KENJO Salon Review. My Hair Makeover with MUCOTA Treatment and Volumising C Perm. Discount Code: Cassandra Around 2 weeks back, I had a h...

[Adv] KENJO Salon Review - Hair Makeover With MUCOTA Treatment and Volumising C Perm

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KENJO Salon Review. My Hair Makeover with MUCOTA Treatment and Volumising C Perm. Discount Code: Cassandra

Around 2 weeks back, I had a hair makeover with KENJO Salon and I finally got down to sharing my experience at the salon with a special discount code for my readers who wish get your tresses pampered - trust me, it'll be a decision which you will not regret.

For those who know me, I am not someone who's big on experimenting with hairstyles. I have previously been to the neighbourhood hair salons, and as much as I was pleased with what they delivered, my hairstylist always insisted that I follow her lead on choosing the right style for me which deviated a lot from what I really wanted. This deterred me in making a constant effort to fix my hair or even try out other styles since I know that my efforts in persuading the stylist would be futile. 

 I wouldn't deny that I was a little apprehensive about KENJO Salon at first (due to my prior experience at the other salon) but I am so glad that I trusted in their services and my stylist, Gina's foresight. Not only was she attentive to my every need and delivered what was promised, she listened addressed my concerns, and also gave some inputs based on her expertise. Gina never failed to update me on every step that she was making with my tresses and was constantly checking up on whether I needed a juice refill or even food to munch on - thumbs up for the services and her sincerity! 

About KENJO Salon:

KENJO Salon is a Korean inspired hair salon, with hair stylists from countries like Korea, Taiwan and Singapore that provides the highest level of professional hair services to each and every client. Their stylists are well-trained in every aspect of hair care, so you can rest assured that your tresses will be well-taken care of in their hands! Oh, and not to forget their signature MUCOTA Treatments and Volumising C Perm, Volumising S Perm and Volume Rebonding services. 

Located at Plaza Singapura, the interior was minimalistic and sleek, making you feel right at home - which is extremely important for a place where you can potentially spend an afternoon at! 

Bag hooks, hot/cold refreshments, magazines and FREE WIFI are also provided lest you get bored!

Here's a "before" shot of my hair - dry, dull and limp. Keeping and managing my hair at that length wasn't an easy feat, because the amount of hair that gets tangled every day is insane. I have previously done countless of hair dying and so you can see the colour discrepancies between the upper and lower tier of my hair. Only one word to describe them: UNHEALTHY. 

During the consultation, Gina too, felt the same way about my hair and suggested that I have a trim. I went forth and told her to cut them off because I desperately needed a change in hairstyle. She then suggested that I go for the MUCOTA Omega Oil Therapy and a Volumising C Perm, which creates a soft Korean C wave at the bottom of my tresses. 

Here's some information about the MUCOTA Omega Oil Therapy:


Crowned as the secret to the ultimate transformation of smooth hair, MUCOTA Omega Oil Treatment is Japan's newest hair technology to make your hair feel soft and smooth - with the use of 7 types of essential oil that improves the overall outlook of your hair - leaving them looking lustrous even after the treatment. This can be evidently seen in my hair even after two weeks! 

 I first started off with the hair-cut, followed by a hair wash using the MUCOTA Shampoo

MUCOTA softening cream (Blue one on the left)

After which, the stylist applied the MUCOTA softening cream as the pre-treatment step to soften my hair, leaving it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

After which, I got down to doing the Volumising C Perming! Before starting on the Volumising C Perm, the stylist then applied the MUCOTA heat protectant (The bottle in the middle) before the process so as to not let the heat damage my hair! 

The Volumising C Perm process took quite a while, but I was kept occupied with the magazines on the table as well as their refreshments!

After the perm, in order to get rid of the frizziness, they then used a straightener and to achieve the volumising look with the Korean C Curls at the ends of my hair. They then applied the MUCOTA Omega Treatment to make sure that my hair retained its smoothness and shine before rinsing it off.

They then applied the Omega Cream and blow dried my hair, finishing off the entire process with the MUCOTA Omega Serum after my hair was dry. 

From left: MUCOTA Omega Cream, MUCOTA Omega Serum

Check out the final result of my hair!

You can obviously tell that it has a glow to it!

Ever since my hair transformation, I have received tons of compliments from my family and friends on how much fresher I looked without the load of dry and frizzy hair bagging me down. My hair is now so much easier to manage! I just have to towel / blow dry my hair in the morning before using a round comb to curl my hair inwards to achieve the desired look!

It is advisable not to wash your hair for at least a day so as to let the treatment seep in! I did my treatment on Friday noon, and only washed it off on Sunday noon - Okay I was told to do it only on Sunday night but stubborn me couldn't stand the ickiness anymore (I have the habit of washing my hair daily) but not to worry as the curls still looked as immaculate as before! 

How my hair looked after washing! 

I'm definitely looking forward to my next session with KENJO Salon, and I might even perm my hair again 3-4 months later after the curls fade off! I'm really hoping that it stays longer than that, so we shall see how that turns out!

For my readers, here's another piece of  good news for you:

Simply quote "CASSANDRA' to enjoy 15% OFF all ala-carte services! 

Gina only works from Mon - Sat, so don't forget to book an appointment with her before heading over! :)

KENJO Salon 
 Plaza Singapura (New Wing)
68 Orchard Road, #04-72
 Singapore 238839



This post was written in collaboration with KENJO Salon