A week back, I got to try out the Oxygenating Treatment at D'skin, of the the leading skin treatment centres in Singapore. D'Sk...

[Adv] Oxygenating Treatment with D'Skin

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A week back, I got to try out the Oxygenating Treatment at D'skin, of the the leading skin treatment centres in Singapore. D'Skin opened its first outlet at Kovan Heartland Mall, and is working towards rebranding all their other outlets to bring top-graded treatments to their clients. Other than providing tailored services, D'Skin is also known for their range of high end equipments which are endorsed by various clinics and doctors. This has allowed them to treat a variety of facial conditions such as sensitive skin, ageing, acne conditions and wrinkles. 

Their new range of Collagen Silk that effectively lifts and firms skin, perfectly designed for skin with collagen damage.

One of the technologies brought in my D'Skin includes the Soft Plus, which is a standalone PC powered skin assessment system. Other than tracking their client's hydration, sebum, elasticity and melanin levels, D'Skin has also gone a step forward to test their client's PH levels. This can help achieve healthy skin, eliminating woes like acne, wrinkles and inflammation.

Before my treatment, I was kindly told to fill in my personal particulars, skincare habits, lifestyle choices and also got my skin tested with the Soft Plus! 

My skin's dehydration level was critically low from the constant "in your face" air-conditon blowing. I don't exactly lead a very healthy lifestyle too, since I don't have a habit of drinking water regularly. Maybe 2 glasses tops per day? :(

Like many other girls, I also have the combination of oily and dry skin.

After every test, the Soft Plus will generate a personalized report for you, and also some advices on how you can treat your skin better. You can also print out the report and bring it home for further referencing!

After the skin test, I proceeded to the rooms for my Oxygenating Treatment ($198)!

The rooms were dimly lited so you can get your comfortable rest while enjoying the facial treatment. You would also be given a robe to change into as the treatment also include massage services. The facialist used Lavender oil to massage on my presure points, and it was so relaxing and soothing that I fell asleep! 

The oxygenating treatment is perfect for combination and dehydraed skin types like mine. It helps strengten the skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, remove pores and also clinically proven to increase your hydration levels up to 40%! For those who are wondering, yup, the treatment also includes the extraction of pimples but nope, it wasn't even painful at all. 

My skin is pretty prone to pimples, and during the time I went, I was also battling with an acne situation on my chin and my temples. Thankfully, the facialist was very skilled in treating them and I rarely felt any pain! It was really surprising for me since I don't exactly have the best tolerance for pain, which is why I usually dread going for facials.   

I don't have any photos of myself during the treatment due to the poor lighting, but heres a picture of my skin after the session without any makeup! My skin felt so rejuvenated after that!  This treatment is known to hydrate, plump and renew the skin in an instant!

Other than the Oxygenating Treatment, D'Skin also provides other treatments such as the Soft Light Therapy, Photo Rejuvenation, Supreme O2 Phototherapy and the MiraWhite Treatment!

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This post was written in collaboration with D'Skin Singapore.