Have you ever wanted to shop on an alternative platform but do not know where? Well, if that's one of your worries, then you might want...

[Adv] Shopping made easy with Shopee

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Have you ever wanted to shop on an alternative platform but do not know where? Well, if that's one of your worries, then you might want to give Shopee a try!

Shopee is a mobile marketplace app where you can shop, sell and transact with ease via Ibanking or credit card without any commission fees or extra charges! It's extremely safe and secure, and shopping is made so much easier and more accessible on that platform. Best part? Blogshops like ellysage, thestylemafia, threadtheory.. etc are also on Shopee!

Not only can you shop from the mobile app, you can also put your items up for sale! Another great way to earn extra cash, huh? :)

Here's how the mobile interface looks like!

The signing up process is effortless. 
Once you sign up, you will also be given a verification code to key in.

Here's how your profile would look like! The tabs are pretty idiot-proof so I'm not going to explain further. Oh and for those who were wondering, the "Seller Assistant" tab gives you an overview of your sales, the customers you've dealt with as well as the amount you have earned from these transactions! 

Here's how the marketplace would look like, as well as a Chat tab for you to communicate with the sellers. In order for you to gain a further understanding of how the app works, I have also snapped a few screenshots on how the transaction is usually done. You'll be amazed by how easy it is to shop with Shopee!

As mentioned, credit/debit card options are available so you won't have to drag yourself to an ATM machine to do sales transfer. For those who do not have a credit card, Ibanking options are available too! 

And of course, being a shopaholic myself, I HAD to try out the app and here are some of the loots that I got!

For those who love 3CE as much as I do, you'll be heartened to know that there are legit sellers on Shopee selling their makeup products (their water gloss are amazing btw), so you won't have to scour far and wide for them! 

They're really affordable, at only $12 per tube! I got the NYX matte cream at only $8 too - much cheaper than the retail outlets that are selling them at $12! 

 Also got my hands on some of the apparels sold there, and this skirt that I am wearing is from @thecasselabel, which offers a wide range of preorder items with a minimum of 1-2 weeks wait! But hey, good things are always worth waiting for, right?

For those who are keen on trying out the app, I've a special discount code to share!

Simply key in "CASSANDRA" when you checkout to be entitled a $5 OFF with a minimum spending of $8 - which means you can get the NYX lip cream at $3?! Or even the 3CE water gloss at only $7! How worth it is that! 

Don't forget to download the mobile app and start shopping today!

This post was written in collaboration with Shopee.