Thanks to the people at Bio Essence, I got to test out their range of Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water products at the even...

[Adv] Bio Essence Bio Miracle Water

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Thanks to the people at Bio Essence, I got to test out their range of Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water products at the event. The Miracle Bio Water has the lowest salt content and is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin so that it would be suitable for all skin types. When sprayed, the product emits a cooling mist which is ideal for any parts of your body - be it your face, hair or even your skin.

The bottle comes in 300ml and 100ml sizes to suit your daily needs and can also be used as a travelling essential. Put it in your bedroom to hydrate your skin before and after make up (makes the products last longer), bring it around as you go to hydrate your skin under the sun or even to the gym to freshen yourself after an intensive workout! 

Here are some of the health benefits stated at the back of the bottle:
1) Relieves dryness and split ends
2) Moisturise hair 
3) Use after make-up for a natural look
4) Relieves tiredness and energizes
5) Relieves pimples
6) Reduce eye bags
7) Relieves sensitive skin
8) Soothes skin after treatments 

7) Reduces dark circles
9) Whitens and brightens skin
10) Refines pores
11) Lifts skin
12) Moisturises and nourishes the skin
13) Firms skin with elasticity
14) Controls oil

You can also use the range of products from the Miracle Bio Water range to complement your regime. They're all suitable for sensitive skin!

Trying out the bio water! 
I loved how it left a cooling sensation on my skin and, frankly speaking, it also made me more refreshed because I woke up at 6am that day for an exam and I was pretty much exhausted by the time of the event. 

We also did a skin test to determine the moisture level of our skin before and after the product use, and even the oil levels in our skin and yes, it did improve for me from 19.2% to 25.3%! (My skin is reaaaaally dehydrated btw)

Food from Blisshouse Theme Restaurant!

 During the event, we also got to customize our own Bio Essence bottles with cute knick-knacks for the online competition on Facebook but mine looked so bad because I totes do not have any talent in this field hahaha.

Wanted a Glam / Great Gatsby theme but okay let's just move on.

Thankful for all the friends that I met the event, and I'm so glad that I had Ruth with me throughout :) They had a white/pastel theme so everyone was dressed in light colors!

Also, to my readers, you can also redeem samples for the product here:

It's really good, and my mom has been an avid user of this product since months back, so I highly urge you to try! She uses it before she cleanses her face at night, and occasions when she's suffering from the unbearable heat. It really does cool her skin down!

Thank you Kay and Bio Essence for your hospitality and invite!