Thanks to the people at Su Food, I got to try out their 8 course Italian-Inspired Vegetarian cuisine.  I have never been a big fan of Veg...

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Thanks to the people at Su Food, I got to try out their 8 course Italian-Inspired Vegetarian cuisine. 
I have never been a big fan of Vegetarian food, but the dishes served at Su Food definitely made me a convert. I can't wait to bring my parents there to savor them in the near future!

Background Story:
Founded in 2010, SUFOOD is the first meat-free concept restaurant under WOWPRIME GROUP, the largest F&B operator in Taiwan. Through a joint venture, SUFOOD is launching in Singapore for the very first time at Raffles City in May 2014.
SUFOOD is not only inspired by Italian cuisine but also by how it is prepared; though only using basic cooking techniques, Italian cuisine still exudes diverse and rich flavors. SUFOOD thus relies chiefly on the quality of the fresh ingredients to create innovative and delicious meat-free cuisines.
Their manifesto of using the rule of five:

5-colour groups of vegetables & fruits to give you a variety of nutrients

5 natural spices for an added flavor boost and
5 cooking methods to present you with an utterly gastronomical indulgence!

The set course costs $29.80++, but I can assure you that it is definitely value-for-money, especially with the standard of food served and the pleasure of dining in such an amazing ambiance. I highly doubt you can find any restaurant that serves quality Vegetarian cuisine at such an affordable price. 

They're currently having a promotion for DBS/POSB card members!
Enjoy a 1 for 1 8-course meal (worth $29.80++), valid from 2 - 4:30pm daily!
(But I mean, I would also go even without the promo because yes, the food is THAT good. I'm not trying to oversell them here. It's truly based on my personal opinion!)

Su Food is located at Raffles City Shopping Centre, Level 2!

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 1130am - 430pm (last order at 3pm)
Dinner: 530pm - 10.30pm (last order at 9pm)


Before ordering, the servers would check with you if you're allergic / can't consume Garlic or onion!
Definitely a thumbs up for their impeccable service!

The menu at Su Food is pretty structured and fitted to your personal palette. It focuses on an 8 course meal with various choices of salads, soup, mains, dessert and drinks.

We were first greeted with a cup of Mulberry Cider Vinegar to cleanse our palette before each main course. The vinegar might be a little strong for some on the first sip, but you'll gradually get accustomed to it after the consecutive sips! 

1) Appetizers

We were advised to dine from right to left so that the end taste would not be too overpowering. 

From right to left: 
Japanese Yam with wolfberry dressing, Taiwanese, Oriental greens with Sesame dressing and a savory Cherry Tomato Jelly. 

2) Rosemary Breadsticks - FAV!

Homemade rosemary infused breadsticks ith a choice of Thousand Island / Mustard Dip. 
Couldn't get enough of the mustard dip!

3) Salads 

Mushroom Salad 
(Button and Shitake mushrooms with steamed broccoli and sliced cherry tomatoes glazed in a vinegar dressing) 
Summer Salad
(A colorful array of sweet potato, carrot, pepper. and seasonal fruits served with Thousand island dressing and sesame sauce) 

4) Soup 

Cabbage and Sweet Potato Stew
(Konjac root stewed with cabbage and sweet potato)
Mushroom and Pea Pottage 
(Button, Shitake and King Oyster mushrooms stewed with blended sweet peas)

5) Mains

Wild Mushroom Charcoal Tagliatelle - MY FAV!
(King Oyster mushrooms sauteed in light olive oil and homemade dressing on a bed of fragrant charcoal tagliatelle) 

For those who might not know what Tagliatelle is, they're long, flat ribbons of pasta. The Tagliatelle at Su Food brought pastas to a whole new level. They were so springy, chewy and light!
I would highly recommend you guys to order this when you are there as it's one of their signature dishes as well!  

Star Pizza - MY FAV!
(A golden star-shaped pizza, filled with oyster mushrooms, cream cheese, mustard and wasabi mayo sauce. Topped with salted seaweed)

The mains were the star dishes of our entire meal (pun intended). Like seriously, how can you say no to a cream cheese stuffed pizza? The seasoning and toppings worked really well together!

6) Desserts 

Vanilla Ice-cream with Hot Chocolate 
(Coat your vanilla ice-cream in as much warm, dark chocolate fudge sauce as you wish)
Banana Cheesecake
(Banana cheesecake drizzled with blueberry sauce, accompanied with chocolate waffle roll)

7) Drinks 

Passion Fruit Calamansi Drink
(Refreshing aromatic calamansi tea with fresh passion fruit)

The Ashitaba
(Restorative Japanese Ashitaba leaves, blended with aloe vera juice and honey)


Thank you so much for the invite once again! 
This is a restaurant that I'll definitely return to!