Located at the basement of BIG Hotel, Froth not only caters to the taste buds of tourists staying there, but also that of the locals. This ...

Food Review: Froth

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Located at the basement of BIG Hotel, Froth not only caters to the taste buds of tourists staying there, but also that of the locals. This cafe takes the effort to infuse unique Asian flavors into each dish and all of their ingredients are home-made, down to the last detail. You'll sure to be wowed by the extensive range of mains they serve. Also, not forgetting their signature Yam waffles, which have also won the hearts of many with its beauty. 
I can assure you though, that it tasted as good as it looks. 

Thanks to the people at Froth, I was invited to a lovely dining experience at the cafe!

188980, 200 Middle Road, 188980

Nearest MRT Station:
Bras Basah MRT Station 

What they are famous for:
Wide range of mains, Yam waffles

Opening hours:
Breakfast: 7am - 10:30am daily
Lunch & Dinner: 11:30am - 10pm daily
(Closed on every first Monday of the month)

6336 1228 (For enquiry and reservations)

Atmosphere: 9/10
Price: 8/10
Food: 8/10
Service: 8/10


Food Menu
Drinks Menu

We had:
Minty Cool Lime - $5.50
(Green Sencha tea, lemon slices, lemon balm and nana mint, sunflowers, aloe mint, lime flavoring)

A refreshing drink which added a good twist to the Japanese Sencha. 
The tea evoked a sweet and pleasant aroma with a great minty finish. 

Cappuccino - $4.50

My boyfriend drank this, and he commented that the Cappuccino had a pleasant blend! I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but you might wanna give this a go when you're at Froth! 
A cup of coffee never hurts!

Doritos Crusted Winglets - $11.90
(Spicy Doritos crust on confit winglets)

Oh, the great Doritos!
For those who are concerned about getting your fingers dirty, you'll be happy to know that they are boneless! The wings are first marinated with their house sauce, before sending them to the oven and then coated with the almighty Doritos chips before serving. The dish had a good blend of spicy and salty flavors, something about that which reminded me of Mexican food. 
It was a little on the salty side, but they are still experimenting with the flavors, so hey, props to that! It's one which I would highly recommend for sharing! 

Mixed Mushrooms Tempura - $9.90
(Battered shitake, button mushrooms, enoki)

This bowl of perfection was huge, but all in the good sense! I loved how the mushrooms were still juicy even after deep frying, and they reminded me fondly of the ones they sell at Shi Lin Market. Best part? The mix mushrooms consist of Enoki, Shitake and Button mushrooms which would leave you spoilt for choice, even when you're eating. You'll wish you could stuff all 3 mushrooms into your mouth at once. 

Siobak Aglio Olio - $20.90
(Roasted pork belly, homemade bak kwa, olive oil, garlic, chilli, parsley)

This is the epitome of infusing Asian flavors into the usual Western dish. The agio olio was lightly tossed with chilli, and the pasta were so springy! We had a chat with the chef, and he told us how he made everything in this dish from scratch, even down to the candied bacon (bak kwa) which left us in awe. The Sio Bak (Chinese roasted pork) was really crispy, yet the meat was so tender and juicy. Okay, at first glance, the prices might seem a little exorbitant but I mean, it's justified with the amount of effort spent perfecting the dish!

Yuan Yang Risotto (Choice of two flavors in a bowl) - $28.90
(Truffle mushroom served with Enoki Tempura and Squid Ink served with Deep Fried Squid) 

Everyone loves a good bowl of Risotto. What's more, you get to customize the flavors! 
We opted for the Truffle mushroom and the Squid Ink, and the chef was really generous with the portions served. The risotto could have been more al dente, but overall I still loved the texture of the risotto rice and how both flavors fused together. One of the better risottos I've tasted and it was so delicious!

Taro waffles served with Earl Grey Ice-cream - $12.90

This dessert has aesthetically proven to be VERY Instagram-worthy. 
The waffles had more of a fluffy and slightly soft consistency, with taro infused right into the batter. We opted for the Earl Grey ice-cream which complemented the waffles really well! 
If you think that this combination would be immensely sweet, then you're wrong! Other than the distinct taro flavors, the sweetness was moderate which was also another factor that caught our liking (Or rather, loving). 
I'm not someone with much of a sweet-tooth but this, I approve! 

Froth is located at the basement of BIG Hotel, and you would need to take a flight of stairs to head down. I love the cafe's minimalistic design and industrial inspired arrangements. It felt really homely, with low hanging bulbs, minimal sunlight streaming in and the spacious interior. You can even hold company functions there because the space is thaaaat huge! 

Thanks Sharon for the invite once again, we thoroughly enjoyed our time there!

Toodles! :)