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[Advert] Huang Ah Ma - The Oriental Spa Chamber

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50 Mosque Street
(S) 059528

6536 1661

Opening hours:
11am - 3am


Thanks to the people at Huang Ah Ma, I was invited to try out the Oriental Spa Chamber last week. Opened by the people behind Mary Chia, it features the first ever late night spa and facial regime. The different processes make use of treatments which include tons of Chinese herbs and medicine that strives to improve our overall health and wellness. It also aids insomnia and I really slept like a baby that night! 

I loved how cozy and dim-lited the whole place was. It really helped me to tune in with the whole process of relaxing and rejuvenating after a long day in school!

The herbs used in Huang Ah Ma can help to enhance cell recovery and rejuvenation which works best at night. The foot soak that I had consists of herbs used by women of the Yao Yu tribe, who are known to lead lives that are free of any sickness and ailments. The herbs can also help to open pores to reap the full medicinal benefits of the herbs, enhancing blood circulation and improving overall well-being.

The masseuse was really attentive and got me to fill in a form at the start of the session to understand more about my skin and body conditions. I was also served a cup of ginger tea that serves to detox and get rid of the wind in the stomach.

The treatment includes an 8 step relaxing spa and regimen that includes:

1) A "Yao Yu" Foot Soak  (as mentioned above)
2) Back Massage to help relax the body
3) Artemisia Herbs Detox and Ear Candling (This process can help one to relax, detox and even improves digestion!)
4) Facial Cleanse with Huang Ah Ma's very own product
5) Enzyme Facial Peel
6) Musical Ball Face Massage 
7) Custom Blended Mask
8) Hand Meridian Massage

My favorites were the Artemisia Herbs Detox and Ear Candling as well as the Musical Ball Face Massage. For the detox, the herbs were placed on my navel, followed by the candle which left a really comfortable feeling. The Musical Ball Face Massage was so soothing! The musical balls produced a tinkling sound and I even fell asleep during the therapeutic process!

This 90-minute treatment now has an introductory price of $88 (Up to $188). 
Do head on down to try the experience for yourself!

Once again, thank you Huang Ah Ma & Mary Chia for the invite.