It happens almost instantly. Without any forewarning or impending signs.  You spend days after that wondering if you could figure out ...

When someone leaves you unexpectedly

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It happens almost instantly. Without any forewarning or impending signs. 

You spend days after that wondering if you could figure out what exactly happened that led to the downfall, if you could have prevented it if you have realized any sooner. You fumble through every detail and sift out all the possible reasons only to be left with more unanswered questions. You relish in the memories you guys have formed, and in any way, you try to relive it in your head which makes you more confused because you tell yourself that it couldn't have happened, that it shouldn't have happened. But it eventually did. 

You might ask yourself if it was you who pushed it to happen, or whether you have done anything wrong to deserve it. But no, you haven't. There weren't signs, but I can tell you that it was planned. All these were planned. It happened so suddenly because there was no other way they could have left you. You might have known that they weren't right for you, but all you did was to hold on because you couldn't bring yourself to let go. You never would have, so the only way this could have ended was that they left.
When someone leaves you unexpectedly, you start to figure things out on your own. Well, at least you're forced to anyway. If they were able to leave so abruptly and not continue trying, it probably didn't mean much to them in the first place. So why are you torturing yourself over someone like that? Don't bother reliving the details or wrecking your brains on how and why some things turned out. Sometimes, they just do. And all you have to do is have faith that it happened for the greater good. For they always say that what's meant to be yours will be. And if they were destined to leave, it would have happened anyway.

Them staying would only have prolonged the pain. And God knows how that will feel. Everyone comes into your life for a reason. Even though you can't decipher why, accept it, and believe that one day you will understand. That all these pain and mistakes have shaped you into who you are now. It's only people who experienced emotional pain that truly understands how it's like to really have lived. Its all these ups and downs in life that forces you to step up and be much stronger than you originally were. 

I've lived through countless of heartbreaks. And yes, I'm still surviving. My heart has countless of scars and bullet holes, but it's still beating. My heart has been trampled on countless of times, but I still choose to wear it on my sleeve. I'm not sure if I still believe in the great notion of love, but I do know that one day, I will meet this person who will make me believe and feel the way I should. That this one person will guard my heart with care and nurture it with all that they've got. 

Like what I've read somewhere - Falling for someone is not a rationale process. It can never be planned or avoided. Sometimes it simply happens. So go out there, fall, make mistakes and live. But do it with caution so that it doesn't break you too badly. Don't find love, let it come to you instead. We all need to fall for the wrong ones to realize who the right ones are.