IPPIN Cafe Bar is Singapore's first home-concept Japanese cafe bar which offers varying experiences for people who visit the cafe - ...

IPPIN Cafe Bar

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IPPIN Cafe Bar is Singapore's first home-concept Japanese cafe bar which offers varying experiences for people who visit the cafe - a seat at the sake bar, a hidden hangout, or even a dressed down weekend date. It serves food which hits close to home and at the same time, strives to bring out the authentic Japanese flavor. "Better than mom's home cooked food." is also the key motto of IPPIN Cafe Bar.

At IPPIN Cafe Bar, all prices are in NETT! What's more, they also provide FREE Wifi (!!!) 
All the ingredients used in their dishes are also available for sale at the cafe which is also a Japanese Concept  Store!

18 Mohamed Sultan Road
(S) 238967 
6733 4794

Nearest MRT:
Clark Quay MRT 

Opening Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Sunday: Closed

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We had: 

Miso Udon Noodle with Oyster Set - $15 NETT

This dish is perfected using red miso from the natural production method by placing soybeans in a wooden barrel for two summers and two winters. It comes with kobachi (small dish) and a dessert. 

The udon was springy, and I loved the thick red miso broth! The oysters were really fresh, as they are known to be sourced from the Hiroshima Prefecture which happens to be the most famous area of oysters in Japan!

 Grilled Oyster and Veggies in Ponzu Butter Sauce Set - $20 NETT

The oysters were grilled in ponzu (yuzu vinegar) butter sauce which was a little citrus-like, but definitely a refreshing choice! Another dish from the set that caught my attention was the Nikujaga pork. It was stewed perfectly with potatoes and the pork was so tender! This set is also served with salad and miso soup.

Deep Fried Oyster Set - $24 NETT

Definitely a set I would order again!

The Oysters were unbelievably fresh, and you could taste its sweetness with every bite. It was lightly battered and served with light wasabi mayo which only got me wanting more. I loved this so much that I requested for a second helping! This set is also served with their Nikujaga Pork and Potato Stew, Salad, Hatcho Miso Soup and a Dessert.

Oyakudon Set - $15 NETT

When it comes to Japanese food, Oyaku Don (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl) is no stranger to anyone. The chicken at IPPIN Cafe Bar is boiled with chicken stock that gives it an extra oomph. The huge slab of chicken on egg was drizzled with their signature sauce and was also served with salad and miso soup.

Yakisoba Set - $12 NETT

If you're craving for something  simple and light, then this Yakisoba Set would be a fit for your taste buds! Their Yakisoba comes from Chiba Prefecture and so, is quality assured. The soba was tossed with their Japanese savory sauce and was served with koshiba (small dish) and dessert. 

Oh and one thing to note is that the salad at IPPIN comes with NO dressing. You get to customize your own dressing or can even opt have it plain! 

IPPIN Cafe Bar also serves a wide range of craft beers and sake! I'm not a huge fan of sake, so I decided to give their craft beers a try. 

From far left:
Koshihikari Ale - $9

Koshihikari is one of the most famous and delicious type of Japanese rice, and this beer gives off a light and smooth texture. (MY FAV)

Pale Ale - $9

Beer brewed from barley seeds that are home-grown which gives off a well-balanced bitter and smooth texture. 

Dark Ale - $9

Has a rich flavor that resembles that of Guinness stout but is slightly lighter

We also got to try their Rattsu Nuts which retail at $8 per cup! They've it in Coffee, Matcha and Strawberry flavors and my favorites were the latter two! 

Their Yuzu Jelly Dessert which got me requesting for seconds! It was really refreshing with a mild citrusy, yet sweet aftertaste!

Like what I've mentioned, IPPIN Cafe Bar is also a Japanese concept store which sells various items ranging from the ingredients used in their dishes. paper fibre clothing, premium Japanese snacks, condiments and many more! 

Don't forget to check out their website here:

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Once again, a huge thanks to IPPIN Cafe Bar and Hazel for the invite!

Toodles! :)