Today feels incredibly different from my other work days, possibly because I am finally back here and penning down my thoughts on th...

I am back

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Today feels incredibly different from my other work days, possibly because I am finally back here and penning down my thoughts on this space after approximately 2 months of not doing so? It didn't feel this long, maybe because I have been so caught up in the mayhem of both work and school work that I have no choice but to neglect this space a little.

Today (or yesterday, judging at the time now) marks my last day of work at LIC. Well, technically last day of work for a month at LIC because I'll be rejoining in November. I'm currently taking a break from work because my school work is starting to pile up, but I am so thankful for the opportunity that I had at LIC that really honed my discipline to get work done. Thinking back, if I had such discipline when I started school, my grades would possibly be double of what I am getting now. Even though I tend to work till 3am on certain nights, I actually do get work done. Hahaha gone were the days when I was still up at 3am because I was busy watching dramas or simply just surfing aimlessly on the net. At least my time now is better utilised on more important matters.

I haven't posted any food pics on my blog before that I have taken for work, so here's a few!

I wouldn't do a backlog about my life in the past two months that I have been away since it's just work, work work work OR school, work, school, work. On certain days it will be school, friends, work or just events, school and work. Even when I'm with WJ, half of the time would be spent working or catching up on my school work at his place. He would too, be engrossed with his design materials so we would be working alongside one another. For those who are attached and haven't tried this, well, you totally should. I feel that working with your loved ones is actually one of the best feelings you can ever get in this world. And having one who supports you in no matter what you do? Well, I don't even know how to explain that in words. 

I've friends asking me why I am keeping this relationship relatively low profile on my social media platforms. And the reasons are simple - I believe that the love that we share and celebrate should just be kept between us. Period. I'm doing this because it really means a whole lot to me, and it is something I believe so strongly and have so much faith in that I don't need any form of social confirmation about that. Ok la partly also because we are too busy to keep taking photos nowadays hahahah but really though, I now have a firm stance about this. 

On a side note, TPB is finally up so Ima download shows and continue to binge on ma snacks. Did I mention? I am seriously having the hardest time keeping my weight down since there are temptations EVERYWHERE. WJ and I are trying so hard to keep to our #eatclean diet but have obviously been failing miserably.

I'll be back guys! Will upload Part 2 of my Taiwan Travelogue soon.

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