Hellooooooooo. So here I am, feeling extremely uninspired and unmotivated to do anything.  I just finished doing one of my reading and...

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So here I am, feeling extremely uninspired and unmotivated to do anything. 
I just finished doing one of my reading and I feel like my brain is about to burn because it sure felt like my eyes were. Not sure what's wrong with the lecturers this semester, or just that my brain is just slowly degenerating. I tend to overestimate my intelligence a lot, telling myself that I'll prolly just need an hour trying to comprehend the whole reading but somehow I end up using 2 or more. Sigh. 

I hate to think about this, but 2015 also adds another digit to my age. And with that, I've also been hit by a couple of life crisis questions lately, especially from my dear friends who are so much more concerned about my lifelong happiness than I am. Hahaha (shall not go into the details). But really, academic wise, I've plans on the direction I'm heading towards. Then again, I don't think I'm that excited to head into the working world yet. Definitely gonna spend some time living life to the fullest before I graduate a year later. 

But anyhowwwww, I decided I should do a little update here since it has been a while since I've done so! I'll do the back-tracking from December, so I hope that doesn't overwhelm you too much!

Bear with me ok! 

1) Levia's 21st

The last one in our clique to hit the big two one! The BBQ party was held right at her condo and the. food. was. amazing. Like I mean I just kept stuffing myself that night because the grills were too good, and because I was famished cos I haven't had anything for the entire day. It felt really great to be reunited with the girls too 

2) Elska Turns 2 + #ootdcampaign Christmas lunch

I wanted to do a separate blog post on this, but I didn't have the time to so I just decided to lump them together. Was invited to Ace's Elska warehouse sale as well as the #ootdcampaign's White x Gold Christmas party last Dec. As usual, I stuffed myself with delicious goodies because one simply does not reject a dessert table and countless of savory treats (The lemon meringue pie and lamb kebab omg)

Haha it was funny how almost everyone who went to the Elska event was also dressed in the white x gold theme. Really glad to finally have a chance to meet some of the people from the Instagram world! 

 Gorgeous dessert table!

  Savory bites from Cafe Melba!

3) FFT Christmas Dinner

As you know, once an FFT intern, forever an #overlyattachedintern. Hahaha I loved how everyone still keeps in contact after the FFT days and how I met one of my good friends there (Yes Ching, don't let this get into your head) and managed to become closer to one of my bestest friends through the job too.

Lol I think I sort of made a spectacle of myself that night when I got er..... sort of drunk after downing 2 bottles of beer and had to be ordered home by A. Not sure how annoying I was that night, but thanks for being such a great bestie and for taking care of me. 

Love you whacky two 

4) Christmas Sleepoverrrrr

Oh Christmas! Hehe Claudia and I decided to stay away from the crowd this year and have our little "Christmas Party" at my crib since my mom was gonna be abroad. So basically we just kept stuffing ourselves for the good 2 days. But I mean, the holidays couldn't have been spent in a better way. From eating macaroons and re-watching Gossip Girl to making cheesecakes at 4am.... definitely an unforgettable Christmas. Hahaha and oh check out our breakfast for two. I think it could have fed a family or something.

T'was definitely one of the best Christmases Ive had 

5) Sleepover + SPCA with Jolin

This happened right after our exams and was also something we've been wanting to do for some time now! I haven't visited SPCA in a while, but every time I'm there, it pains me to see their living conditions and makes me miss Cookie even more too.

Treated ourselves to a little XLB buffet after that, before adjourning back to my crib for more TV shows, Masterchef junior and our sleepoverrrr. 
Love you Beebut 

6) The many lunches with Shuang

Another highlight of my holidays was that we finally found time to meet (after not meeting much during the sem) and having many great catch up with her. She's also one of my closest friend I've unexpectedly made from school, and it's nice how well we can clique on so many levels.

Revisited a couple of cafes and realized that their standards were still pretty consistent so yayyyy. Check out the French toast + Scrambled eggs from Ronin! I can safely say that they're the best I've had this far. 

6) Thai food with the best

Finally, oh finally met up with the clique after a gazillion years. This year marks our 8th year of friendship since the sec school days, and it's always nice hanging out and reminiscing about the past. 

They're the ones who have been there for me throughout most of my ups and downs, and also the best bunch of people I know. Can't wait for our steamboat on the 13th!!! It's so hard to bring everyone together nowadays due to our busy schedules, but what's heartening is that we're still making the effort to try 

8) Whisk and Paddle 

Another epic brunch with my BFF where we scoured and explored Punggol like we've never before. Word of advice: Never walk through Punggol waterfront unless you're willing to trek for an hour. Hahaha so this guy suggested that we walk through the park since we were so stuffed from lunch but we ended up being stranded there for almost an hour. Not to forget that it started pouring halfway. Hahaha I've no idea why we always get stuck in such situations.

In the midst of that, we decided to have a mini Taylor Swift TeoHeng session from his IPad and finally got out of that place after a longggggggggg walk. 

Taylor Swift fans ftw \m/. 

9) Theory of Everything + Churros + Tori King

Caught Theory of Everything with my Beebut since we were looking for a movie to watch and this just came at the right time. It's quite a good movie, just that I felt that some of the plot was twigged and that it could've been better developed in some scenes. Redeemed our free churros thanks to Sugar and also found a great place to chill pill and have HTHT on a lazy Friday evening. 

Parted ways after that and went to meet the FFT gang for Tori King + Cake Spade and a serious HTHT sesh. :)

Hahaha there was some intense HTHT sessions going on that day. 

10) Airport sendoffs

January also marks the start of exchange and the most number of trips I've made to the airport in a while. Going to the airport always sparks a strong desire of wanderlust in me. :( 
Can't wait to fast forward to May though! :)

But anyway, see you girls in July!!! Can't wait to see all the social media updates from y'all :)

Kudos to whoever who made it till the end of the post. I think I took more than 3 days to craft this out because well, I only do it late at night when I have the time to, and my brain would have shut down by then. I apologize for the incoherent and rushed out sentences. It was after rounds of editing and re-editing that I came up with this. 

I'm not sure if I still have the time to update my blog as regularly as before, but I'll sure try! Gonna craft out a post on my experience with Food Panda and Maki san soon, so do keep a look out for that!