Thanks to the people at Glam Palm , I received the Glam Palm GP201 (Standard Size) from them! I have always been using hair styliz...

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Thanks to the people at Glam Palm, I received the Glam Palm GP201 (Standard Size) from them!
I have always been using hair stylizing tools to make my hair look less frizzy, and after the last one died on me, I haven't been able to find one that fits. 

I've since tried a couple of hair styling tools which I've gotten in online stores or even overseas like from Malaysia. Those curlers/straighteners would usually last me around 3 months before breaking down. It also makes my hair REALLY frizzy, especially if I use the curling function and it can get very annoying. It's like no, I did not just spent 15 mins of my time curling my hair to let it look this damaged. 

I have heard many great reviews about the product from fellow bloggers, and I was so glad that I got the opportunity to try this out too! Glam Palm's hair straighter is the first in the world to

1) Have the first ceramic heat plate
2) First tilting and cushioning plate
3) Has free voltage and automatic shut down functions
4) Has the world first 3D swivel and pivot cord
4) First temperature built in hair sensors.

So in short, your hair will not look all dry and frizzy even after using it! Also, the built-in sensors allow the product to shut off by itself after it realizes that you haven't been using it for a while.
Definitely useful for muddle-headed people like me, who always forgets to turn off the switch after using the product.

There are also 11 heat settings for you to choose from (100 - 200 degrees) depending on the hair style you want and your hair length. It takes ONLY 15 seconds for the straighter to heat up and has a 3-metre long swivel cord so they don't get tangled up easily!

There are temperature and style guides available on the Glam Palm website here:

The straightener came in a sleek packaging and a classy looking clutch.
I wouldn't mind bringing this out and using it as an accessory if it was slightly shorter! 

It also comes with a manual, as well as 2 hair clips to assist you in styling.

You can also choose to section your hair for easier curling

For me, I would usually curl my hair ends or straighten them so that they wouldn't look less frizzy. 
I don't usually do elaborate curls, but loose ones at the ends of my hair! 

The end effect before loosening them!

In all, I'm sold.
The styler made my hair look so glossy and silky, even after using strong heat on it and it is really unlike other stylers I have used previously. I don't even have to worry about using heat protectants because I am sure that Glam Palm doesn't damage my hair ends!
Not only does it curl my hair well, it's hair styling functions are also top notch!

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You can visit more at their website here:

Toodles! :)