(Edited 3:37pm: Omg I didn't realize I published my draft by accident. Hahaha. Here's the updated version!) HELLO GUYS. I'...

March - May

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(Edited 3:37pm: Omg I didn't realize I published my draft by accident. Hahaha. Here's the updated version!)


I'm back, I'm finally back!!! *Waves*

I haven't done such a proper update since foreverrrrrrr, and haven't had a chance to pen down my thoughts too so here I am doing so! I have been doing more of that on Dayre, but I don't usually tell people about it since I can get pretty incoherent with my typing. It's like I don't spend much effort correcting my use of language since I know I don't reach that many people. But hey! It's not like I'm all prim and proper here too. Just that I tend to check and double-check my posts for any sort of grammatical or vocabulary errors (I hope I didn't make you too conscious about them when reading my posts from now on)

So, where was I.

I'm finally over and done with Year 3! This semester was really different from the rest, since the modules I took required more time and effort, not forgeting the projects which were crazy. It was like assignments and projects after one another, whilst juggling a little bit of the instagram or blogging sideline which leaves little / almost no time for me to do any personal updates, other than those occasional short ones. I am thankful though, for all the opportunities that have been given to me so far. It also allowed me to meet different people from all walks of life, and also new friends through the Instagram platform - some which I would forever cherish. But with all social media, they do come with their own sets of politics and people who do things through unethical means. I addressed a little of this on my Dayre some time back, but I won't want to revisit it again since some things are not worth repeating. All that matters is that people know what they're doing, and that all things have consequences.

I'm also flying off to Taiwan on Friday with Claudia! Have been planning for this trip since the start of the year, and it's a little nerve-wrecking at times since we haven't been there before, and we'll be staying for around 8 days. I've heard so many wonderful things about that country and people telling me about their experiences there, so I can't wait to come home and share mine too. Gonna miss my love a hell lot too, but Thank God for technology that can transcend time and space. (Hahaha look what studying too much for NM has done to me).

Okay and to cut things short, here are some of the things that I've been up to so far! I'm not gonna elaborate about every single thing but only those that are worth mentioning / sharing! 

1) Claudia's 22nd Birthday.

Which was in March and this also reminds me that I have a post on Pan Pac that I'm supposed to do. Gonna craft a review about The Edge, the lunch buffet which we tried for her birthday. The selection was insane, and we were thankful to have even tried everything there because it just seemed impossible to finish all the food. It also has one of the best selection of desserts. 

Paid around $50 per pax after the 10% OCBC card discount which I felt was worth it! Had an enjoyable time stuffing ourselves silly and just spending the afternoon with my best friend. Still can't believe that this was two months ago since I still remember about it vividly like it was a few days back. 

2) Shu Uemura Event

Which I would further elaborate on in another blog post soon! What I can say is that I've been using the product since then and I really love the New Blanc cleansing oil I'm using. It's a 3 in 1 product where it can cleanse, remove makeup and even exfoliate! It's very different from the other cleansers I have been using because at least this doesn't make my face really dry (My face is extremely dry, and it has also been tested during my last facial session at D'skin) :(

Enjoyed tea and cakes from Tiong Bahru bakery that day c/o Clozette and had a great time mingling with the other Clozette Ambassadors as well :)

3) WJ's Seargant POP

Finally, after 10 weeks! This was also the pivotal event that brought the both of us together and made us even stronger as a couple. :) I'm really glad to have been given this opportunity to grow through this and also to share the defining moment with him. So very proud of you, my love! Hahaha, we were all trying to spot him from the vast crowd, and it was almost impossible because they were really quite a distance away and, frankly speaking, all of them looked the same.
Can't wait to go through many more of what life has to offer :)

4) NOM with Arsyad

Dinner with the sotongball like a finally!!!!!! We have both been reaaaally busy due to work and personal commitments and haven't been able to meet up as often. But okay, that's the thing about old friends because things will still remain the same regardless of how long we've never met. And he was still as bitchy as ever (It's okay, I'm not insulting him because he knows this as well hahaha).
I had the BEST rainbow cake that day. I did a review of NOM too!
You can take a look at the link HERE.

5) Outing with CQ and Kelly 

We first met each other at the recent Clozette KPop event and decided to head out for lunch. I'm so glad that we did! We hopped to Fresh Fruit Labs that day and shot a whole lot of pictures around the Jalan Besar district. Sometimes I find it really incredible how we can all come together and just talk for hours without feeling awkward or whatsoever.

The month of April / May was spent meeting different groups of Instagram friends, and it was also the time where I learnt the most about this industry. Nevertheless, it's still great how some of us can clique so well!

6) Clueless Goat x Marc By Marc Jacobs Event

Attended the Marc by Marc Jacobs event with a few of the Clozette girls and my love to preview their Spring / Summer 15 collection! Haha it's already Summer so you know how backlogged this actually is. Also met Yan Jing for brunch at Clueless Goat in the morning, and it's so nice to have finally met her in person! :)

7) The Betterfield

Another Instagram meet-up with the girls, this time with Vanessa, Charlene and Michelle! We were supposed to meet in school since we were all from Nus, but our schedules clashed so badly that we had no choice but to meet outside. Tried The Bettterfield, one of the newly opened cafes at Bras Basah and I was really impressed with the food. Check out the Pulled duck burger and Mentaiko Eggs benny on the table! All prices are in nett and very much worth the try!

7) Samsung Fashion Steps Out

Thanks to the people at Clozette, I got to attend Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2015, one of the first fashion show on the roads of Orchard. We were also lucky enough to be seated at the front row, so it was a great experience being able to witness all the action at such a close proximity. The fashion show previewed various labels from Orchard, and it was definitely an eye-opening experience for some of us. Great to have met all the Clozetters again! 

8) Arbite and Prawning

Headed to Arbite with my dear beebut and we got to try their breakfast, Salted Egg fries and Salted Egg Matcha french toast! Lots of salted egg overload on that day. Their SE fries are only available till the end of the month, so don't forget to give it a try before they change the menu again! Hehe it was fun to finally have met her, and also very happy to know that she's doing well in her job.

Went to meet the rest of the gang afterwards to celebrate's FK birthday! Also blogged about our prawning experience at ORTO here :)

9) 23 Jumpin with Ruth and Li Min

It's about to end, so do bear with me!!!

Tried 23 Jumpin with Ruth and Li Min a few weeks back, and I was really stoked to try out their pizza waffles since I've seen so many people raving about it. Verdict? It's funny how their sides tasted so much better than the mains, which was a huge disappointment. Nevertheless, the company made up for the day, and it's also nice to know how well we can clique even till now!

10) Malaysia 

Last but not least, Malaysia with my love!!!! It was my first time bringing him there and we were both so excited to be able to stuff ourselves silly and explore another foreign land together. Purposely went on a Monday just so we could explore the night market, and we sure weren't disappointed! I think I put on around 2 kg that day from all the food, and I felt so guilty that I had to go for a run that night itself. Hahhaa. Another plus point was that everything there was unbelievable cheap!!!! Like we got one stick of the squid for just $4 SGD, and I remember having one in Singapore which was half the size of that for like $8 SGD? :( 

Hehe can't wait for more adventures in the future. 


Can't believe I took more than a day to craft this out because Blogger kept crashing on me and everything was lagging so badly. So here's what I have been up to for the past few months, and I can't wait to do another update again! I guess the next time I'm going to do something like this would be after our Taiwan trip. Hahaha good luck to me for that.

Have a great week ahead guys, and thanks for reading!

Toodles :)