Hello everyone!! The 11.11 Sales is set to commence on 11th November 2016, and I am soooo excited to share this piece of good news with ...

[Adv] Taobao 11.11 Is Coming! - Shopping with Ezbuy (Advantages, Tips and NEW EZ Buy Function!)

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Hello everyone!!

The 11.11 Sales is set to commence on 11th November 2016, and I am soooo excited to share this piece of good news with you! The 11.11 Sales is one of the most intense shopping sales (similar to the Black Friday sales, if not better) where you can get 50% discount on most products on Taobao! And mind you, those products are already 4x cheaper than what you can purchase from our local retail stores, so imagine the amount of crazy savings that you'll get! 

Yes, that is so me right now. 

Plus, if you shop with Ezbuy, you can even enjoy even more savings in terms of shipping cost! They are now currently having an Instagram promotion where you can get a S$10 voucher when you sign up on @ezbuy.sg with this link!

There are plenty of reasons why I would choose Ezbuy which I have been reiterating again and again in this posts

Shopping on Taobao with Ezbuy

but for those who haven't read them and are too lazy to read them, well, let me tell you about some of the benefits of shopping with Ezbuy again!

Like what I've been saying, I have been using Ezbuy even before they approached me for the blog post which is why I can really vouch for their top notch services. It's really heartening to see them constantly trying to improve themselves over the past few years (even though I feel that they're already very efficient) so that you guys can further tap on those benefits to enjoy an easy, fuss-free shopping experience! They really made everything so simple that even my mom (who is not computer savvy btw) can utilise their website to purchase her Taobao items.

a) 5 reasons why I would ALWAYS choose Ezbuy:

1. Fuss-free Communication

If you're as horrible in Chinese as I am and have always wanted to shop on Tabao, well, Ezbuy is here for you! Since their customer service operators are well-versed in both languages, you can rest assure and bring up any issues or instructions for your orders and they will be the communication bridge for you! 

I always asked them for help them whenever I needed further assistance with my purchases E.g. further clarifications on the size, weight, etc and they never failed to reply me within a day! Haha there was also this once when I was desperately looking for a top, and I really couldn't find it on the Taobao web, so I tried my luck by asking them for help and they really found it for me!!! 
(But please don't do that to them hahaha, there's this new function on the Taobao APP itself where you can upload a picture of the item that you're looking for and they will streamline the choices for you!)

2. Inspection, Re-packing and Consolidation

Thanks to the team at Ezbuy, I never fail to receive my packages in bubble wraps / carton boxes so as to ensure the safety of my parcels. The team at Ezbuy also does prior checking like inspecting the quality, size or the design of your items to make sure that you really receive what you paid for! 

3. Cheaper shipping rates with a variety of shipping methods

Here, you can opt for Sea, Sensitive Sea, Economy Air, Express Air and Sensitive Air shipping methods where you can just take your pick! Plus, their shipping fees are already one of the lowest in the industry. 

Here's the comparison for you as compared to the shipping fees from Taobao:

And their prices are going lower and lower! They also have occasional 10% to 20% off shipping fee promos and even FREE agent free promos if you're lucky! 
(PS: Don't forget to check out their Website, Facebook or Instagram page for more information and to get prior updates on these discounts!)

4. On-time shipping and guarantee policies

Another fact that I have to applaud them for. Ever since I started using Ezbuy 3 years ago, there has never been a time when my parcel was delayed. I am really speaking this based on true accounts and not because I am trying to hard-sell them or anything, I promise. 

My parcels would usually arrive 1 or 2 days before the stipulated date so I'll still have time to make the necessary arrangements to collect them. Even if they do experience any delays in delivering the parcels (which has never happened to me), they will always put up a notice on their website to let everyone know beforehand!

5. A variety of collection methods.

Besides home delivery ($5 flat rate for orders below 5kg and $8 flat rate for orders more than 5kg), they also have over 120 collection points in Singapore for their customers (Neighbourhood, MRT, warehouses etc) and a high frequency of collection time slots! I usually collect my parcels at the Woodlands warehouse since it's very near my place, and it is open 6 days a week, even on Saturdays!

Here are some examples of their collection points! 

Neighbourhood Collection Points

MRT Collection (With effect from 2/11/2015)
 Warehouse Self-collection
Home Delivery

b) Some tips on shopping for the 11.11 Sales

1. Start looking for your purchases and saving them into your shopping cart today

Since the sales are so popular (The total sales in 2014 reached a record $9.3 billion which is roughly 2 times more sales volume in a single day than the three biggest U.S. shopping days combined), you should always "reserve" your items by adding them into the cart and then carting out when the sale launches! This way, chances of the item becoming sold out will be lesser!

*Don't forget to add "1111 sales in your order remarks so the 65 Daigou purchasers will prioritize your orders first!

2.   Find alternatives for each item, so that on the day itself you can choose the cheaper one to purchase.

This is what I usually would do when I shop on Taobao. Once I find the item which I want to purchase, I would copy the product name and paste it on the Taobao search option. Very often, you will be greeted with a series of the same product in the search results. Best part? Some of the items are waaaay cheaper than the one you wanted to purchase! I once got a skirt at only S$5 after doing that instead of paying for the price that I initially found which was around S$15?!

3. Top up in advance so that you can check out faster on that day.

Ezbuy gives you a variety of top-up functions, as shown below!

this way, you can check out faster on that day instead of having to go through the troubles of doing an interbank transfer, etc. For those who are worried that you might not spend much on the 1111 sales day (highly impossible) and still have a balance left in your account, there is also a "withdraw" option where you can deposit the money left in your Ezbuy account back to your bank accounts!

4.  State an alternative color/design or alternative item for us to go for if the primary is out of stock.

This is so that you can further enjoy a fuss-free experience without having to engage in to and fro communication with the operators in case your item becomes out of stock even before you confirm your alternative purchases with the operators!

I mean, take it from a shopaholic. One of the most important skill sets when it comes to shopping for sales would lie in your speed and precision. One mistake and that item will be gone. Forever.


c) New EZ Buy Function 

One of the BEST features of the 65 Daigou Ez Buy function is that ALL of the product descriptions are in English, so you will not have to be worried about any language barriers or seeking the google translations for help!

Plus, all you have to do is to make a ONE-TIME payment for your product + shipping fees and just sit back and relax while your purchases get delivered to you! 

After completing the one-time payment for your purchases +  shipping fees, you will also be brought to a page where you can even choose your collection points and dates beforehand! If you ever do need to make any changes to the collection date, you can also contact the Ezbuy operators and they will make the necessary changes / arrangements for you! 

That's not all!

With their new EZbuy function, you can now calculate your international shipping fees based on Ezbuy's smart prediction system. With this feature, you’re able to make a better purchasing decision and whether you’re comfortable with the shipping cost before purchasing it.

This way, you can avoid any potential shipping fee surprises before your products are even delivered to you! :)

You can start reserving your purchases now on the Ezbuy page HERE

Do also visit their Facebook page HERE

and their Instagram page HERE

Have a great time shopping everyone! :)

This post is written in collaboration with Ezbuy
Photo credits: www.65daigou.wordpress.com