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[Advert] Free International Shipping with 65Daigou (9-29th March)

1:50 AM Cassan 7 Comments

Edit: Get S$10 FREE Taobao credits Edit: Get S$10 FREE Taobao credits when you sign up now at Bit.ly/cforcass
PSST: For those who already have an account, it doesn't hurt to sign up for another one right? :)

Hello guys!

For those of you who don't already know, I have been an avid patron of Taobao and I always trust the services of 65 Daigou to deliver my loots to me! I've been using their shipping service ever since 2 years ago, and I am still a huge supporter till today.

You can check out the links of the 65Daigou tutorial at the right-hand column of my blog under the "Advertorials" tab! 

So today, I'm going to share this great news with you! 
65 Daigou is having FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING for their Exclusive Taobao Partner Shops till 29th March when you spent 2kg and less!

Also, from now till 29th Mar, get 10% shipping fee off for orders, from China, Taiwan, USA too! This is applicable to all shops! 
More details about that here:

So......here's how you can shoppppp!

1) Head to www.65daigou.com, click on the "China" tab and "Partner Shops".

2) You will then be directed to this page with the list of all their partner shops which are really extensive! They even have up till 20% cash rebates! 

3) I clicked on the first link which happens to be a shop called Haoduoyi. I've been purchasing clothes from them for some time now and their quality and workmanship never fails to imrpess  me. They also sell pieces similar to those you can find on ASOS and other American websites! 

4) Found a skirt I liked, clicked on it and was directed to this page.
Here, you are able to choose the color, size, shipping warehouse (before they are shipped to Singapore again) and the Shipping method!

I chose Express Shipping because it's the fastest shipping method (Around 1-2 days to reach Singapore's warehouse) and it's freeeeeeeeee!

5) Proceeding with the payment

6) So here at 65Daigou, you are given a choice of various payment methods from IBanking, ATM Transfer, Credit Card, Paypal etc and they are all really safe. I usually stick with IBanking!

After they have confirmed your payment (Which you can check), they will proceed to buy your items. You will be then notified (by email/phone) when the items reach the warehouse of your choice (that you have chosen in Step 4).

You can then arrange for them to be delivered to Singapore!

I usually "Hold" my items so that they can all be shipped to SG together. They is actually an option for you to choose at the "My Shipment" tab. Just turn "EZ-Shipping off", and you can manually submit all your items to be ship to Sngapore. 

 And so here were the items I bought with the Free International Shipping promotion! 
I didn't exactly splurge a lot even though I was really tempted to!

1) Black Sling 

I've always wanted to get a small black sling bag and I finally found it after rounds and rounds of browsing through the pages. Gonna save you the trouble and give you the link here if you're interested!

It's my go-to bag at the moment, and yessss the quality is superb. It's less than SGD $10!

2) Floral Midi 

The skirt from Haoduoyi which I showed! As usual, I was in awe with its quality. The colors of the skirt are very vibrant in real life, and I am definitely going to re-wear this over and over again when I can. 

3) Peal choker

Another necklace which I haven't worn out yet but you can get it here!

 Get S$10 FREE Taobao credits Edit: Get S$10 FREE Taobao credits when you sign up now at bit.ly/65cassandra
PSST: For those who already have an account, it doesn't hurt to sign up for another one right? :)

I really hope that you found this post of help! 
If not, you can always drop me your questions at:

or a comment here / question at ask.fm on the right hand corner! :)

Happy Shopping!!


  1. Hi, for the daigou right. for the warehouse, does it matters if i put shanghai or guangzhou?

    1. Hello! Nope not really, but just make sure that you indicate the same warehouse for all of your purchases if not you would have to pay the shipping fees twice! For me, I would usually choose Shanghai warehouse for convenience sake. :)

  2. Hi, when I entered the My Shipment page I couldn't seem to find the EZ-Shipping is off thing 0.0

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