Everyone loves non-hassle shopping. It's stressful enough to think of the things you need to buy, and more frustrating when they are al...

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Everyone loves non-hassle shopping. It's stressful enough to think of the things you need to buy, and more frustrating when they are all over the place. Travelling around to get some of the necessities can be very much draining, especially after a long day of work or school and all you want is to have someone buy them for you and bring it right to your doorstep. 

 Imagine having a place where you can get everything you need under one roof - electronics, beauty products, collectables, kitchen appliances, even FOOD and having them delivered to you at your preferred time. Well, if that's the kind of shopping experience you are looking for, then gobuylah.sg will be the perfect place for you to shop at.

As mentioned, they house almost every necessity in their website! 

 The list is pretty huge, so I would recommend you to visit their website and browse through all of the products that they offer! They also have exciting offers and discounts which save you quite a bit of moolah as compared to buying them from the physical stores! 

For those who do not wish to purchase using credit cards or I banking, cash on delivery options are also available. Their delivery men were exceptionally friendly too!

So being me, I HAD to go on a shopping spree, and these were some of the purchases that I got!

Beauty junkies, rejoice! They even house the popular 3CE makeup brand from Korea!

 I sort of went on a mini 3CE haul since I have been hearing countless of amazing reviews about the products. They even offer lip creams or lipsticks at bundled prices for the best savings! Now, you don't have to search high and low for the makeup and can conveniently get them off the web. 

 I have been using the lipsticks for some time now and their color payoff is brilliant! 

And yes, tons and tons of food. 

I have recently taken a liking for snacking (I know, my lifestyle habits are horrible) and the garlic toast snacks sold by Win2 were so darn good. Much to my delight, all of my purchases arrived right on time and were all packed in pristine conditions.

I haven't tried the rest of the Frozen food yet, but the Begedil potato cutlets and Yam cocoons scored us two free boxes of Strawberry cream puffs - yay!

The FREE delivery options at Gobuylah.sg is extremely flexible, and you can choose from a list of dates. This way, you don't have to worry about having no one at home to receive the parcels or having to collect them at Singpost!

For my readers, simply quote " CAS05" to enjoy an additional S$5 OFF on top of the current standard S$5 off you will receive on their website when you sign up. Valid only with a minimum spending of S$20. (But hey! That's already like a 50% off?)

Do visit them at:

This post was written in collaboration with Gobuylah.sg