2014. Has. Been. One. Hell. Of. A. Year. (Yet again) In both the good and bad way. I kick-started the year with a series of unfort...

2014 in review

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2014. Has. Been. One. Hell. Of. A. Year.
(Yet again)

In both the good and bad way.

I kick-started the year with a series of unfortunate events, and almost died under the hands of the lack of focus for my studies as I was too busy dealing with a certain life crisis. It was also the year which I experienced the most extreme form of emotional roller coaster - healing, breaking, and then healing yet again. I learnt not to seek love, and to let nature take its course. I realized how stubborn I can get when it comes to not giving up on people, but have also known the importance of letting go when I should. The inevitable dilemma of the head or the heart. 


It was also the year which I got tons of new opportunities, met countless of friends and also took my blogging/instagramming sideline more seriously (I'm sorry to anyone who felt invaded by my spam of posts). It was also the year when my Instagram kicked off, and also where I met like-minded individuals through that platform. I celebrated tons of 21sts birthdays with my friends, had a pretty blessed 21st birthday myself, got my internship at FFT which I would forever be thankful for, and got closer to some of my friends. I learnt so much more about myself than I have in the years I've lived so far. I've tried to set goals for myself, and even though I haven't really fulfilled most of them, I was glad that I even started.

I figured how I wanted to live, not just exist.

They say that we grow wiser as we age, and I believe I have. In the years of my existence, I dare say that I have experienced a lot more and been through a lot more hell than people my age. These experiences have moulded me to the person I am today, though I'm very sure there're still a lot more to learn. 

I really wanna take this opp to thank my friends, esp Claudia, Arsyad, FK, Shawn, Clarence, Jolin, Shuang, Carina, Hui Min, Wenda, Jun Hong, Zhi Hua and Alex for sticking through shit with me this year and being my listening ear throughout all my ups and downs. You guys have been nothing but my angels, really.

And just like how every summation posts should be, I'm gonna end off with a few (ok la it's gonna be quite a spam) of my favorite photos with my favorite people this year (pardon me for the lack of vocabulary hahaha)


Each year, I'm incredibly thankful for the people I have met and who have stood by me. This year, it's no exception. I'm not one who makes resolutions, but one thing I do hope for, is to finally get some aspects of my life back on track. I feel like I'm still constantly struggling to strike a balance between my personal and social life, and there are times when I'm deeply afraid that I'll start to lose myself again.

So this year, I pray for a balance. I also pray for countless of new opportunities to push myself and better myself as a person. Lastly, I pray for the ability to trust people, without any fear or inhibitions that might hinder me from falling. Going through all these emotional roller coasters for the past year have definitely taken a toll on me. I can't help but feel that I'm always threading on thin ice, especially when it comes to personal relationships and it doesn't help that I'm someone who wears my heart on my sleeve. It's something I've been struggling for a long time now, and I do hope that with the ability to trust I'll finally be able to stop over-analyzing and over-worrying about every single thing that happens in my life. 

I hope all of you will have a great countdown this year! 

Have a great 2015 ahead! 
Thank you for always keeping this space alive :)