This Valentine's Day, Orchard Central welcomes the crowd with its exquisite decors along the streets and in the mall. The decoratio...

Splendour Of Love @ Orchard Central

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This Valentine's Day, Orchard Central welcomes the crowd with its exquisite decors along the streets and in the mall. The decorations brings about a good mix of blossoms and hearts that incorporates both the Chinese New Year as well as Valentine's Day spirit. 

The Valentine's Day decorations this year focuses on dainty hearts and cherry blossoms that fill the entire street.

There's even an indoor swing that's the perfect spot for photo-taking with your loved ones!

Also, celebrate the Splendour of Love @ Orchard Central this month with 16 booths set up for you to pamper your loved ones! From now till Feb 15, the Splendour of Love Marketplace that is located at Discovery Walk Atrium L1 are filled with items ranging from gifts, accessories to novelties! 

Chanced upon this really cool booth selling merchandises with spectral art.  

Bags, accessories, etc

Korean products that will be sure to wow any k-pop fan!

They also sell such meaningful notebook covers if you wanna opt for something less conventional!

Tea ideas is a booth selling tea specially imported from Darjeeling - A town in the Indian state of West Bengal that's known for their wide range of tea leaves. We got to try this special scented chocolate tea, which had the aroma of chocolate but has the taste of black tea. It's one of their best sellers there!

 The shop also sells 24k gold plated infusers which you can place the dry tea leaves in for brewing! Also, their tea bags are packed in a way that's its really easy for you to brew any tea of your choice without any spill-overs into your drink! 

A wide range of tea available
We also got to taste Chappuccino, which is also known as Green Tea Latte. It's different from the ones we have at Starbucks as this is more aromatic, and has a natural tinge of sweetness to it. 

The Chappucino even has health benefits such as increasing your immune system and boosting your energy!

For guys out there who still do not know what to get for your other halves, well... a bouquet of flowers can never go wrong!

Other than retail, Orchard Central is also home to various restaurants and dessert hangouts that you can visit with your loved ones!

For those who are sick of having froyo or even spending hours queuing for Llao Llao, you can check out YiLi Pao Pao Ice at OC's Basement 2

It just opened its doors a week ago, and is very well-known in Taiwan! They serve shaved ice which is really healthy, unlike most ice-creams as it is water-based. It is made by shaving ice from an ice block and mixed with jam that is made of natural fruits!

They have countless interesting flavors, and the ones that struck me the most are Peanut with Kidney Beans, Valentine's Fruit, Wu Mei (Plum) as well as their Strawberry flavor. 

Valentine's fruit is made with green mango - Long story to how it got its name but I would highly recommend you guys to try!

Toppings that will go with your Shaved Ice such as pearls, taro, sweet potato... etc.

The staff highly recommended us the combi of Peanut with Kidney Beans + Oreo + Chocolate Sauce which was one of my favorite amongst the 3 that I got to try. I loved how the kidney beans added a chewy texture to the smooth shaved ice. The kidney beans are cooked in house for 6 hours before being mixed with the shaved  ice.

This costs $6.25!

Strawberry + Condensed Milk + Pearl - $6.25

Another interesting fact about their pearls is that they're specially imported from Taiwan, and are cooked in-house using brown sugar and a secret ingredient which makes it extra chewy! 
Check out the rest of their menu! 

Don't forget to try the Frogs "Bang" Milk which is their rendition of the milk + pearl.
Milk is healthy, so don't worry!

We enjoyed ourselves at Orchard Central! 
Check out the booths and decorations before/during Valentine's Day! Trust me, they're really worth the visit. :) 

This post was written in collaboration with Orchard Central.