can also choose from the additional toppings to create their Ultimate Laksa!

Crayfish - $6++ (per piece approx 180g)
Fresh Tiger Prawns - $6++ (for 2 pieces)
Fresh Canadian Scallops - $6++ (for 2 pieces)
Poached Shredded Chicken - $4++ (per portion)
Cripsy Chicken Ngoh Hiang - $4++ (for 3 pieces)
Golden Whole Fish Cake - $4++ (per piece)

Ellenborough Market Café’s Laksa Lovers promotion runs from 1 to 30 November 2015.
For enquiries or reservations, please call 6239 1848/1847 or email!


This post is written in collaboration with Swiss Merchant Court's Ellenborough Market Cafe.