The month of February heralds Valentine's Day, with sales associates pitching gift ideas to you and the occasion for couples to splurge...

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The month of February heralds Valentine's Day, with sales associates pitching gift ideas to you and the occasion for couples to splurge on one another in the spirit of love. February 14th also falls on a Saturday this year, and I can already envision restaurants and cafes being jam-packed with couples yearning to celebrate this special occasion with their significant halves.

So what happens when you run out of places to dine in?
Ever thought of bringing the celebration outdoors with the perfect meal delivered to you? :) Or even, spent a cozy day snuggling at home and not having to fuss over messing up your kitchen or shopping for ingredients (If you're not one that loves to cook)

 With a choice of over 350 restaurants serving western, Chinese and Japanese, finding something special is a breeze with Foodpanda.sgAll you have to do is bring the flowers, candles, insect repellent and provide Foodpanda with your exact location, so your meal arrives steaming hot. 

Some of my favorites are The Rotisserie, GAEST, Makisan and Sarpino's Pizzeria!
There's even Chicken Up if you're craving for Korean Fried Chicken (!!!)

Don't know where to head to? Well, not to fret! 
Here are 10 romantic location ideas which you can choose from for your date! 

But hey, for those out there who are still single, you can visit these locations with your friends too! 
(A great way to embrace SAD together (Single Awareness Day))

To order, you can just key in the suggested Postal Codes of the different attractions on and wait for the food to be delivered.
Yes, it's as simple as that!

Hehe, here are 5 of my personal favorites out of the 10 locations!

1) Boardwalk @ Marina Bay (S018951)

My. Favorite. Spot. 

Regardless if its in the day or night, Marina Boardwalk is just the perfect place to be, especially if you want a great view of the Singapore's skyline. Pick a spot and spread your picnic mat. 
What's there not to love? - Especially with such a gorgeous view and with your loved one next to you. It can get pretty breezy at night so don't forget to bring a cardigan along!

2) Henderson Wave (S159557)

Other than the fact that it might take a while to climb all the way up, Henderson Waves would be perfect if you're looking for a quiet hideout. Take a stroll along the bridge in the moonlight. It's the place where you can opt for a different form of date - with our own private space and a touch of nature. 

3) Marina Barrage (S018951)

To me, Marina Barrage always screams a day of picnic and possible kite-flying. Or how about the idea of lying next to your loved one and admiring the magnificent clouds? I bet the stars will look amazing from there too.   

4) Rooftop @ Esplanade (S039802)

Okay, if you haven't realized by now, all my favorite spots in Singapore seems to conjugate around the same district. But I mean, I must admit that I'm a sucker for Singapore's skyline at night. Here at the Esplanade rooftop, you can fall in love with the elevated view. Add a secret touch to your date by surprising her with flowers too!

5) Your Home

Nothing spells comfort as much as being in your crib. No false pretenses, no crowd, just you and your loved one. I think snuggling sounds like a wonderful  idea for a slow Valentine's Day date too. You can even pop in your favorite movies and can bring you your favorite meals to start off the night!

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