Edit: 65Daigou has now been renamed to Ezbuy Edit: Get S$10 FREE Taobao credits Edit: Get S$10 FREE Taobao credits when you sign up now...

[Adv] Shopping on Taobao with 65Daigou

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Edit: 65Daigou has now been renamed to Ezbuy

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Hello guys!

 I am back with another post about shopping on Taobao using Ezbuy! Well, many of my friends would know that I am a die hard fan of Taobao, because most of the apparels/accessories/bags we find on Singapore blog shops are mostly from there. At Taobao, you can get them at half the price. Best part? Shopping there is endless because they have everything. And I really do mean everything - Makeup, Skin Care, Furniture, Gelish manicure sets, Apparels, Bags, Shoes and even Food!

 But yes, I know there are the occasional issues like problems with reading Chinese, having a good command of Chinese before you can search for your preferred item and even difficulties like shipping your goods to Singapore.

But well, did you know that there is an auto-translate tool when you navigate Taobao using Google Chrome? And that you can also search for the products in English to get to the Chinese description, then paste it in the search bar? Lastly, if you are having problems with shipping, you can always use shipping agents like Ezbuy!

I have been using Ezbuy waaaaaay before they approached me for the advertorials. Reason being? It's simple, fuss-free and they offer some of the lowest shipping rates as compared to buying directly from Taobao.

Since the staff at Ezbuy are really proficient in English, you do not have to worry about any communication barriers. Their staff are prompt in replying to your enquiries too, and it usually takes around less than a day for them to reply to mine. 

Payment isn't an issue as well since you can pay via Bank Transfer, Internet Banking, Paypal or Credit Card. When all of your purchases arrive at their warehouse, you will then be notified to submit all of them for Shipping as well as the estimated shipping and agent fee charges!

You can also opt for various shipping methods like Sea, Economy, Express or DHL Delivery if you want to receive your purchases ASAP. Sea shipments are suitable for bulky items or food, and their Economy and Express shipping rates are VERY reasonable too!

Collection methods are also aplenty. You can opt for Home Delivery, Collection at their Warehouses all over Singapore, MRT Collection, and Neighbourhood Collection!

An example of the areas available for Neighbourhood collection at the Queenstown/Bukit Merah Districts. 

MRT Station Collections

Warehouse Self-collections

They have also expanded to their warehouse at Dhoby Ghaut, located at the MRT Station itself!

Recently, they have also improved their website so that your shopping experience can be made easier! 

I know how frustrating it can get when you want to shop, but have no idea what you want to get. What I usually do is to go to the Recent Purchase tab to see what others have bought, and get some inspiration for my outfit choices too!

Also, you do not have to keep both the Taobao web page and 65daigou's web page open when you shop now! You can easily get the Ezbuy bookmark to your browser through these steps below!

1) Drag the "Buy with Ezbuy" tab to the toolbar

2) Start shopping!

3) Once you have found something you like, simply click on the product tab, highlight the URL, and then click on the "Buy with 65 Daigou" tab

4) Voila! You will now be redirected to the 65Daigou page immediately, without having the need to go back to the web page and paste the URL into the Ezbuy section. How convenient is that!

Another reason why I love shopping with 65Daigou is the amount of effort they place in checking my purchases and making sure that none of them are defective. My purchases are then repackaged and consolidated at their Shanghai / Guangzhou warehouse again before shipping over to Singapore. 

Here are some of my recent purchases from Taobao through 65Daigou! 

Initially, the gladiators had some slight markings on the soles due to some manufacturing issues, and the staff were kind enough to inform me about it to make sure that I would be okay with the "defect". The defects were really very minimal and I couldn't even spot them at all (I am quite anal about the quality of my Taobao products btw), so I had them shipped over!

My bag which also came in its dustbag and an additional plastic wrap 

My two piece which also came in an additional plastic wrap.

I'll be putting this outfit together in my next blog post, so do stay tuned!
They are currently having a discount on ALL shipping methods from now till 21st July, so start shopping to not miss out! The shipping cost savings are really quite substantial if you are intending to bag home a lot of purchases.

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PSST: For those who already have an account, it doesn't hurt to sign up for another one right? :)

In the meantime, don't hesitate to sign up on 65Daigou if you haven't! 
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Happy Shopping! :)

This post was written in collaboration with 65Daigou.