Summertime in the Park at Orchard Central presents a new experience of their signature Car Boot Sales and guess what? They have als...

[Adv] Orchard Central GSS Car Boot Sales 2015

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Summertime in the Park at Orchard Central presents a new experience of their signature Car Boot Sales and guess what? They have also made their mark in Singapore Book of Records by being the Singapore's Largest Vintage Car Bazaar at 86.2m x 12.1m! 

Along with the sales, they are also showcasing an extensive fleet of 14 vintage Kombi and Beetles at the Car Boot Carnival which make really good photo-taking props! For every weekend during the month of June, there will also be performances by local bands and artists at Orchard Central to support the local talent scene! It'll also be a great opportunity to shop whilst listening to the great music! :)

To further tie in with the park-like setting,  there was also a car booth giving out free Candy Floss! 

From 29th May, shoppers can look forward to shopping for lifestyle bargains with its 27 store vendors! They are also countless of First-Time vendors such as lifestyle brand Tokyu Hands, cold-pressed juice label HIC Juice, indie bistro food chain Real Food, local fashion brand Pleatation and many more! 

The Car Boot Sale is held at their Level 1 Discovery Walk and will be held in two installments, one from 29th May to 18th June and the other from 19th June to 9th July 2015. The variety of products sold would definitely leave you spoilt for choice! 

 Its first-time vendor - TOKYU HANDS!

Japanese confectionary by ShiokJapan!

 Motivational posters retailing at $30 each after discount. 

For the health conscious shoppers, you might also want to check out Tea ideas!

Tea ideas is a Singapore based company that started from a love for tea. They offer supreme quality and high-grade Gyokuro green tea, exquisite white tea, herbal, health, classic, organic and fruity teas. 

Their chocolate tea brings about a strong aroma of cocoa scent and exquisite tea flavors!

 Tea ideas' unique selling point features The Wands, which incorporates modern science from traditional tea bags that provides an innovative way of making tea. Their tea bags are stored in such Aluminium Wands without the need for teapots, strainers or stirrers. 

With its unique design, the tea leaves in the Wands can remain firm. It also allows ample space for the leaves inside to un-curl and release delicate flavor and aroma! These wands come with a drip-free technology that doesn't drip when it's held horizontally! 

 Another of their best-selling product also includes the Cha-ppuccino, which strongly resembles the less sweet version of the Green Tea Cream at Starbucks! It's really aromatic and encompasses countless of health benefits such as lowering cholesterol, enhancing anti-ageing effects, reducing body weight and also enhances your digestive system.

Not forgetting other pretty apparels and accessories at really affordable prices!

Besides the Car Boot Carnival, you may also want to check out their current Instagram contest! Simply share a photo of you at the Orchard Central Car Boot Sales, tag your friends, hashtag #orchardcentral and you can stand a chance to win $50 worth of Far East Organization vouchers! :)

With every $100 spent at Orchard Central, shoppers will also get an instant dip chance to win shopping vouchers from retailers such as The Reckless Shop, Miss Empire, complimentary hair treatment sessions from Essensuals Hairdressing, dining vouchers from Milagro Spanish Restaurant, Shabu-Sai and many more!

You can visit their website here:

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for more information and on-going promotions!

A huge thank you to Orchard Central for the invite!